DAYBREAKER Princess Celestia My Little Pony Custom Tutorial with Rerooting
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DAYBREAKER Princess Celestia My Little Pony Custom Tutorial with Rerooting

November 19, 2019

hi everyone and welcome to Evie’s Toy house
today we are making a brand new My Little Pony custom I have Princess
Celestia here and we are going to turn her into day breaker earlier this week I
made a custom of Nightmare Moon using Princess Luna so if you have not checked
out that video make sure to do so after this video because I think she turned
out really really beautiful so I am really excited to make date breaker
that’s get started for day breaker we wouldn’t have to reroute her hair
because she has bright golden hair so the first thing we’re gonna do is to cut
off her Mane I’m using a pair of scissors to cut off the hair to as close
to the scalp as I can and now we’re going to take off the head so after
pulling off the head as you can see here there is a little neck plug so we’re
going to have to cut this out and remove it this will give me enough space for my
long nose plier to reach the roots of the hair and pull it out next we’re going to paint the eyes so
I’m going to be using acetone for this and I’m just going to take off the outer
edges of her eye then using a orange brown color we’re
going to repaint the eyes back in and she’s going to have a different shape
than the one Celestia has I’m do this on the other side we’ll try
to make this even with a very dark orange we’re going to
line her eyes and give her some eyelashes now with black we’re going to give her a
really angry eyebrows so it’s going to hook around on top for irises I’m going to be using yellow
and orange with the same brownish orange and then
paint her pupils these are going to be narrow lines and then we got and dot it with some
white and using gray and when drawing her mouth using yellow I’m going to start to paint
her helmet in so I want to start from between her eyes and work my way up
around her head then with a dark orange we’re going to
fill in some space on the inside now we’re ready to put the tail and mane
back in so I have two different colors I have a golden yellow and also more of an
orange yellow so we’re going to mix these two colors for the mane and the
tail so I cut a length of about one foot and it’s long because what we’re going
to do is fold it in half and so this would be the part are we going to insert
into the main into the head and hair would be about six inches long and does
give me some some space to trim after I’m done so I have my B routing tool and
this tool is really just a needle with a prong on the end so it has a little hook
and what we’re going to do is we’ll take a little bit of hair and we’re gonna
hook it in okay so we have a hair in the palm make sure it is even and we’re
going to take this hair and we’re going to insert it into the holes on top of
Daybreakers head here we go just like that got our first
strand of hair so we’re gonna do mostly yellow up here and down here we’re gonna
do the darker orange yellow so as you can see it’s actually coming
along pretty nicely so now I’m going to start putting the darker hair along the
back of the head all right so we are done take a look so
with the two colors I have the brighter yellow on top and on the bottom and a
darker yellow in the middle doesn’t that look great so to finish we need to put
some glue in there so as you can see I don’t know yes but there’s a lot of hair
in there and so we’re going to have to glue it down to make sure it doesn’t
fall out so I have some tacky glue here and what I’m going to do is just kind of
pour it all over on the inside I’ll squeeze a whole bunch in there get it
all over the hair and then we’re gonna let this dry overnight now for the body
the first thing we’re going to do is to remove the tail so I’m going to cut it
off with a pair of scissors next we’re going to take off the glitter on
Princess Celestia’s feet so her four legs actually covered with a layer of
glitter so we’re going to use some acetone and rub it off and this will
also take off the paint on her hooves and we’re going to go ahead and take off
the paint on her chest using Orange we’re going to repaint her shield so I’m
gonna paint a triangle on the bottom and then work our way up wrapping it around
her neck using the same Orange we went to paint
the edges of her wings using the same dark orange we’re going
to paint her hoofs going back to the wing we’re going to
paint the wings a white color we’re going to make sure to do this on the
inside and the outside now back to the shield we’re going to paint our cutie
mark on it we’re going to start with a yellow circle and using gold we’re gonna
draw in the sun’s rays for our cutie mark we’re going to keep
siliceous son but we’re going to take the orange and paint the background and finally we’re going to put her tail
back in so I’m taking a piece of wire from a paperclip and we’re going to bend
this into a u-shape we’re going to wrap this wire around a new hair of our tail and then we’re going to push it through
the back of her body I’m going to use pliers to make sure it goes in nice and
snug all right everyone so we are done with a
breaker what do you guys think I think she
turned out really really awesome I really loved the way she turned out so
let’s take a look at her face so here is a close-up of her face and as you can
see here she has these big evil eyes or a big angry eyes and she is also wearing
her helmet here in orange and gold and of course she has these really long
beautiful golden hair so her hair has two color
it’s a brighter yellow mixed in with a darker yellow on her body she has this
necklace or better this may be this shield and has her cutie mark on it the
Sun and also here on the side of her body
the Sun is actually the original princess Celestia’s our cutie mark if I
added the orange part of it on the outside to make it match Daybreakers and
of course we painted the wings white and on the edges here we have it in orange
and her hooves are in orange of course she has her two-toned pale and of course we have princess celestia
here take a look so I think the two of them look really cool together one is
the regular princess celestia and one is Daybreaker
and of course we over have Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon so I made a video of
Nightmare Moon a few days ago so if you have not checked out her video make sure
to do so after this one let me know down below in the comment section what you
think of my Daybreaker and if you guys like this video make sure to subscribe
and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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  1. Job but versus Siri is so amazing except you doing American make the file hell friend but the cutie mark in the necklace and the last is so awesome good job love you🧡💚❤️💕💙💜😄😃😁

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  3. Idk why hasbro dont just create them Like that we dont need to do them ourself Who Is whit me ? But i love your art continue Like that 😌😌😌😌😌😌

  4. Can you do spilt pong of lord tirek and lady tirek and I love your videos by the way your amazing on spilt and not spilt pony videos

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