Corgi Herding Dog Even Scolds Mischievous Horse (Part 1) | Kritter Klub
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Corgi Herding Dog Even Scolds Mischievous Horse (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

August 23, 2019

Imma get outta here Gotta be quick before that doggo gets up.. Wat da hecc? Is it a sneaky horse again? Huh? Doing me a confuse Yo, stop there! It’s not mealtime yet tho. Are you going to sneak in, and eat it again? You see dis shameless horse? Shush lil doggo. So noisy Ignores the dog, and does what horses gotta to do *that angry butt tho* Chill out doggo, lemme eat first What the…!! Dad! I kept telling her to get out, but she ignored me! Let da punishment begin *glorious butt* Zookeeper/ The dog instinctively chases after horses in such circumstances when they have to chase them or whenever they escape Ha.. you can call me DA BEST HERDING DOG, Malddong Imma protect the horse with ma short legs! Won’t be that easy, kiddo STOP THERE Whatever. I’m a I-don’t-care bear That fella again.. Don’t mess with my short legs okay! Mission complete Zookeeper/ Malddong is the owner, so he needs to make sure that there should be no problem (at the farm) He thinks that the one who breaks the peace is Lola Yup, that’s me. Call me Lola 1st lock 2nd lock And.. Malddong the 3rd lock Zzz..zz……..Sike! I am not sleeping Actually, I’m tired. I’m a dog okay Time to go out again.. Darn… why is it so hard.. Dang it! Lemme think…Where there’s a will, there a way Man.. I gotta pee *Sparks* Hehehe I told ya, there’s a way!! Unlocks that easily.. Wait.. Yo fellas, leggo! What a loyal friend, Lola Btw you missed one over there This kicking is for real Argh.. Imma teach him a lesson today fo sho Here I come Get out!! You wanna see how big mah fist is?! Dang it! *Cursing with eyes* I’m not finished yet! They all came out again!! Move, get out the way Don’t forget, dogs are watching you in their sleep +_+ Okay, I’m totally done today So fluffing tired.. Yo, take your camera away. Imma take a nap Lola is clever.. So Malddong gets a lot of stress Needs something more sturdy Replaced with a stronger door lock Can I take a nap in peace now? I trust you, Mr. Locking device Finally.. What da fluff Not this song again.. Henlo It’s me..(Lola) For real man? For real.. Who will be the winner of this game? Stay tuned for part 2!

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  1. Matko Święta ale ma pan pięknego i mądrego psa ,cudny ,cały czas jak Anioł Stróż przy koniku ,wszystko robi od rana z konikiem , naprawdę jest jego wielkim przyjacielem ,to jest niewiarygodne ale fakt .Ja też mam psa ,trochę większy ,jest też cudowny ,nie ma konika ale dwa koty ,które uznał za swoje i to są jego przyjaciele .Z serca pozdrawiam Bernadetta

  2. The corgi be like
    And Lola be like
    Nah, I'll chill.

  3. Hahahhaah Such a cute Dog Guard and That Cute Clever Horse Lola 😜😜😂😂🤗🤗😀😀

  4. I’m the fearless and mighty little keeper of discipline around here nobody bar non no matter how big gets away with anything around here ok
    He worth every kibble he gets 😍😁💪🏽

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  6. Lol lol what a smart pony🐎oh my gosh✨that's a trip
    An what a smarter wonderful corgi very smart dog👍💖😄🙌🐾

  7. Watch how Malddong improves herding skills in part 2 below↓↓↓

    (Part 2 :

  8. Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    I love you. Lemme hug n kiss u mwaahugs 💙💚

  9. Love it!!! Funny verby… love from Cape Town… SA😄😄😄😄

    Wonder if HRH is watching this from Buckingham Palace…???

  10. Как я обожаю этих коротышек! "Овчарка, которая много болела в детстве , и поэтому не выросла" – такое определение этим удивительным песикам, дала моя подруга😜

  11. They should name that horse ''Houdini'😂 and the little corgi takes his guardian job real seriously😍😘 I think the whole clip is hilarious,can t wait to see the 2nd part,,,,,,

  12. It's hilarious especially in the last part when Lola and Malddong stare each other and Adele's song was played 😂😂😂

  13. After the horse opens the door for the 62nd time, destroying the locks, laser towers, traps, mines and the korean national guard, corgi is angry again.

  14. Put a door on the grain / food storage room, and hang the key next to room, put the lock system on the other side of the gate!

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