Cowboy Mounted Shooting Demo | Iowa State Fair 2013
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Cowboy Mounted Shooting Demo | Iowa State Fair 2013

August 30, 2019

>>You’re taking a cross between
barrel racing, horse racing, shooting and combining
altogether and coming up with an amount of shooting.
It marks at lettism, marksmanship and coming together
to make it successful. They go through a time line and
there’s ten balloons out there, five white and white red.
They’ve got single action 45. They pull those out and shoot
five balloons, holster that, one another one out and shoot
another five. If they miss a balloon it’s a
penalty. It’s one of those situations
where if you miss a balloon, it takes you out.
>>I saw the sport and it looked like it was a lot of fun and I
thought I would give it a try. It was more fun than people
should have and fell in love with it right away.
>>I like the challenging with the horsemanship skills because
there’s a lot of different horses of fire.
There’s horses where you go out and you ask your horses to do a
lot of different things. Might ask them to do a roll
black, you might ask them to accelerate, doing a left or
right yield or two track across a little bit.
They’re getting in line with the target.
There’s a lot of different horsemanship skills that come
along with the horse. We’re doing all this just as
quickly as we can and engaging the balloon targets, reactionary
target and we’re doing that as quickly as possible.
All of this is single action revolvers.
You have to pull the hammer back every single time.
We’re shooting blank ammunition. They’re a cartridge that’s
crimped on
the end. It blows a lot of smoke and a
lot of fire and we’re able to break balloons up to about 20
feet.>>It’s the fastest growing
equine sports. We’re got Canada, Alaska,
Germany, France. It’s just a growing sport.

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