DA UOMO A UOMO | Death Rides a Horse | Lee Van Cleef | Spaghetti Western Movie | English | HD
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DA UOMO A UOMO | Death Rides a Horse | Lee Van Cleef | Spaghetti Western Movie | English | HD

August 11, 2019

[Music] [Music] you better watch out that gangs around here yeah and with what we’ve got in a car two hundred thousand dollars then we’d better keep our eyes open here this will warm you up great we can use it I’m going back now you stand guard here don’t work [Music] [Applause] he goes to his nice warm house while we sit out shut up I wish it was tomorrow ready let’s have a drink [Applause] [Music] hey did you hear anything yeah I heard you gurgling down that bottle [Music] let’s go take a look [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music] I thought let’s go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] well let’s get going [Music] fifteen years saying nobody’s seen you laugh as for me I understand you ain’t no laugh matter to be in jail but you can laugh today because today is different I’m telling you today’s a big day for you you know something you go out of here with that face the first thing you know you’re gonna be right back [Music] come in come in right [Music] when I look at you it doesn’t seem so many years have gone by at least not for you it seems it was only yesterday that we met for the first time here’s the $83 you had in your pocket 15 years ago yeah I hope it helps you get started again my gun thank you now the bullets the bullet 27 15 years ago you put him in one of those bottom drawers there 27 you have a good memory well sometimes it’s not difficult I still had six in my gun and 21 in my belt if the head and double crossed made it kind of been a little bit different [Music] here we are beautiful our says me take it from me he’s worth the $60 [Music] what gonna do for him [Music] I’ve been around here quite a while everything’s changed your parents that was my entire family I’m sorry I heard about it sometime [Music] [Music] [Music] ah I felt I’m glad you’re in town I wanted to speak with you I’ve just been talking to the judge and he goes along with me now how would you like to be deputy sheriff I know that the job doesn’t pay much but I’m gonna retire before long and then you’ll move up a step what do you say bill it’s time you settle down I’ve noticed there’s something between you and Betsy I’ve got other things on my mind Sheriff for the time being bill no one knows you better than me I was a good friend of your mother and father I know what’s on your mind oh but don’t you think it’s about time to forget it thanks anyway Sheriff [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh come on it what’s going on here night target practice somebody tries to shoot me in the back of defend myself you defend yourself almost too well mister they’re both dead as doornails they came in the window it wasn’t a wish me pleasant dreams okay okay self-defense I guess but in this town we don’t like violence I’m asking you to get out of town as quickly as possible good morning bill how many glasses have you got in the house couple can we dirty them I want to have a little talk with you what brings you all the way out here what’s on your mind this what that supposed to mean that my memory is still pretty good I thought about this all night whether what I’m about to do is the right thing or not but I’ve known you for too many years to keep quiet where’d you find them on a dead man’s feet who last night two men were killed those were on one of them who killed him a stranger a certain Ryan he went west [Music] all right stand up don’t turn around [Applause] keep your hand away from your gun you’re gonna follow somebody youngster do a better job of it this world is full of nervous characters Shuchi in the back first and then introduce himself tell me what you’re after fifteen years has been no new track only a spur and you come along in his three Spurs if you know the story then you can figure out what I’m looking for we both got an old account settle with the same people only I want to take first crack at them we go on together no son you got too much hate in you sooner or later that’s gonna get you in trouble hates hate there’s no two ways somebody once wrote that revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold how did you wire you love it end up with indigestion no I’m going on alone you better shoot me do I have to if you don’t I’m going to end up on your heels again yeah I suppose so the important thing is to get there first that’s why I’m going to leave your horse Red Rock there’s ten miles from here advantage you’re going to have to give me good luck son my nigga [Music] [Music] whiskey in water where do I find Cavanaugh I know there drink I’m looking for Bert Cavanaugh [Music] look Bren I’m selling whiskey [Music] thanks for the information hold it what do you want up here Ryan well this certainly is a surprise was it a good surprise or a bad surprise why did you think I wasn’t happy to see you how much you give those two to get rid of me no I don’t think I understand what you mean well it really doesn’t make much difference whatever you paid him was a bad investment I should kill you and maybe I have learned something after all these years as an example even a rat like you can be worth more alive than dead well tryin I know it’s not a nice trick walking out on you at the trial but – no no no you didn’t walk out on me you sold me you turned me in there’s a big difference look it was all a long time ago why don’t we drop it yeah here’s $100 I know it’s not much but