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Dirt Bike Racing In The Mud! | Clintus.tv

October 22, 2019

(upbeat music) – Morning, guys. Welcome to vlog day two
here at Glen Helen Raceway, and it’s a rainy one. Getting something, this really
light mist that’s going on. It’s like 50 degrees,
so it’s cold, it’s wet, but it looks pretty
dope on the mountain. Lemme see if I can a shot
of this, of Mount St. Helen. The flag is in the fog,
and it’s very barely visible. Check this out, you
see up on the hill there, that’s actually
where the track goes. You see the riders kinda going
up in there a little bit. Pop’s gettin’ suited
up, tryin’ to stay dry, which doesn’t really
matter ’cause the moment he gets out on the track
he’s gonna be soaked. Alright, he’s out
on his first practice, checkin’ out the track,
seeing what the damage is. Like I said, it’s misty. Didn’t pour rain. It might be actually perfect,
but the mist is constant, then it keeps
getting muddier and muddier. The one thing we gotta
keep an eye on, though, is right before he
went out to the track, we noticed the
back tire was flat. So we pumped it up, and
it seemed like it held air. We’ll just have to keep
an eye on it after each race, and hopefully he
can get a full moto in without it going flat. If that’s the case, we’re okay. If it goes flat
before he can finish a moto, that’s not good,
and we might have to do an emergency tire repair. – [Tiffany] Good– – Morning.
– [Tiffany] Morning. – Morning. – [Tiffany] Breakfast time? – Milk. – [Tiffany] Memaw
make some waffles? – I made the waffles,
she made pancakes. – [Tiffany] Oh, pancakes.
Good job. (motorcycles rumbling) – Well, guys, it
has been two hours, and it’s not
stopped raining since. Everything has
turned into a muddy mess. My legs, I’m freezing, I am
not dressed for the occasion. The last two years,
it’s been hot and dusty. Was not prepared
for wet, cold, muddy. And so, yeah, it’s
gonna be interesting. The dirt bike track,
however, is a mess. I’m legit nervous for
my dad ’cause it’s just, it’s thick mud,
it’s slippery, there’s ruts, and everyone’s
riding the same train, so everyone’s gotta compensate, and some riders are
more experienced than others. So I told my dad the
most important part, I think, is just keep the
bike up, don’t fall, don’t stall it, don’t fall over,
don’t get stuck in the mud, ’cause that just makes
things 100 times worse. Tryin’ to start
the bike, pick it up, in the mud, when you’re muddy? No, that’s, like,
the worst-case scenario. – Oh, that was garbage. – [Tiffany] Aw. – Trying to do it again. – Try it, try it.
– Stop recording. (chuckles) – [Tiffany] (grunts)
There we go. – Oh, good, taking it, bro. – Race number seven is my dad. First moto is on the line. It stopped raining, but it’s still cold,
it’s super muddy. Here we go! Racin’ time! C’mon, Pop! Woo, go buddy, go buddy, go! Go go go go go! (motorcycles buzzing) You got no traction. (women cheering) Look at this mud, you guys. It’s insane. Oh, he went off the track! Didn’t feel like he
would miss this turn. (women cheering) That sucks. He might get
disqualified for that. Look at this, look at how the
ruts, how thick the ruts are. That inside line, that rut. The soupy mud over there,
there’s another pile over there. This is all thick right here. Dude, it’s hard to
ride in this, guys. (crowd cheering) Alright, here’s the
aftermath after the first moto. It’s a pretty
thick layer of mud. Completely coated all
that, look at that swing arm. (laughs) Oh yeah, buddy. That’s a dirt bike
right there, boys and girls. That’s a dirt bike right there. Alright, today’s
lunchtime spread, pork tenderloin,
some roasted red potatoes. You get a variety of spiciness,
some orange, yellow-hots, jalapeño, habanero, gouda,
some Ghost Pepper Heat powder, roasted red pepper
hummus, all the essentials. – [Tiffany] Um,
