Demolishing my Hobby Horse [CC]
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Demolishing my Hobby Horse [CC]

September 5, 2019

Hey. So you see that gross thing behind me? We’re going to destroy it today! -that I’ve ever made It’s a Hobby Horse for Alice Madness Returns. This was before I knew how to make props, so it is 7.5 pounds. Very uncomfortable to carry around. and you can hardly see the light on it. When it wasn’t already started to tore[sic] out it went around the eyes – the eyes lit up too, but kinda pointless when you’re at a con, so… We are going to take this thing apart And use it for parts. Well that was FAR less satisfying than I thought it would be. But I got wire lights that still work really well, they just need to be cleaned. ‘cus they have crap all over them. And a metal pole that I can use for, uh, another weapon. Everything else will unfortunately Go to the trash.

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