DANCE PARTY BLUES | Ultimate Chicken Horse Gameplay Part 15
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DANCE PARTY BLUES | Ultimate Chicken Horse Gameplay Part 15

August 11, 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to Ultimate Chicken Horse I’m Wade, LordMinion777 JP: Wade! I said do it over! Pat: *laughter*
Gar: You say do it over? What? JP: Re-do, Re-do! Wade: JP apparently said something horrible in his intro, I’m not sure what happened JP: Hey Warriors, my name is JPW03 and welcome to Ultimate Chicken *JP is cut off by Gar* Pat: I think I heard JP say ‘cock’ JP: No I said I needed to replay and Wade said he’d agree with me and he lied to my face *Wade’s laughter*
Jp: Exposed! Gar: Exposed? Hey guys, welcome back to Ultimate Chicken Horse Pat: ULTIMATE CHICKEN COCK! Gar: Yay! Wade: I’m Wade, LordMinion777 Gar: Guess what you’re gonna find in your KFC? JP: Wade, wait.
Pat: COCK! What did Wade say? Gar: A fried one.
Wade: I said what you wanted me to say. Pat: DEEP FRIED! Gar: Deep fried!
Pat: Yummy! JP: Ultimate Chicken… …cack. Gar: Oh, I guess this’ll be a cheap one. Pat: Chicken cack? Is that what you said? JP: CHICKEN GACK JP: Oh Wade, you lost the item.
Wade: I got the item. It is… What is that? Oh… I got the same pants I already had! JP: I got cock suspenders. Wade: Oh noooo that’s doable! That’s actually doable! JP: *Shrieks as he falls to his doom*
Wade: Never mind. Y’know what, never mind, I can’t, so we’re good. JP: Yeah, it’ll be fine. It’ll Ultimate Chicken Cock itself out. Pat: *Gasps* What?!
Wade: What was that? Wade: What… WHY DID I- WHY DID MY ITEM DISAPPEAR?! Gar: Oh, what the fuck? Okay, bye everyone! JP: Bye felicia. Pat: Oh, I did it! JP: I can’t get up the plank! Wade: JP, can you… There you go, JP! All you had to do was give it a little- *all laughing* *JP screams in rage* Gar: Hi JP, you’re next to me! JP: I died in a hole of sadness and shame! Gar: Oh my god. JP: This is Ultimate Fricken Horse.
Wade: Wait, can we… Can we recap? What happened the last time we all played Ultimate Chicken Horse together? I’m trying to remember, I feel like it was a fateful day. JP: Oh, we’re not talking about the last time we played Ultimate Chicken Cock. Wade: Huh. Patrick. Gar: C’mere Pat. Gar: Oh man.
Wade: Patrick! JP: What a dirty, dirty player we have here today! Pat: I like it! Gar: Oh fuck, oh- okay I’m dead. Fine, fine I see how it is. *Wade screams in fear* JP: Titty mama.
Pat: Christ. Gar: Bye guys. *All laughing* Pat: What do you do for focus?! JP: I couldn’t dO NOTHING Wade: We know, JP. Gar: So many of us ended up dying anyway. Pat: Well, the coin is still there. Gar: Oh, I wanted to grab the crossbow. Pat: Uhhhh… HIYOH JP: *Laughing* Hey guys… BOOM! Wade: JP!!! Pat: Boom! Wade: Patrick! Gar: Coinin! JP: This is Sucky Ducky JP: AUGH How about that for anti-climactic duck? Wade: What?!
JP: AUGH!! Wade: Why didn’t I get a chance? JP: AUGH! Gar: Why are you screaming so much, JP? You’re not even falling. JP: I almost DIIIIIIIIEEEDDD Pat: WOOOOOOOOO! WOOOO! JP: I made it. *Assorted grunting* Wade: What?! That’s bull! THAT IS BULL!! Pat: What is that? What was that?
Wade: I don’t know. Wade: What is this? Pat: What do you have?
Wade: I don’t know. Pat: What is that?!?! JP: Its a hack. Wade’s hacking. Wade: I don’t know but I’m really excited about it. JP: I’m not. Gar: I don’t know what that is. It’s been a while. JP: *Clapping* Niiice. Good form, everybody. Wade: WHAAT?! NOOOooo I got bladed through the floor…! JP: Wade, that’s adorable. Wade: Just like that. JP: You just got… flipped in the… Gar: What is that thing? I can’t even… oh. JP: What is that?
Wade: I don’t know. Wade: I don’t know if it’s friendly or not.
Pat: …going to have to find out.
JP: I’m not a fan of it. Gar: I’m going to find out, I’m just waiting for… I just have to jump and… Gar: There’s no good times. Wade: RUN GAR! Gar: *Screams* Gar: God.
Wade: Run better next time! JP: By gosh. Pat: Alrighty. Let’s do this. JP: Hey, I want points now. Points, points, points. JP: I’m just gonna blow everyone. Wade: …What. Gar: Why would you do such a thing? JP: What? MY COCKY Wade: Buk… Did you just yell Bukkake? JP: No, my car keys. Gar: Your car keys?
Wade: Oh, your- AUGH! AUGGGHHHHH! WHY IS THERE ICE?!?! JP: That’s not very ice of you *terrible, terrible pun* Gar: Oh, ice. I thought you said eyes. Pat: I may have put ice on the thing. Wade: Yeah, I found it. Thank you, Patrck. Pat: Uh-huh. Wade: That wasn’t a real thank you, Patrck! Oh, bye Gar! Gar: God!
JP: Ayyy, Macarena. Wade: How long?
