Crusader Fly Mask – Standard without Ears Review
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Crusader Fly Mask – Standard without Ears Review

August 11, 2019

MOLLY: Hi, I’m Molly. I work in Merchandising,
and today I’m reviewing the Crusader Standard Fly Mask. What I love about this fly mask is the fabric.
It’s very durable, but it’s also not super plastic-y feeling like some of the other fly
masks feel. But I love how long this lasts. The one I
have I’m probably going on my third season with. Another nice feature of this fly mask is the
fleece lining that goes all the way around the edges, which makes it really comfortable
for the horse. And also, the Velcro is very durable and lasts a long time. This product would be perfect for anyone who
needs to turn their horse out, particularly with other horses that might be picking at
the mask, and we all know how rough horses can be on their fly products, so I would recommend
this for anyone who turns out with multiple horses. I would say this mask runs true-to-size, maybe
a hair big. There are a lot of sizes, which is pretty cool so you can just look through.
There’s Arab, Yearling, horse, Warmblood… Another really cool feature about this mask
is you can get it embroidered right here, which if it does happen to come off your horse,
it’ll make it a lot easier finding it and figuring out that it actually is your fly
mask and not your stablemate’s. I’m Molly, and the Crusader Standard Fly Mask
is my pick of the month.

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