Dark Horse: Game Of Thrones Jon Snow (English Subs) – Heroes For A Day
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Dark Horse: Game Of Thrones Jon Snow (English Subs) – Heroes For A Day

August 18, 2019

…and welcome to the brand new video review by Heroes For A Day! This time it’s neither Marvel nor DC. Because we have a long, a reeeeeeeally long way ahead of us until the 7th season of Game of Thrones, we decided to take a look at the brand new -SPOILER- King in the North! …Jon Snow! Our lad, out last hope, What’s left from House Stark… …that isn’t Sansa… …nor Arya… …nor Bran… Who gives a shit. So, we have Jon Snow with Night’s Watch attire, The Watchers on the Wall, all the guys that stopped getting laid, all the crows and it’s by Dark Horse. It’s not an action figure, this is what you get. Dark Horse has made really amazing figures… (Let me bring it closer) Dark Horse has made really amazing figures on Game of Thrones Legacy has also made action figures, with articulation and all, but I’m not a big fan. On the contrary, I love the ones by Dark Horse even though they are static. So, he wears the Night’s Watch attire, there’s fur sculpted on the cloak. I don’t know if it’s the Lord Commander’s cloak. I’m not one to tell, but it looks quite “thick”, so it’s a possibility, but I’m not certain. The base is “snowy”, all white (and not clean) It’s snow, like outside the Wall and I like the fact that even though the figure is black, the cloak and boots are “dirty” so as to have a snowy effect. We are familiar with the overall look, he used to have it for five whole seasons. He is holding Longclaw… And now he is not! The pommel of the sword is actually sculpted and you just peg the blade in the hands. Longclaw was the former Lord Commander’s sword, Jeor Mormont’s. His hair is the usual, wavy Jon Snow style. Now, for the boys or girls expecting a face resembling Kit Harrington, I can’t say it looks like him that much, but it’s not necessary anyway. You should buy it because it’s Jon snow, not Kit Harrington. The figure is very nice; the price is very good. It’s not too tall, but considering the detail, the pose, the sculpting, it is definitely worth the money. (What’s left to say…) He’s the King in the North. Dark Horse keeps making figures, if I’m not mistaken, So I hope they give us a figure with Jon Snow in his current, 6th season attire, the classic green/brown Stark attire that his *cough cough* father… *cough cough* uncle used to wear. Nothing left to add there. A nice figure, a must-have in your collection, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan. …and winter is here …and The Heroic Continues!

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