Creating DIY Loopies Plush and Sharing 15 Facts About Tic Tac Toy!
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Creating DIY Loopies Plush and Sharing 15 Facts About Tic Tac Toy!

October 26, 2019

– [Lucy] This video is
sponsored by Alex Brands. Addy is my girl who loves arts and crafts. So I’m trying to find
some unique and fun ways for her to express her
creativity during our school week and today I had a really fun idea for her. We’re gonna be making
some adorable plushes with the Loopies DIY Kit. I thought while we were making
our adorable little plushes that we would give you a quiz too. What do you think Addy?
– Awesome. (happy guitar strumming) – We made a pretty big
change to our family schedule this year when we started
homeschooling Addy and Maya. We’re about two months in now and so far everything is going really well. – Seven times four?
– 28. – Four times zero?
– Zero. – Six times three?
– 18. – One of the reasons we’re
enjoying homeschooling is its given us more time and flexibility to explore some the girls’
interests that we just didn’t have time to explore back when we had just a super crazy schedule. Both of the girls have been
able to start gymnastics classes Maya who really loves cooking has gotten some time in the kitchen to
explore with some recipes. And Addy is my girl who
loves arts and crafts. So I’ve been trying to
find some unique and fun ways for her to express her
creativity during our school week and today I had a
really fun idea for her. We’re gonna be making
some adorable plushes with the Loopies DIY kit. So Addy these are Loopies Yarn Characters where we stuff and fluff
to make them plush. So we have a penguin and a lion. Do you want to do the penguin I can tell? – Yes.
– Alright. That means I’m gonna make the lion. These kits have everything you need to make the complete project we’re gonna go ahead and get
them open and get started. So since today is a homeschool day for us and the girls have been
taking quizzes today I thought while we were making
our adorable little plushes that we would give you a quiz too. What do you think Addy?
– Awesome. We want to see how well
you know Tic Tac Toy and Addy and Maya and see whether you are a super fan or not. So let’s make sure we
have everything we need to get going and then we’re gonna explain how the quiz is gonna work. I have my pre-sewn stuffed plush. Some felt shapes here. Super duper soft yarn
a crochet hook in here, and some easy-to-follow instructions. And Addy do you have
all the gear you need? – Check check check check. – Check got it all! Step one’s pretty easy (laughs). We’re just gonna stuff a bunch of yarn into our mesh forms. You can do that on your penguin, I’m gonna do it on my lion.
– Alright. (upbeat dance music) Stuff stuff stuff. Now that our mesh forms have
been stuffed with the yarn we’re gonna quickly explain
how our quiz is gonna work. We’re gonna ask you how
many questions Addy? – 15.
– 15 questions. Multiple choice. At the end we’re gonna
see how many you got right and we’re gonna let you know
how many you had to get right in order to be considered
a Tic Tac Toy superfan. We’ll tell you the first
question after we start looping. This craft is called looping
because basically all we’re going to be doing is
using our crochet hook to pull the super soft
yarn through the mesh, making a bunch of loops. Ok and now we move over
and pull the next one. That’s my second loop. And it’s gonna keep going. (loud trumpet music) And we don’t have to pull
it out of every single mesh hole because it will
naturally just fill itself in. So I’m gonna keep going along
the bottom row all the way across and I’ll go up this
next row and keep going until I have the body part
of the lion all filled in. – And I think it’s time
for our first question. – Good idea. The very first question is
going to be in what state were Addy and Maya born? We’re gonna give you three choices. Is it Arizona? Tennessee? Or California? Take your guess now because Addy’s about to reveal the answer which is what Addy? – Arizona!
– Arizona. Did you get the first one right? Alright well there are 14 more if you got that one wrong it’s okay. But now my looping is
coming along pretty nicely. I think we need to get
Addy’s penguin going now. – Yay! – So Addy has her white
yarn and her blue yarn and now she’s gotta take
the felt penguin face and put that on. Addy your just gonna start pulling loops through the penguin’s
face to get it secured. There’s your third loop.
