Create an Outdoor GPS Treasure Hunt Game (Part 1/7)

September 24, 2019

Hello, I’m Leifur from Locatify I’m going to show you in this tutorial how to login and make your first game Before you should have received your account username and password I’ll press the login button From and here I will login as ESTEAM guest user which is my username I don’t have any projects recorded here and my current subscription is access to the TeachOUT app I’m going to go ahead and create a new project I’m going to give my project a name and choose my first language which is English You can always add more languages to the tour or game later We have 3 types of projects, Indoor guide, outdoor tour guide and outdoor treasure hunt game In this tutorial, we will focus on the outdoor treasure hunt So Im going to press on the treasure hunt tab Here I have my project page and my tutorial game and here I can add a new treasure and I have other options here which I will explain later First I’m going to go to the location where my treasure is going to be That is here, and Im going to drop my first treasure pin right here So here is my first treasure pin and you see this green area, this is the activation radius for this treasure meaning when I come walking down the street and I enter this circle The treasure will activate and pop up on my screen Now im going to press the treasure to edit it’s content Here I have the treasure settings I have an alias which is basically my working title for this treasure and it is also shown on the list here on the left Here is the activation radius Which is defaulted to 25 metres and I can change that down to 15m and up to 300m radius depending on how close the user has to be to the pin in order for the treasure location to activate I will bring it up to 50m for now Here is the latitude and longitude You can also just change that on the map and it is possible to enter the values here if you like I’m going to give this treasure an image So thats the thumb image, I click on it and it opens the media manager where I can manage my audio, video and picture files for this project So I’m going to chose file here and here I am on my local computer and I am going to pick the ESTEAM logo to be the image for this treasure and its uploaded here now into the system and I’m going to insert it into this treasure point and then the title here will be shown when people press on the treasure on the map and when the treasure opens and Im just going to call it Treasure one for lack of a better name and I will give it some description which is like instruction text that the user will see once they open the treasure and for lack of a better description, I’m going to call it Llorem Ipsum Then I can select media files, audio or video files to associate with this treasure if I want to thats strictly optional Now, I will add a media file and the media file im going to use is the cow moo open it now its uploaded and I insert that in as the media file and I can preview it here mooooo (cow sound) yeah thats my cow “moo” and here I can select if I should autoplay the audio when the treasure opens or if the user should push the play button in order to see it so now I have made the most simple treasure possible and here is another tab with treasure settings where you can add challenges and define the score That you get for this treasure, but I’l get to that later in another tutorial save this here we go, here’s my treasure hunt game with one point I’m just going to go ahead now and publish this treasure and you see I have two options Test on device, and publish test on device means that I get an invitation code if I press “make test version” and this is the invitation code and in a test game you should never share a test code with anybody except yourself and people who are testing the game before it is used reason being that you can cheat in this game meaning you don’t have to go to the locations to activate them You can simply press on them on the map on the phone and that will activate the treasure but in order to test this treasure you need to use another app called TurfHunt and the TurfHunt app is accessible from the app store both for Android and iOS called “TurfHunt” here is a preview from the app store what you do , is you download this app and install it on your phone So now I’m going to switch to a simulator and show you how to test this treasure here on the screen you see the TurfHunt app up and running there are a bunch of games here all over Europe but I’m going to press the “redeem invitation” button and that will open up this window and I can enter my invitation code which is listed here in the CMS when I press “test game on device” so that is my code I redeem it and here I have information about my game I didn’t put in any picture or details about the game yet but I will show you that later it only has one place, but I’m going to join this game I downloaded it, and now I start ready to play? I enter my player name press okay now its connecting to the game and I could have more people participate in this test game if I wanted to So I could wait for them to join But once Im ready, I press the “start game now” now it shows me the location where the first treasure is theres a big question mark where the treasure is and thats a pin and I’m supposed to go here to find this treasure, but since I’m running a test game I can cheat, so by cheating I can open treasure one right from here there is my sound here is the text that I put in and here is my score for finding the treasure I can replay the sound of course “mooooo!” (cow sound) so this concludes the first tutorial where I’m making the most simple game of all a treasure game, with one treasure point and a score of one and just a title and short description and one image In the next tutorial I will show you more features and we will continue to add more features to this game

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