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December 7, 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another My Little Pony
custom tutorial. In this episode, we’re going to make Octavia Melody. I recommend using an Octavia brushable pony if painting the eyes and cutie mark is too
hard for you. It comes in this doll and pony set. As for me, I’m going to use this Pinkie Pie brushable figure and remove the hair, eyes,
and cutie mark. Let’s begin by making her mane using clay. Slightly flatten a large round piece. Now flatten only half of it even more until you get something like this. Press the piece onto her head and shape the edge. Then cut out a piece of clay here to create a gap. For her back mane, slightly flatten a log of clay. Taper the end to make it pointy. Now I’m going to carve on the details. To make her tail roll both ends of a log of clay to make one end pointy and the other round. Curl the round end to the left and the pointy end to the right. To make her bow, cut off about a quarter from
a round piece of clay. Roll it into a round shape for the center
part of the bow. Then cut the remaining piece into two equal parts. Roll it into a round shape. Flatten it a bit and shape it into a triangle. Do the same for the other piece. Once you have one round and two triangular
pieces attach them together to form a bow. I’ve wrapped a thin sheet of clay around
her neck to make her collar. I used air-dry clay for this part since I
can’t take it off to bake. Let’s paint her coat while the clay pieces
bake in the oven. Octavia’s coat is gray with a tinge of gold. So I mixed a bit of gold with gray paint to
get this color. I’ve painted on her eyes. And her cutie mark which is a musical symbol. I’m using dark gray for her mane and tail
and will be using light gray for her highlights. There you go. All finished! Octavia is a musician who is mainly seen playing
a cello in the TV series. Beside the piano and violin I also
love listening to the cello. Do you play any instruments or are there any
you like listening to? Well I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned for more and thanks for watching!

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