Did You Know? Horse Tales Literacy Project
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Did You Know? Horse Tales Literacy Project

August 24, 2019

[Music] This program is called Horse Tales Literacy Project and we’ve been working with Discovery Elementary School in Williamston for about 6 years on the project. The young people have the
opportunity to receive a book and interact with a horse at their school. Then they get a second book and learn to
read it and come here and actually read to our horses. I think there are two things that are
really rewarding about the program. Number one the young people get really
excited about learning to read and motivated to read, but also it’s great for us because we
have kids who maybe have never been on a farm that actually have the opportunity
to visit our facilities and see what it’s
like on a farm. This is my fifth trip with a 1st grade class. Reading is the cornerstone of almost anything else they’re going to do. Reading is involved in math. It’s in science. It’s in social studies. It gives them another avenue so it’s an
extra thing to practice. So, yeah it helps them a lot and gives them a chance to practice their fluency and they don’t have to worry about it. It’s not like the horse is testing them like we always are. Several of the kids are equestrians and get to do stuff.
So they get a chance to do something that they enjoy more too. And reading the books to
them. It’s just something exciting to do. [Horse Noise] How does that happen? I get very excited when kids get excited, about both reading and the horses here. And I enjoy seeing our horses interact so well with the kids. It just makes me happy. We want people to understand that this
facility is open 9am-5pm every day of the week and families are welcome to come here. We want to give folks the opportunity to interact with extension and MSU and the farms here. We get very positive feedback from both the parents and the teacher.
We kind of feel like they must think it’s valuable because they keep coming
back. [Music]

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