– Yay! (peaceful guitar strumming) Addy’s pulling loops
all around the felt eyes so that it’s securing it to her plush and while she’s doing that I think it’s time for question number two. And Addy your gonna love this one. Question number two want to say it? – Where did I get stitches? On my chin on my head or on my nose? – Chin head or nose? That was a fun day going
to the emergency room. – Yep.
– Where do you think it was? My lion’s coming along nicely. – And mine’s coming along too. – Let me see. Oh yours is looking really good you got lots of your loops done girl.
– Uh huh. So now let’s tell the
answer to the question. Where’d you have to get stitches? – On my chin!
– On your chin. So if you guessed my chin you’re right. – Why don’t you tell what happened? How did that happen Addy?
– Well, I was swinging between
two tables in our garage I fell and busted my chin open. – Busted it open (mumbles) emergency room. Get lots of stitches she
cracked a bunch of teeth. (upbeat dance music) I can’t believe how good
yours is looking Addy! – Uh huh it looks so fluffy so far. – It does she think little pro over here. And I should say that
lions and penguins are not the only options for Loopies. – [Addy] They also have a unicorn a panda bear a kitty and a dog. – Yeah there’s so many fun varieties and they are available at Walmart. What do you say we move
on to question number are we on three now?
– Yes. – Question number three
how you doing so far? Let’s see how you do with
question number three. – What was Maya last year for Halloween? – Was she a Southern belle
a witch or a mermaid? I’m just gonna do a few more loops and then we’ll tell you the answer. You get a few more in too girl. (calming piano music) So what’s the answer Addy? – Maya was a mermaid last year. – She was but you were the Southern belle. Have you figured out a
Halloween costume for this year? – I don’t know. – I don’t think either
of you have decided. What are you waiting on
what are you entertaining? – Ballerina and Hermoine
from Harry Potter. – Oh those are good options.
– Yeah. Addy’s looping is going really
well and now she’s adding some more character
details to her penguin. – The penguin comes with
these cute little shiny feet so I’m gonna go
ahead and put those on. – [Lucy] They are so cute I
love how shiny they are too. (Addy mumbles)
Ohh shimmery shiney. And loop those right on there. – [Addy] Alright got that loop done. Now moving on to the
this loop there we go. – You got your first foot
on onto the second one my lion’s coming along well I almost have the bottom part of him done
so I’m gonna keep looping with my crochet hook. And I think we go on
to question number four now. It is what color are the
walls in Addy’s room? – The options are purple blue or pink. – Purple blue or pink
what do you think it is? – And the answer is pink! My walls are pink Maya’s
walls are turquoise and Colin’s walls are blue. – Now I’m onto the orange yarn and I’m making the mane of the lion. And I’m gonna make these
a little bit longer since the lion’s mane
is usually a little bit longer than the rest of their fur. – I think it’s time for question five. – I do too and question number five is going to be what is the name of Addy’s friend from Arizona who has appeared in many of
our Tic Tac Toy videos? – The choices are Grace
Stephanie or Avery. – What do you think it is? A few more loops and
we’ll tell you the answer. – The last loop of my second wing. – Alright Addy the answer is
– Avery! Avery we love Avery she’s
been in so many of our videos. She’s been Addy’s like best
friend since you guys were like two months old her mom
and I met in a mom’s club. And she’s been a really good good buddy. (chipper guitar music) Time to add the face to my lion. I’m so excited to put this on my mane is looking really good. And while I’m doing this I think we should go ahead and move on
to question number six. In many of our videos on
our family vlog channel the girls have been seen eating
and I have been seen baking a special type of muffin that
the girls love in our house. We want to know what type of muffin is it? – Are they cinnamon raisin
blueberry or sweet potato? – Think about what your answer is. So what’s the answer Addy?