business hasn’t been good lately $100 cares $100 for 15 years in jail maybe I was right in the beginning maybe a rat like you is better dead all right don’t get excited rod what do you want fifteen thousand what fifteen thousand one thousand for every year in jail cash and where am I going to get my hands on that kind of money oh you’ll find it I’m sure you’ll find and I’m not in a hurry tomorrow morning we’ll be all right and warms my heart to see all my old friends doing so well you know pretty well-established aren’t you well I’m just gonna visit our friend in Minden City see what the first citizen has to say for himself till tomorrow oh one watch out for these things wouldn’t want you to get hurt not yet [Music] bad luck at the table friend not bad luck mistake it was robbery they took everything I had you look like you need a drink but you don’t understand that was just a woman they got all my money but I want to keep my skin sure you do who said anything different oh wait hey I can’t go back in there don’t know I don’t watch it [Music] I don’t want to get they’ve killed me dear new Wesley how much did you lose $30 doing are you joking well take the dough and beat it I never leave without finishing my drink that should take care of it alright stranger I’m putting you under arrest I’m charging you with attempted homicide means you’d be put in prison for 10 years when can we try this man judge tomorrow take him to jail sorry turned out this way hold it if I’m worth anything is a witness I’d say this is a case of self-defense more than anything I’ve seen in my life based on the personality of the witness the charge is hereby withdrawn the prisoner may go cause you were lucky get out of here now I want to talk with our friend here well young man you’re a faster draw all those stupid idiots you’re looking for a job I may be able to help you come up to my office [Music] [Music] [Music] hands behind your head son now let that hammer down slow Addie’s he’s still got a lot to learn son but this time you’ve got something to learn too old what Cavanaugh is paying me $500 to kill you another bad investment think so then maybe I didn’t take him seriously well if you didn’t get have been right but tell me something why does he want you killed who is Cavanaugh you ask too many questions I can pay for the information with his five hundred he’s worth more than that to me fifteen thousand so I suggest you keep your distance cuz if you don’t I might get mad that’s a warning I’ll find out who he is if he’s who I think he is get ready to get mad [Music] Hey hey wait a second wait I want to thank you yes sir I I had worth much and it’s been a real spell since anybody’s done anything for me but if you asked me to walk on fire mister I just started walking I might ask you a lot less like what you know about Burt Kavanaugh how long’s he lived here in Holly Springs when I got here mister he was already boss of the place but if you want to know more about him well I just know the right man give us up for good strong bottle of rum cuz the more this man drinks the more he talks all those sheep are gone and the pastor is sleeping alone lavalla without the rocks until I always say well here’s to you bottoms up now tell me what you know about Burt Kavanaugh my fuckin wife if there’s any alcohol a mile away she smells it the bottle where’s the bottle there isn’t any bottle we’re into the final table listen I know you’ve got some job but now ah there doc but it isn’t our C it’s his my good man forgive the impression you’re getting of us it’s just that she’s my wife you see well she’s a bit too well the problems of drunk huh before you finish that off tell me about Cavanaugh Cavanaugh I’ll tell you either scar peonies earth snake a beat yeah well alright let me tell it when I first arrived here the church was in good order I was an upright preacher then – but what about him what about who Cavanaugh all-capital all he had was or pistol in a pack of cars you know now he’s called for esa’s full house Queen not enough for house ASIS for man the ladies love it but not ladies not [Music] give me another chance Cavanaugh what security have you got you know I’ve lost it all taking everything I had my farm my cattle everything you know that then get out of here you’re using space only $500 just give me a chance that’s all is just $500 who wants to come in the game I [Music] my employees don’t play [Music] deal the cards [Music] [Music] how many I stand I’m happy to take your 504 ASIS [Music] me too four aces [Music] look young man not afraid I don’t feel like jerky neither do I [Music] remember Cavanaugh 15 years ago with the Meseta ranch you and your friends killed everybody but you forgot one thing to kill me give him a gun get up here player history notes [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] two lessons my son first watch behind you second counter shots four bullets for one man that’s a waste [Music] listen you’re the man in charge of this here place yes sir what is it what time’s a train leave for Linden city left just 15 minutes ago what time’s the next one leave day after tomorrow ah come on Keep Calm my boy your pal left your horse share with me he took the train huh sure all but that’s not all this guy told me a pal of his should be coming along he said I should give you the horse and the kiss if the horse is there waiting for you and I now where do you want that kiss no thanks I’ll settle for the horse but he’d be here today and I consider it a great honor to introduce to you our leading banker mr. Wolcott [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and there is more