Didrik Solli-Tangen – TV2 Zebra Showman 9.11.2010
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Didrik Solli-Tangen – TV2 Zebra Showman 9.11.2010

February 26, 2020

He won the norwegian ESC finale with the
powerballad «My Heart Is Yours», after that he has been «partying» together with
the operastar Placido Domingo (my note: which is wrong: it was Jose Carreras) and
his friend Alexander Rybak. Now he has released his album, have a look at this! Give a warm welcome to Didrik Solli-Tangen!! P: Welcome!
D: Thank you! P: Have a seat! P: Welcome!!!
D: Thank you very much! P: Congratulation with the album! D: It`s an honor to be here!
P: And it`s an honor that you would be here! D: I have watched this quite often, so it`s
fun to be here finally! P: Thank you so much! That was very nice said! My wife says I have to better at
recieving compliments, so I have to say it was very nice! – … and here is your album
D: There it is There it is, your debut album, Oh my
god! – My debutalbum, isn`t it nice?
– «Guilty Pleasures», You`re so handsome too, you have a red mark on
your nose.. – I have it here too…
– It`s a scar? D: It`s a scar.
P: From what? It`s from the time I was a little baby,
only 15 months old actually and…my family isn`t actually sure what happened..I
had been sitting alone in the garden and probably played with an apple. And we
had a dog and it always lifted his paw as to say «thank you» ….so I have…
if you see all the way to the top here it`s really all the way down.
So it`s really been luck.. P: So your mother and father didn`t watch
out for you? D: No!
P: Now you`re out with your first album, and you have gotten some mixed reviews.
How do you handle that? – They haven`t really been «mixed»,
have they? …they have been quite…
…I have to say that I`m good at seeing the positive side of mostly
everything. I have to say that..I have met many artists through the years…or
through… through the year that has passed and they say that the
worst there is is not to get reviewed at all, all PR is good PR.
P: And it`s your album! It`s my album, and my fans are happy,
and I`m happy, so then it`s ok!! P: Yes, then…I totally agree!!
But now after the year you`ve had, when you release this album, and the
reception you get from the audience, will that be crucial to what you`re going to in
the time to come? Yes it will, I`m not going to…if this
doesn`t go well, I`m not going to throw another album at the audience of course.
I`m….I will..I mean I have always school to fall back on..
P: Yes because agewise….you`re still a young man of 23, and one could think that
you would head in a more pop/R&B direction… D: A lot of people have asked me that question..and..and I started singing opera
when I was 17-18 years old when I started doing this stuff…and..then I also thought
about what my friends would say and many has joked around, asking me «when
are you going to become a fat operasinger» P: Oh yes, because operasingers are fat… D: yes it is,it`s.. P: Do you have to be fat to be an
operasinger? D: It`s a myth
P: so it`s a myth. D: It`s a myth
P: and..and you went from..on no time you went from beeing unknown to being
an A celebrity…about handeling the press and such things…what experiences have
you had.? D: Like after ESC, when I came out, and I
was quite happy, I thought I had done a good job and that Norway had done a
good job, but I felt that the the press yes but the press wanted me
to fall on my knees and cry «Sorry I couldn`t do any better», right`. So that`s
the feeling I have gotten quite often: that they want me to be so damned
dissapointed all the time.. P: Yes that they want all of you all the
time.. D: But I`m happy with the things that has
happened…I`m eternaly grateful, so I don`t see any reason to be dissapointed.
P: That, I think is the right attitude, you have after all experienced a lot
D: Oh God yes! P: But then I also think, music wise, is
there any other kind of musicstyle you could`ve loved to do?
D: I love Frank Sinatra.. P: You do ?? Are you a crooner man??
D: Maybe…he was after all the way…the way into opera went through songs like
«My Way» and «Moon Rive» and all those songs I should say. So that is clearly
something that would have been great doing! P: Could we please hear a little bit…?? D: pff…what should I sing…?
then…ok I can sing a little bit.. [one line from «Moon River»] … I can`t remember any more…
P: Oh please a little bit more…..it`s a fantastic song
D: No, we`ll see, it would`ve been incredibly fun, so if I get the chance to do
that, then hey I`ll do it for sure!! P: You`re a guy…when you sing we get
the feeling that you never sing out of tune, you always hit the tune no matter
what… D: Well, I guess there are divided opinions
about that! P: You know what: good luck with your
album, thank you so much for comming, give him a big round of applause
everyone, Didrik Solli-Tangen!! P: Janne you are out in the crane with our nice guy Didrik Solli-Tangen, how`s the
mood out there? J: It`s great and now we`re soon going to
explode, and that`s something I`m really looking foreward to! Do you have a little
fetisch, an explotion fetisch? D: No not a fetisch, but it`s always fun to
explode things, from small firecrackers..to new methods to get things to explode..so
what we have done now, is that we have taken some «Menthos» (candy) on a nail,
and attached it to the cap, and then we`re going to put it down in the bottle, shake
the bottle and then we`re going to drop the bottle.
J: But if you`d taken a bottle of regular Coke, and not Cola Light, would it have
worked? D: No, nothing would`ve happend,
because there`s some stuff in that Cola Light which makes it bubble so much.
J: And we drink that.. D: Yes we do..but we`re not going to think
about that! J: But do you have any good explotion
histories?? D: Well we had one once, where we tested
dried ice and water, and that`s a lot more crazy than this..but I thought..it`s a little
bit dangerous to do here on Karl Johan (main street in Oslo), so we`ll do the
«light-version» here. But with the dried ice..we were at a friend`s house and out
in a field, and we were going to get the bottle to blow up, but we didn`t really
know how much dried ice, and water we were going to put into it, and it took a
long time before anything happened, so I took a long stick and poked the bottle, I
poked it twice, and then it blew up like hell, and the sound was so loud that I got
«tinitus» for half an hour afterwards! J: So you could almost have been deaf?
D: No it wasn`t that bad but it was loud,very, very loud
J: And you haven`t gotten tinitus from this?
D: No,no,no! J: So, are we going to put these
«Menthos» into the bottle? I`m not so happy about loud noises, but I`m looking
foreward to this!! D: I don`t think it`ll be a very loud noise,
it`ll be more of a «splash»!! J: Right, more of a splash! D: Now we should just screw the cap on
here and thighten it… J: Oh look, we can see the «Menthos»,
very nice.. D: So now I`m just going to turn it up side
down..just going to check the pressure, turn it around, feel the pressure rising
and then we drop it!! J: WOW!!…

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