– Sweet potato muffins. – Sweet potato muffins
they’re a family favorite and we make them extra good by putting (both)
chocolate chips in them. I can’t believe how good
your penguin is looking Addy. She’s like a pro over here. This is her first time doing this too. Yours is getting really filled in well. It’s making me think you need
to take like sewing lessons or crocheting lessons or some
crafting thing like that. – I already know how to sew though. – You do. She actually
sews better than I do. She if I have something I need sewn, I honestly give it to
Addy she’s pretty good. But I’d think it’s be cool if you sewed like really cool stuff
like know how to make clothing and pillows and
– Oh that would be cool. – All sorts of neat things like that. What do you think Addy?
– Oh my goodness. It looks so cute
– It’s lookin’ so cute! I’m gonna move on to
the rest of his body now back to the yellow fur
and then I still have to add the paws. I think it’s time for
– The next question. The next question what
number are we on now? Number seven I think isn’t it? So we’re about halfway done. Question number seven is
what is the name of our dog. Is it Cici Sandy or Lulu? She’s appeared in a lot of our videos on our vlogs and Tic Tac Toys. What’s the answer? – Sandy!
– Sandy! Hey Sandy come here! Here is our beloved Sandy. – Very huge and she jumps
up on our couch chairs to steal our food. – She’s quite naughty. I think Sandy likes our Loopies too. Do you like my lion better?
– Or my penguin? Or the penguin better?
– She said mine! (Lucy laughs) Stuffing some more yellow fabric in and it’s time for loopin’ again. Now that Sandy has calmed
down we’re gonna move on to question number eight
Addy what is gonna be? – Which is not a Tic Tac Toy Series? – OK your choices are toy school toy hotel or toy jail. Which is not a Tic Tac Toy Series? Addy’s arm is going on nicely or I should say your penguin’s
arm is going on nicely. (Lucy laughs)
– Yes. (harmonic folk music) – What’s the answer Addy?
– Toy Jail. Toy Jail has never has never
been a Tic Tac Toy Series. Toy School is one of their favorites. Toy Hotel is one of my favorites. But no Toy Jail unfortunately. Question number nine is which activity do Addy and Maya both
currently take part in? Is it horseback riding? Gymnastics or dance lessons? You know what I just realized? I gave this one away at
the beginning of the video. That was a free-bee. Gymnastics!
– Oh yeah. Otherwise you could have
seen it on Instagram we posted a few videos of you guys doing some gymnastics moves on Instagram. They’ve done pretty good this year. Now it’s time for me to
add my feet and my paws. I guess they’re both
paws if there is a lion. Four paws! I’m just gonna pull a loop through there and one more through here. There we go one paw done! And Addy is almost done she is beating me which I can’t believe
but I think it’s time for question number ten now. – Where did I have my last birthday party? – She turned nine years old
and was it at a skating rink a water park or a pool? It was a fun party it was
our first birthday party for you here in
(unison) Nashville. And where was it Addy? – At the skating rink. – At the skating rink we
went to where the Predators play which is our hockey team. – Yes as a matter of fact we actually were planning
on going where they practice but the place was closed we actually went where they play
– Exactly. And I actually saw a
Predator’s player there. – There was there was an actual NHL hockey player practicing
while we were there. Pretty neat we got to skate next to him. Two of my paws are done I’m
gonna add the other two! Addy is done hers looks so good! What a cute little cuddly
penguin and I love little penguin feet down there and a
little tuft of hair up here. You did a good job on that now
what’s your penguin’s name? – My penguin’s name is Waddles. – Waddles I like that.
– Waddles the Penguin. What should my lion be named? – Maybe…
Leo the Lion? – Lori?
Lori okay. I’ll go with Lori the Lion. And you know what let’s move
on to question number 11. – What is on Maya’s bedspread? Unicorns rainbows or puppies? And this is kind of a tricky question because one of those
is on her old bedspread that she used to have in Arizona. And one of them is on her new bedspread. – So should we count both of them? – No I think they got to get
it completely right to win. So what is it Addy what’s
on her bedspread now? – Right now it has rainbows!
– No! (laughs) Oh wait no! (laughs)
– That’s her old bedspread! She has unicorns on her
bedspread right now. If you said unicorns not
rainbows you got that one right. – But she had rainbows
on her old bedspread. – She did. Alright three paws done
time for the last paw and question number 12?
