Cross Country Skiing | A Pure Michigan Winter
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Cross Country Skiing | A Pure Michigan Winter

March 4, 2020

[music] cross country skiing to me is, one its a good
chance to get outdoors with your family in the winter you know here in the upper peninsula winters
are long, and to have an activity like nordic skiing, cross country skiing really helps make the
winters enjoyable, helps you get outside, helps you feel alive cross country skiing, its a great form of
exercise, its one of the top caloring burning workouts you’re burning calories while you’re doing
the activity but because you’re breathing cold, fresh air you’re actually burning calories and warming up that
air Michigan is a great place to go cross country
skiing because of our abundant snowfall Northern Michigan is blessed with snow, snow,
snow, that’s why I live here and getting out and skiing, being able to
see nature at its best at its snowiest, being able to just wind your way into a mature grove of
hemlocks like we have here at valley spur ski area and just disappearing into the woods is just
a wonderful thing to be able to do and thats why I’m proud to call it home some of my other favorite places to go are
blueberry ridge ski area in marquette county is a wonderful place for beginners it has a wonderful night ski loop, the nokamenon
trails themselves have a forest filled trailhead that is a great place for more advanced skiiers,
sockshead trail in the big bay pathway, the pictured rocks trails at pictured rocks national lakeshore are other
great places we’re blessed in northern Michigan with lots
and lots of state recreation land and national forest land one of my favorite things to do is to go cross
country skiing off trail after a fresh dump of snow to just set out into the woods and just find
some fresh untracked snow as a new dad, Pure Michigan is getting my
kids outdoors and teaching my kids to ski the same way I was taught

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  1. Hi everyone, this was filmed at Valley Spur in the Hiawatha National Forest on M-94 just west of Munising, Michigan on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  2. I love xcs in the northeast, and it looks like we have deep snow for the first time in ages. My wife has complained for years that she can't handle the cold, because her ears go nuts. this year at xmas i gave her the ponytail headband from trailheads, and they are fantastic. i got the gloves for myself, they work on my iphone, so this way i on't have to freeze my fingers when i post.


  3. nice video;) tryed to find a english speaking video about "nordic skiing" to explain a asian friend what I have done today. You explain also the purpose of doing this sport.

    greetings from Germany 😊

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