yes senator Carlyle has kindly agreed to have the Atchison Santa Fe line pass through our enterprising growing [Applause] offers a fine prosperous up-and-coming future citizens while I’d be delighted to continue to address you I must go because Judy calls me hurray for senator Carlyle all right Burlington City [Applause] one is here and the other will be here very soon that’s the one who killed Cavanaugh [Music] well go on and get Pedro Paco and the others just say that I decided the party’s for now hello nothing else the boys will get it walk out a stranger’s asking for you Sha Tin then easy friend you’re all alike years go by and you all do the same things gonna nut drawer typing that back lies here were afraid that I wouldn’t receive you quite the contrary I expected you to receive me too well so I figured it’s safer to come in from behind Wolcott that strangers gone I’m already here friend so you can go on out and close the door behind you this is a private talk the door well looks like we’ve become important pen rich he changed your own clothes haven’t you guy pack but you still haven’t been able to change your face have you you still got the meanest looking face I ever did see now listen rod shut up and I can tell you where I’ve been all these years because of you I’ve seen some mean faces plenty of things are the same as they used to be Ryan because I can pay now just sit down we’ll talk about it there isn’t that much talking to do just five words 15,000 plus 15,000 15,000 bucks doubled a lot of money Ryan it’s a pretty high figure but not for 15 years in jail and you’ll have to pay Cavanaugh his share he was killed right under my nose and I didn’t get a chance to collect the money I’ll give you an advance now how about 10,000 bucks all right dressed more [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now it’s my turn [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] don’t kill him yet he’s useful to us for the time being we could finish you off now but that would be too simple let me tell you this boys Ryan was sent to us by heaven yes good old right it’s gonna be helpful to us like in the good old day wait I’ve been working at this for years building their confidence in me the citizens as well as the governor of this state but the most important thing is that finally believe it or not I have in my bank more than a million dollars now the funds the state deposited with me in view of our future Public Works what do you think Ryan should I build their stupid old Public Works with this mountain of dollars well they don’t think I should I guess I’ll have to go along with their idea [Music] [Music] you make sure you don’t lose it mr. wall – good evening Frank some extra work mr. Walker Frank go and open the door back there while I close this one [Music] [Music] who’s there a mr. Wolcott good evening mr. Walker [Music] my god million dollars [Music] right now [Music] get back it was with me for ten years a loyal man woodworker and a friend hey boss they killed the other guard and blew up the safe they didn’t leave a single penny yeah we caught one of the bank robber Hey [Music] [Applause] Oh I recognize this one yesterday he was in my office I’m sure that he robbed the bank he and his men now this man has the right to have a regular travellers and thieves don’t have any right [Music] don’t you worry he’ll be hanging at the promise but first he’s gonna tell us who his accomplices were we’ll Wolcott don’t you wanna get back what they stole all right give me some time then tomorrow you’ll see I think that the sheriff’s idea is good I lost my temper for a moment now I see he’s right don’t worry this man’s going to be hanged put him in the jail there’s something funny going on as a rotten smell around here are deer horses let’s go Sheriff I’ll go with you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] the prisoner escape you must have had some help this is your fault Sheriff you are against us dead men don’t escape from jail now this man has become a danger for us all you catch him do you hear I’m gonna make you pay if you fail alright let’s go man [Music] I think I’ll go back to Lyndon City I’m anxious to meet Walcott face to face what you say grandpa and say you’d be making a mistake as usual why well in the first place Lyndon city’s all excited right now they’re mad at strangers you get recognized you’re gonna get a Roper on your neck the second place walkout isn’t there anymore what makes you think so I’m gonna have his usual my had your a try sometime no walk I had a pretty good plan thanks to you it failed now with me free he’s had to go and give up playing that honorable citizens role which way you think you’ve headed same way is the gang in the loot which is well it’s a criss crossing their tracks to add a little confusion and gain a little time no Intel viendo that’s a village of Mexican territory Oh God’s favorite hangout now boy you really know everything don’t you grandpa except that now you’ll stay here quietly you can go ahead and finish your shave this time I get there before you do of course I’ll leave you on foot just like you taught me except I won’t leave your horse ten miles from here so I suggest you look for another one don’t you want to try some of this meat before you go it’s just about ready I’ll see you around grandpa [Music] bill I was thinking I’d like to have had a son like you cuz Sunday I’m gonna wind up with a bullet in the back i’ma get it get up [Music] might need that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Senor eat the porfavor tengo sed I’m thirsty why’d they run away when they saw me what are you afraid