Crazy Horse Game – Kids BJJ Introduction
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Crazy Horse Game – Kids BJJ Introduction

August 13, 2019

– This technique or this game. We call it a game. It’s a really good way of
practicing back maintenance. We call it Crazy Horse. Kids love to play this with their parents. The love playing it with the coaches, and we get them playing
with each other often too. So, what this is going, what’s going to happen is Steve’s going to be here on all fours. Kinda, we call it the turtle position, and Audrey is going to take back control, or backpack mode as we
call it in our classes. Backpack mode consists of two parts: If Steve postures up, the first part is the seatbelt grip. One of Audrey’s arms is
going around the neck, and coming up underneath the armpit, much like a seatbelt does in your car. She’s going to stay very very careful and keep her ear close to his back, close to his ear. We want to keep that
close cause we don’t want anyone getting head-butted
while playing this game. So, parents critical portion, If you’re practicing this at home, please make sure your
child is keeping their head very, very close to your body. You should feel their
head on you at all times. If it gets too far away, you start feeling it wailing around, stop the game and reset your student. Okay. The second part is the hooks. This means that our legs
are wrapped around the back of coach Steve. So you can see, she is kind of hugging him with her legs. Kinda like a reverse guard position. Okay. Now, the way the game works is, you know age and you know technique, technical level discretion (inaudible speech) I’m going to talk a little bit. So, we can cancel this out. So, make sure we cut this. So, age and technical ability, In mind, we’re going to try to shake
the student off our back. So, ready, set, go. Sitting around, rolling around, age old technique, the shimmy, works really well. Yep, you can get, yep, this is perfect. We’re trying to get this student to maintain this back-control position. Okay. If you are in our advanced class, or you’re an older student, or you’re getting up their in technique, how we are going to play
this game is a little bit differently. We don’t give you the hooks. So, Coach Steve, after he’s done fixing his belt, it’s okay. Audrey is only going to
obtain the seatbelt grip. And she going to kinda be
trailing off to the side. Come off to the side, other side. That’s good. Good. Now the game is not only
to control the back, but establish your hooks. Ready, set, go. Excellent. The game stops when someone falls off, or you, as parents get tired. (laughs)

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