Cross Country Mountain Bike Racers To Watch In 2019
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Cross Country Mountain Bike Racers To Watch In 2019

October 29, 2019

(loud crashing) – The race season is fast approaching, many of the top riders are out in warmer climates doing training camps. So, let’s take a look at the riders to look out for in 2019. And I start this off with the riders who are almost certain to perform. Jolanda Neff, she won
the Overall last year, and has won pretty much
everything in the off-season, including some big cyclo-cross races. She’s on that Trek team this year, and it’d be silly not to
think that Jolanda Neff’s going into 2019 with complete confidence. In the men’s, we saw Mathieu van der Poel win lots of stuff last year, he’s actually just won the
World Cyclo-cross Championships, and he’s got the potential to be a massive mountain bike superstar. He’s got great versatility, of course, being competitive in cross-country, marathon, road, and cyclo-cross. He’s definitely made some waves with his numerous World
Cup podiums in 2018 and got the bronze medal at the World’s, and he isn’t looking
to slow down into 2019. Every year, Emily Batty
gets closer and closer to her first win, taking
third overall in 2018 was testament to her
consistency throughout the year. But with young gun Kate
Courtney’s World’s win, she’s got even more competition this year. Nino Schurter is, of course, the favorite going into the season wearing
those rainbow stripes again. But Gerhard Kerschbaumer’s
one of very few people to beat Mr Schurter last year, and that’s enough reason to
keep an eye out for him in 2019. And hopefully he can put up
even more pressure onto Nino. Maxime Marotte, another big name, he was super consistent last year, that gave him the top three overall. But he’s gonna have to step it up to be real threat for the
top spot, he’s got the pace, but to win you really
need that extra drive. Right, now onto some wild cards, Anna van der Breggen is
a road world champion, and Olympic gold medalist, but winning in one discipline
isn’t enough it seems, she’s entered one World Cup last year, but is looking to do even
more mountain bike races, and is even pairing up with Annika Langvad to race the Absa Cape
Epic in South Africa. Langvad actually won
the Cape Epic last year, with the now World
Champion, Kate Courtney, so she’s no doubt looking
to repeat that performance. It’ll be interesting to see if Anna van der Breggen can step it up. Now, onto the young guns. Now, it may seem that
Kate has secured her place at the top of the contenders, but she’s still super young. Last year was Kate
Courtney’s first in elite and she steadily climbed up results, finishing the year in the
best position possible as World Champion. The sky’s the limit for Kate, it seems, she’s still quite young and
the competition is fierce. And of course, she’s joining Nino Schurter on that Scott team this year, so double rainbow stripes on that team. 2018 was the Junior World Champ’s
first year racing in elite and he took the very first medal of the year in Stellenbosch. The rest of the year wasn’t
quite up to the same standards, but another win on the short
track at Mont-Sainte-Anne shows that he’s not a one-hit-wonder. Give him some time, he’ll definitely be
fighting for more podiums. Another young gun on BMC is Tituoan Carod. We saw how fast he was when he absolutely smashed
me on the short track. If you haven’t seen that
video, check it out, the link is in the description. But that’s not necessarily
a great indication on how he’s gonna do at
the World Cups, of course. But he did get a couple
of World Cup podiums and ended the season in
the top ten last year, and that’s just his second year in elites. He’s definitely someone to challenge Nino for the top spot in the near future. Anton Cooper has the pace and capability to take the top spot, but
being young also means he doesn’t have quite the same experience as those veterans of cross-country. He’s got the spirit, but he’ll
need to step it up this year in order to make more than one podium, like he got in 2018. What about riders coming
back from injuries? Well, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot,
she’s just had surgery and has just got back on the bike. Look out for her in the
second half of the season, she’s a former world champ on the road, cross-country, and cyclo-cross. For that video where Tituoan
Carod absolutely smokes me, click over there, it was a lot of fun and it was great to see how fast he was. And if you wanna see the downhill racers to look out for in 2019, over there. Thumbs up if you’re looking forward to the cross-country race season starting, and hit that sub button.

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  1. Have we missed anyone? Who do you think will be on the podium this year? Let us know in the comments below 👇

  2. I have to be honest… I don't know know any names in the xc world. Might be something I need to look more into now. Thanks for info, it's great to mix things up a bit.

  3. How about Henrique Avancini? Marathon world champion, had a super consistent 2018 season, won a short track. I think he is a name to some xco world cup victories this year!

  4. Always pulling for Emily Batty, she works so hard and just seems to miss that mark or has a bad crash etc. Hopefully this is her year.

  5. Got to give our UK lass a shout out – Annie Last, finished 2017 really well but things didn't go so well last year. Bring it in 2019 Annie!

  6. To me this feels a little like a token video to stop XC riders complaining about the lack of XC content (that includes me, before you burn this comment). Judging by the comments below, too, I’d say a little more effort on this subject would be pretty popular …

  7. they didnt put the 4th last year overall, 4th in the world champion and marathon world champion just cuz he is not european. if avancini was from europe he would be the first one on this list.

  8. Being a kiwi I’m in full support of Anton Cooper I think he’s got some talent but he’s got tough competition with some other young riders too

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