of you you under with each others I’m on your side run away please why I don’t kill you before anybody kills me they got to get my okay and I don’t think I’ll give it to him glad to see me I I came as fast as I could you won because I figured you were worried about me kiss me is Alana whole time I kept thinking about you [Music] [Music] you who are you someone who takes his anger out on men what are you trying to say that I’m afraid you’ve got a stupid face but you get it [Music] come on hero lets you and me see we choice he’s afraid something the matter did you change your mind here oh yeah I’ve decided to kill you unless your pistol the other hand remember 15 years ago with the Meseta wrench another time when you took it out on a woman unfortunately for you that woman happened to be my mother I want to deliver him a life to Pedro he ought to revenge his own brother [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] alright let’s roll it watch out stay here and whatever happens wait till you get really right [Music] ready stucco I asked you where my brother was [Music] oh did it who we have in bedrock alive you’re dropping merit over [Music] [Music] yuck murder you killed my brother you sandy we must find out who he is he’s the one who shot Cavanaugh [Music] [Music] well that’s interesting then you’re tied up with Ryan as his pal you must know where he happens to be now then prepare a deep hole outside I’ll make you talk boy be sure of it because we happen to be very interested in where your pal is its present and my men want a surprise ride talk do you want to finish your life by dying of thirst or chewed up by hands you’ve got a handsome face it would be a shame for it to end like those mummies outside if I talk whose then good for my life you tell me where we can put our hands on mr. Ryan you won’t die by either of these methods Pedro will kill you in a regular door do you agree all right then CryoSat me here thinking you wouldn’t be back so soon he headed for redstone path he’s meeting some friends we’ll help him get rid of arya and when is he supposed to meet these men today redstone passes 20 miles from here better be on our way for your sake I hope you told us the truth bring him outside [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I see you’re a man of your word we should be back in ten hours but you’ll probably think it’s longer out here in the Sun the honor of serving the soul is yours [Music] [Music] let’s get going [Music] [Music] let’s see them [Music] Hey look what’s that [Music] all right what are you going here [Music] [Applause] stop there the next one I shoot I’ll aim it at your head [Music] had to get here ahead of me didn’t you [Music] [Laughter] [Music] are you on your way in or out of that hole you remind me of a groundhog could make up its mind let’s just leave you there for a while hey stop joking around with your grandpa [Music] here don’t give him too much or too fast give me that please yeah please signore I don’t know who you are you enjoying friend but I feel you were sent by God to help us and to protect us against the evil ones well actually I don’t think I’m really in that closer relationship with our good Lord and I don’t recall receiving any messages from but I am here for personal reasons and it may just be those reasons coincide with yours I think you’ve invented some tall tale that said Wolcott in the rest of his men on a wild goose chase huh yep how soon do you think they got to get back eight or nine hours that gives us time to prepare a nice warm welcome all you men listen to me you must dig a ditch from there to there I want it this wide in this deep then fill it with dry branches than anything that’ll burn and then stand by with your barrels of oil all must be done within a few hours now [Music] is there a safe place around here for the women folk and young uns yes it is outside the village at the Old Mission they come there [Music] more letter with it [Music] I guess the cryin isn’t a bientot and that he’s had enough time to prepare his reception for us by now hard we try to well I’m taking four men in unpacking the rear you take the others through the front [Music] here they come [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] they leave us alone the night is going to be long for them I think a little music might soothe them [Music] [Music] it’s an old Mexican custom they play your funeral march to wreck your nerves but don’t listen to it go to sleep son you got to be well-rested tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Music] that’s good we’d better get to them now before the wind comes up and hits us we’ve no time to lose ah good morning I hope [Applause] [Music] you were there too there weren’t four they were five of us that night I came in late if it means anything to you when I saw what was happening I was too late to stop it all I could do is save a child and now that child is going to kill me all right I’ve been waiting for that but let me do something first let me help you now there’s too many of them out there for just you alone when it’s over I won’t run away [Applause] [Applause] I don’t [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I’ll be back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] before you fire again remember the Macedo edge [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] how many bullets you got three this time I’m out I can see that you don’t even have your razor turn around Ryan defend yourself turn around Ryan [Music] thanks for leaving me my horse [Music] good luck son [Music] you

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