what’s goin’ on here? (laughs) I look out here, and you guys are
both on the ground. I’m like, “Uh.”
– I think it’s just a cut. – Somethin’ on your toe? – I thought maybe
he had a splinter, but it looks like a
slit, like a paper cut. – Can I put a Band-Aid on it? ‘Cause I can’t even walk on it. – [Tiffany] What
are you doin’, Bubbus? Enjoyin’ the beautiful weather? Back at it. Who’s winning? – You’re at seven. – My serve, right? You scored.
– [Tiffany] Who’s winning? – Me. – One-six.
– Nice, Bryce. – 20-six. – [Tiffany] That volleyball’s
looking a little rough. – [Bryce] Yeah. It’s not a volleyball anymore. It’s just a ball. – [Tiffany] A ball. – Alright, moto number two. They’re off. (engines running) 36 riders. C’mon, Pop! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! – Our time at Memaw and
Papa’s has come to an end. Right? She’s like, “Okay, let’s go! “Let’s go bye-byes! “Go back home?” – [Bryce] Do
you have my battery? – [Tiffany] Back home
now, just kinda chillin’. You did a little
bit of homework, right? – Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] And now
we’re playin’ some cards, eatin’ some popcorn. We had a late lunch, so
we’re just kinda snackin’. – It was like 3:30 or
something that we ate, yeah. – [Tiffany] Daddy should
be home in about two hours? – Cool. – [Tiffany] 2 1/2 hours. – I’ll see him
before I go to bed, right? – [Tiffany] Yeah. Bryce is in the kitchen. He’s gonna attempt
to make his own ramen, under my supervision (chuckles). And he’s like,
“Which one’s a saucepan?” – It’s a pot. – [Tiffany] Do you
think that you can, he’s like, “How about this one?” I’m like, “C’mon, buddy.” Can you cook ramen in this one? No. Silly goose. You don’t like long noodles? – With ramen, I don’t. – [Tiffany] Ooh! Fail. – No! – [Tiffany] How’s
your ramen comin’ along? – Good, I’m putting
in flavoring right now. – [Tiffany] Yeah, otherwise
it’s just cooked noodles and some water, right? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] So I told him, “Be very careful,
that’s very hot.” We turned off the stove,
so the flames are gone, but. – Weird, ’cause I put
it in, and it’s powder, and then it just becomes darker. – [Tiffany] Ooh, yeah. What are you up to? – Makin’ peanut
butter balls again. – Those sound good.
– Those things are delicious. – [Tiffany] Well, then make ’em! – [Bryce] Yeah,
those are really good. – [Tiffany] How’s your soup? How’s your ramen,
your soup, your ramen soup? – Good. – [Tiffany] Just gonna
play a hand of– – Hand of Kings Corner.
– [Tiffany] Hand of Kings Corners with us. – Back, back home, long
drive from San Bernardino, back in Phoenix, and it’s
just like a vacation, guys. Going there, you’re all
excited, you’re like, “Yeah,” and hype, and then the drive
back, you’re just kinda like, “Ugh, I wanna be
able to get home.” Like no stops, just
straight home, as we did. So we just
unloaded the dirt bikes, got everything in the garage. My dad just went
home for the night. He’s gotta get up at
butt-crack of dawn for work, so I’m sure he’ll be
feelin’ a little sore tomorrow. Little bit, little bit. So anyways, I’m
gonna call it a night. Thank you so much for watching,
hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, give it a thumbs up, and we will see you
guys tomorrow for Monday, kick off the
start of a new week. Vlog on. Hey, guys, so it’s the next day, and I’m editing this
video right now you just watched and realize that I left
my GoPro in my dad’s truck. So that’s why there
was no GoPro footage of his last two motos,
because it’s in his truck, which is currently
in downtown Phoenix where his yard is, his
office, so, oops, oh, well. Sorry there’s no GoPro footage, but I just wanted
to let you guys know that’s why
there’s no GoPro footage. (upbeat music)

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