Dave Castro: Taking the CrossFit Games Outside
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Dave Castro: Taking the CrossFit Games Outside

October 27, 2019

-Hey Dave, what are we here for? We’re here–a few weeks away from the actual event. This is our final site visit where we let people know what’s going on, brief them up, tell them the plan, check and make sure some things are in place, see the venue.Then when we come back in a few weeks it’s ready to rock and roll and we’re ready to hit it
at a hundred miles per hour. -With the coliseum being sold out, is it still worth it for people to come out to the event? Oh absolutely. Last year the teams spent about half their events inside the coliseum. This year 80% of their events are going to be outdoors. If you buy a festival ticket, that means you’ll be able to see 80% of all the Team events and you’ll be able to see the Age Groups in their outdoor events and in the Age Group Pavillion. Not to mention all of the very cool vendors and just the unique experience that is almost twenty thousand of our community coming together to celebrate fitness, health, and CrossFit. -Last week we released a video of you talking about
Day One and how it’s going to be the hardest ever. -People’s response to that was,
“Yeah but you say that every year.” -What do you think about that? Ask me on Day Two that same question.
I’ll follow up then. You won’t have to ask the question on Day Two. Just wait and see. -Overall, do you have any hints for people? Yeah. The biggest hint–I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it now. Know our past. See where we’ve been and you’ll know where we’re going.

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  1. Reminds me of when trump would say “it’s going to be great”..”we are going to make America great again”….
    When he was running for president at the time👍🏽😄

  2. Event 1 day 1: Death by air squats no time cap. An hour later everyone is smothered in k-tape and hooked up to a dialysis machine.

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