– Yes. We on 12? Alright what is it? – So which fam
– No which state No what are we saying here?
(Addy laughs) Which state has our
family not traveled to? – Together.
If you’ve watched our vlogs, you’ve seen this yes together
so what are our choices? (Both)
Hawaii? (Both)
New York? (Both)
Or California? One of those three we have
not traveled to together. And on a vlog
– Yes. What’s the answer Addy?
– Hawaii! Hawaii you want to go to Hawaii? – Yes but I’ve never been to
– You’ve never been to Hawaii I was there when I was
in like first grade. But that’s it. Alright next paw’s comin’ through. And I officially have all
four cutey patooty paws on my what did we say it? Lori the Lion. – Yes but you forgot the ears!
– I have to do the ears still I didn’t forget them I just
haven’t gotten there yet. So which one are we
going to make next Addy? We’ve done the penguin and the lion. What one do you want to buy next? – The unicorn. – I had a feeling you were gonna say that. And I think Maya might want
to dive in on the unicorn too. To go with her unicorn-themed bedspread. (both laughing) – Now it’s time for question 13. Which animal is on our luggage? – It’s not a lion I’ll tell you that! – And it’s not a punguin
I’ll tell you that! – Punguin I think you meant
penguin (both laughing). – Should we reveal it? – Wait we didn’t give
them the choices yet. – Oh woops. – Okay puppies kitties or llamas? Which one can be found
on the girls’ luggage? It’s a tough one!
– I know. Tell ’em.
– Puppies! Puppies! (Lucy laughs) – [Addy] Now it’s time for your ears! – [Lucy] The ears are going on. – [Addy] Yay one ear. – And now where’s my other ear here? Okay. And while I put my last
ear on why don’t we do question number 14 you see it Addy? – Yes
– Okay. What month is Maya’s birthday? The an (laughing)
– Not the answer! The choices are December May or June. I’ll tell you one of them
is my birthday month. – And one of them is Colin’s
birthday month too actually. – Oh yeah!
– So what’s the answer? What’s the answer? The answer
– Maya’s birthday is in (both)
December! Mine is in May and Colin’s is in June! So that is 14 questions
which means we only have (both)
one question left! Before we show the last question we have our final cute little products! They turned out adorable look at how cute they are Addy can you believe we did this? – Yes.
– Like we did this. Just today you and me
adorable little craft. – Oh my goodness.
– I’m proud of us! Are you proud of us?
– Yes. So I just have to say
that the instructions were very easy to follow Addy’s nine
years old she did it really well and it’s just a fun way
to learn new craft skills. We did something different today that we haven’t done in the past. – Yeah.
I had a good time doing it. But now it’s time for the last question. – And last but not least
– Question number 15 to see how well you
know Tic Tac Toy Family. Alright what is it Addy?
– What is our one and only cousin’s name?
– The girls have one cousin. What are the choices Addy? Layla Jane Karen and Christina. – Layla Jane Karen or
Christina which one is it? What is it?
– Layla Jane! Layla Jane is their baby cousin’s name. It’s my sister Karen’s daughter. She’s been in many of our videos. You’ve probably seen
her before she’s cute. So now that you’ve heard all
15 questions we think you are a real Tic Tac Toy
expert super ultimate fan if you got at least 10 of them correct. Because they were tough so I
think if you got 10 of them we can call them super
ultimate Tic Tac Toy fans. What do you think?
– Yeah. I think so too. We hope you had fun watching
us create our own Loopies and hopefully it’s inspired
you to create your own little fuzzy friends. They’re perfect if you
love knitting crocheting stuffed animals or just trying new things. We’ll see you guys next
time on Tic Tac Toy Family. Give me my little Lori back Lori right? – I want Lori!
– I want Leo! Well I want this one too. Well thank you for watching
we’ll see you next time on Tic Tac Toy Family. What do we say?|
– X O X O! X O X O Bye!
– Bye! This video was sponsored by Alex Brands.

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