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Dark Horse: Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Battle of the Bastards (Greek Subs) – Heroes For A Day

August 13, 2019

dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duh another and under [Music] but on random I’m Jon Snow Lord Eddard Starks bastard from Winterfell not anymore I am Aegon of the House Targaryen seven of his name king of the Andals in the Rhoyne ER and the first man Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and protector of the rom 998 Lord Commander of the Nights Watch the Lord of Winterfell the King in the north the white wall the ant Banga the victor of the Battle of the Busters the friend of the free folk the resurrected the know of nothing welcome welcome one and all to a new video review by Harris Faraday I am Heelys and this time as you have already figured it out I’m going to present Jon Snow from the Battle of bastards the Battle of bastards was if not the most exciting battle in the whole game of Thrones series at least one of the most exciting battles and personally I think it was the best up until now I don’t know what’s in store for the upcoming eighth season but um I’m pretty pretty excited to get this figure representing everyone’s favorite former bastard so let’s take a look at that box it’s quite big hmm I mean for the size of a figure relatively speaking and here we have a photograph of Kit Harington as justice no artwork from the figure looks very good and let’s try to open this up and see the figure up close [Music] and here he is Jon Snow the king in the north outside of his packaging and he looks great absolutely great that’s closer look I think his his face his headsculpt looks a bit more like Kit Harington compared to the other figure but that’s not the point we want Jon Snow not be Harrington the whole body sculpt is amazing the this fighting stance waiting to attack the the armies of Bolton’s look at this it’s it’s amazing it’s really good job mmm the sculpting the paint job awesome he has all this dark shades of I don’t know dark green or a black the the boots the brown padding with those gold I don’t know rivets accents what are these the greens were good his gloves really for bottle really really good really good here his long cloak his trusty sword here is the Valyrian blade of long claw and it is actually a bit longer than the sort of the other figure but not as shiny anyway it it is awesome it is awesome I mean look at look at it very very good depiction of the the character really good I think this figure wasn’t initially announced about a year or a year and a half ago and since then I’ve been really really waiting to get my hands in it and finally it is here presenting to you right now let me rotate it once again I don’t know about this top line I mean what were they thinking cutting his hair and then I don’t know wearing it mmm like this it should be representing more reminiscing the hairstyle of Eddard Stark back in those days perhaps I’m not sure the base the base looks good too I guess it’s supposed to be the barren ground of Winterfell the battle took place in from the castle so it makes sense it’s the North fully northerners can handle these conditions [Music] and as you’ve already noticed it’s not an action figure it’s a static figure or a statute if you prefer so there’s not a there’s no articulation except from the sort handle and the survey which come off the last thing I want to add is that it’s awesome and you should get it if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones of the fantasy genre in general get it it’s totally worth it it’s vertical it’s very cool you’re really gonna love it so I hope you like this video as well I’m sorry if my english sounded bad the whole video I thought at this time I would switch the audio with the subtitles of course there would be there will be subtitles they will be in Greg usually I do it the other way around Greek audio and English subtitles so if you’re if there are any international viewers you should click to enable the subtitles I’ve made I made it myself it’s not auto-generated so you wouldn’t have any problem keeping up with the reviews I don’t know if I make another video like this I mean in English I think about it but I hope you really enjoyed it you really had a good time and I guess I see you next time so the heroic continues

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