Covered Horse Riding Arena Testimonial,  Equestrian Steel Building Kits
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Covered Horse Riding Arena Testimonial, Equestrian Steel Building Kits

October 31, 2019

Hi, I’m Laura Causey, and we’re here at Plumwood Arena in Altoona, Florida. We live at Plumwood Place and we raise
Arabian horses. We have 12 purebred Arabian horses, including a stallion, and
brood mares, and some youngsters we’re bringing up and training. And then this
is our plumwood arena, and we have clinics here about once a month. I
started my search for an arena on the Internet.
I chose allied steel because they had a great web page, it really helped me
understand what they could build and what they could do. So I called them, and
I chose them really because they were so easy to work with, I was just amazed. When people come to plumwood, place they find nice guest house to stay in, the Ocala
National Forest on one side of us to ride in, the covered arena to ride in, In
the summertime or at nights, or to practice special moves, and they have a
nice casual country atmosphere with which people seem to really enjoy. The
Allied team was so helpful with knowing what was necessary.
I don’t know regulations for hurricanes and winds, what I knew is how big I
wanted it, I wanted it a full-size, official dressage arena, which is 20
meters by 60 meters but I wanted that on the inside of the footers, so it was a
lot of measurement involved, but it came out exactly what I want. This was my
dream to ride in a covered arena, I kept waiting for all the large farms nearby
to put one in and no one seemed to be able to do it, or was willing to, so I
thought well, I’ll just put my own in and you know how it is they say like if you,
you know, you make the facility then the people will come to you, so it’s worked
out really well. Another thing I liked about Allied steel
is they told me everything completely. When they said plans would be done they
were done, when they said there would be delivery there was delivery, everything
was right on time, when they told me. Having this covered arena allows us to
have a little breeze that goes through here and it’s much much cooler so we can
enjoy riding all day long even in the summer time.
And what I like about it in the wintertime is, we have the lights, so it
extends our day because we can ride in the evenings, so we do that quite
frequently in the winter. So the cover has just just made it for us. Everything
went together perfectly, we had some big cranes that lifted the pieces up. Every
time I kind of held my breath, are those gonna fit right in, and every time they
did. Working with allied steel was was really a nice experience, everything went
so smoothly. They always always gave me the answers, and very accurately, it was
just a joy to work with them.

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