CUTE BABY AND HORSE | Growing up with horses | ARABIAN HORSES | PONY | FALABELLA | Horseback riding
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CUTE BABY AND HORSE | Growing up with horses | ARABIAN HORSES | PONY | FALABELLA | Horseback riding

October 19, 2019

This little girl started
riding before walking Here at 6 months old Simba the friendly pony Lily the curious Falabella 21 months old Funny moment with Jarrod, the Arabian horse Out riding in the forest Riding on the beach Saddle for two Follow the journey from 5 months to over 2 years old SERINA
Growing up with horses YEAR 2017 5 Months old First time riding with her father,
and Rocky, the Arabian Stallion Welcoming Venus to life, a newborn filly 6 Months old Out riding on trail for the first time On the top of the mountain Back home again, she had such a good time Always happy to say goodnight to the horses, and give Eliza some cuddles before going to bed 7 Months old Riding with daddy on Arthur, in the rubber plantation Loves taking a nap on the horseback Year 2018 9 Months old So happy when she ´s riding with daddy in the forest Celebrating our wedding anniversary on the horseback Riding as a family Serina and Eliza 18 Months old Riding with Rocky, the stallion Bringing fresh grass for Estiano Cuddling with Leo, the handsome Falabella Got her own pony, Simba THAI:
Hold with two hands! THAI:
You´re a funny baby Good Hold first When riding, you have to hold NORWEGIAN:
Is it fun? Making a surprise for Serina with taking the pony inside the house So Serina would wake up to her horse,
saddled and ready for riding Giving Simba a kiss Riding in the palm plantation Our little cowgirl is always
happy to be riding with Simba 19 Months old Loves giving her pony kisses THAI:
Are you ready to go down? Year 2019 20 Months old Having fun riding in the forest with daddy and Rocky Even trotting a bit Serina goes over to cuddle Shahara and Princess Serina:
A kiss Try one more time Lily sticks her head out for a new kiss 21 Months old Leading Simba THAI:
Say thank you first One more time, so he gets to kiss you back Saying hello to Princess Arthemisia Trying to open the door Keeping daddy company and waiting for a kiss Serina loves watching videos of our riders,
and ride with them The speed she prefers is a full gallop Saying good morning to Rocky A friendly Arabian stallion Remember to wear your helmet NORWEGIAN:
Go go go! Leading Eliza into her stable Eliza so carefully following her Our Japanese spitz, Stella is
best friends with the horses Lily enjoys a roll on the grass 23 Months old Serina and Jarrod Carrot! (Jarrod) Come! Jarrod is busy eating grass on the way up to his stable Daddy, Serina, and Arthur Come Simba, let’s go! Training on trotting Good boy! Riding with mommy Daddy, Serina, and Phi Mai Picking some Lelawadee flowers for Eliza and Estiano 24 Months old This was her 2 years old birthday The best celebration of it was to take Simba for a ride Riding with the TV Show, Ertugrul 26 Monts old Saying hello to Shahara Riding in the forest with Daddy and Jarrod Mommy and Eliza Helping Lily scratching Stella! Stella! Come here! 27 months old Are you happy? Picking fresh Rambutans off the tree Yummy! One for mommy Serina and Valencia Loves riding with Ertugrul Rearing the horses together Practicing her acrobatic skills Out riding on our new saddle Bertin Osborne two-seater potrera saddle
from Marjoman, Spain Riding on the Khuk Khak Beach in Khao Lak THAI:
Hi, are you having fun? Having fun! So you like it? Yes Are you feeling happy then? Happy! THAI:
Hi, did you have fun? I want to ride more Let´s ride some more over there You want more? Even more? It´s enough Norwegian:
It´s enough now Bye-bye, thank you for watching If you enjoyed it, please press
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