JP: In the arms of the angels… *laughing* Wade: How did you guys make it before, but now that there’s more chances to make it, we’re not making it? JP: *Sings*
Wade: Wait, where am I? Pat: Bye Wade.
Wade: Wait, why am I not here? JP: Didn’t pick an item fast enough. Wade: I picked an item! JP: I guess not fast enough. JP: Gotta be faster than that.
Wade: This is baloney! JP: I gotchu a dollar. Wade: AUGHGHGHGHGHH! Bock my life! JP: AUGH! Bock-a-doodle-do. A chicken… got bocked. Pat: HaHAHA! You guys are out. JP: I feel like I’m a chicken. Pat: I feel good.
JP: Wade, Wade: WHAT. JP: What are you doing? Wade: Nothing. JP: You didn’t pick anything.
Wade: I’m here. Gar: Decisions, decisions. Wade: Don’t you dare, Gar. Pat: DO IT
Wade: GAR *Gar laughing* JP: *singing* Is it too late to say sorry? Wade: *Trumpet imitation turns into garbled choking sounds* JP: Help. Gar: Ohoho, I heard that crunch, JP. JP: Yeah, that was my nards. *Laughing* Pat: Your cack. Gar: Your cackles. JP: *cackling* Gar: Oh, I wanted that. JP: That’s my cackle-bedacle. Pat: Cackle my nackle. JP: Like the salt on your rackle. Gar: Oh, um… JP: I just blew everything. Pat: Ruby Tuesdays. Wade: You blew everything? JP: Ruby Tuesdays? JP: AUGH! Wade: Oh my- OH MY I LANDED ON IT JUST FINE OH I SCREWED EVERYTHING UP. JP: What was that, Wade? *ragelord* Wade: Nothing. JP: Can I have that in Engrish? Gar: Hey. Ow. OW. Wade: I LOST MY CHICKEN BOY JP: I don’t know where the level is. Gar: The camera is zooming in on you. *Laughing *JP screams in intense rage* *Everybody laughing*
Wade: Oh my god. JP: I’M ULTIMATE CHICKEN SALTY Wade: Nobody can break their microphone like JP. Pat: I can’t place it…? JP: It’s like they fixed it. Wade: Better hurry. Pat: What? I… *Starts laughing* Gar tried to blow something up but it didn’t blow up. Gar: OH, WTF- oh, okay, bye. JP: Bye Felicia. Gar: Oh, no Pat, I was just trying to destroy the teleporter. *Wade clucks* *He clucks again* JP: Cock-a-doodle-do. Wade: JP, you are taking that right up the buns. JP: Yeah.
Pat: *at Gar* For me, you blew the other two things up as well. Gar: That’s not what I was trying to do.
JP: Dangit, I’m gonna get last! Wade: *ominously* Two turns left. Pat: *imitating guitar* JP: UH x8 Gar: JP… Pat: *Continues imitating guitar* Wade: Seriously? You’re gonna make it impossible? JP: Suck it, game. If I can’t win, I can’t lose. Wade: YOU JUST MADE GAR WIN, SO YOU DO LOSE. JP: We don’t have to logic this out. Wade: I’m just jumping off. There’s no reason to try. JP: UUUAGGHH What a jump- prest- wow, tit. Gar: Bye, JP. JP: Bye Felicia. Pat: I believe. Wade: Good work, Pat. You did a great job getting over there. Too bad you’re not getting rewarded. Gar: So, about that. JP: Go into the solid snake form. Pat: I think this counts as a win. JP: I think it does. I’d count it. Who’d count- raise your hand. Wade: JP, YOU BLOCKED IT OFF *Gar laughs*
JP: What’s that? A salt? Shawty salty? Pat: I’m not gonna die, I’m just gonna dance. Gar: I’m sure our audience really appreciates that, Patrck. JP: *singing* Do you believe in love after love? Wade: *singing* I can see the sheep fall to it’s death. *Everybody singing at the same time* Wade: THERE’S NO BOMB! JP: I have so much power. Pat: *laughing* Jp and I both got it. JP: I have so much power. Pat: JP, JP, c’mere, c’mere, c’mere. JP: Okay, okay, we can do damage. Pat: Where should we put it? JP: I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m panicking! *screams* Wade: Put one on top of the stairs.
Pat: JP! Let’s make a penis! Pat: Let’s make a penis! We can make balls right here! *Gar laughing* Pat: YEAH! *laughing* Gar: It’s got a weird girth over there. JP: This game just got nuts, amiright? *Gar laughing* JP: *Victory screeching* Wade: Did he just leave and do a victory lap around his room? I can hear him running around and celebrating. Nobody has ever celebrated the male genitalia like JP has tonight. JP: I just… Wow, I just had a party. I’m really hot.
Wade: We heard. JP: You did? You heard me jump on my bed? Gar: Yeah. Wade: I thought you were doing a victory lap, in all honesty. JP: I was doing a victory lap. I went all the way around. Wade: Gar, you have an opportunity here Gar. You can die along the shaft. And go right into the balls. Pat: Die on the tip! Die on the tip! Wade: Die on the tip, or get sucked into the balls, Gar. JP: Die on the tip and then go to the balls. *Wade laughing* Ok. JP: Alright, or just dodge the whole sack. Gar: I wanna thank JP and Patrck for helping me win. Thank you guys. JP: I think me and Pat get creative wins. Gar: Oh, hi, I’m over here now. Wade: I get wins for just dealing with the three of you. *Outro music*

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  1. Can you please play kingdom again? In 2 days the new dlc comes out and it is free of you already own the game before it comes out. Just a heads up. The dlc version of the game will also be out on consoles soon

  2. last time you guys played some one blind sided all of you with a teleport thing that no one noticed till the last round when he used it to win

  3. Great video Wade! Oddly enough Ultimate Chicken Horse still hasn't gotten boring. But JP, Jesus, just…stop…

  4. What we learned today is valuable. Patrick and Gar are both scumbags, Jp has the highest scream known to man and Wade has a constant battle within him to keep his sanity close to him.

  5. (8:05) This struggle is so real. I have a few of 'those' friends. Like, I get it, the point of the game is to fuck with people, but not to the point where you break the game itself. Calm down.

  6. I raise my head and hope and I lower my head in disappointment. I guess all that matters is that Wade psychologically won.

  7. Hey Wade, would you kindly play another RPG like "The Witches House"?
    I highly recommend you to try "The Crooked Man" or "To the Moon", they are different genres but both provide good storys^^
    (Apologize for my bad english)

  8. Yay return of LordChicken777!!! It is the return of the great Bawkening and the Chicken shall reign supreme over the Ultimates! Also jeez this is quite a loud episode, glad I didn't wear my headphones for this XD God JP how are your vocal chords not shot after this?

  9. 9:55 I made it that far. I almost made it to the end…but….I'm sorry, I can only handle so much squeaker in a month. This video in itself filled my monthly quota.

  10. I think I've already said this before, but the "New" Intro. IE "Hey guys, My name is Lordminion777" Is friggan Spot on. With the Growing Subscriber counts, it gives us something to know will happen. Consistency is amazing. By the way, I'mma still need about Tree-Fiddy.

  11. Great video Wade! And I see you're almost to a million subscribers! Yay!!! Good job, and keep up the good work.

  12. I don't know why, but I feel like the horse character for this game is so perfect for JP. ? it just suits him in a derpy kind of way.

  13. That moment when Patrick Star is on every damn comment saying "I love you" xD
    … I love his dedication, tho :v

  14. Wade was the only mature one there, the other 3 sounded like 15 year olds getting attention for the first time in their lives, they sound like cucks.

  15. "this game just got nuts", it's almost like JP says whatever comes to his mind without really taking the time to think it through first lol

  16. This is series that made me sub to your channel Wade, you guys play it better than any other You-tube'r. It is like watching fireworks go off compared to watching paint dry, though some people enjoy paint more. Keep up the good work.

  17. the tough choices in life die fom the tip of the dick or die from the ball's or avoid it all together hmm such a tough choice :3

  18. wade you are hylaarious keep on being adorkable 🙂 p.s yes wade you do get points for dealing with those black hole balls makers.

  19. 0:17 I can't understand anything in that except for "Hey warriors". What exactly does he say that's so funny?

  20. I have that exact chicken hat, my mom worked at the theme park that sold them…. i forgot the name of it just now

  21. I will never sub to these other guys simply b/c they think its funny to block off the winners square so no one can win. I would've quit after 1 round of that crap and told them I would never play with them again if they did that crap again

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