Disney Frozen Coronation Anna Custom Doll My Little Pony Equestria Minis Tutorial
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Disney Frozen Coronation Anna Custom Doll My Little Pony Equestria Minis Tutorial

March 1, 2020

hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house
and today we are going to be making a brand new custom we will be making
coronation Anna from the Disney movie frozen this was an idea that was sent to
me by fans when I reviewed the site why finds playset to make Anna we’re going
to be using site why so the reason why I am using some toy is because of this
bone in her hair so coronation Anna wears her hair dressed up but for the
body we’re going to be using photo shot and this is because flesh shot is
wearing a strapless gown so that you’ll be easier to create a nice dress alright
let’s get started to start we’re going to paint the face of flesh tones after
the places then I’m actually going to paint the hair of flesh tone and this
is because the purple hair on Twilight Sparkle is very very dark so we need to
cover it up and usually I would use white but to the skin tone will work too
now is on drawing the eyes I’m going to do this with white I’m going to do this for both sides
making sure it is even now using black I’m going to lined the upper lid to give
our crease I’m going to draw another line right above the eyelid now for the
bottom of the eyes I’m going to line it with a light brown color with a bright
blue color I’m going to color the irises now then paint the pupils with black and
we’re going to finish the eyes with some white dots for her eyebrows I’m going to
use a brownish orange color now we’re ready to do the hair I’m going to use a
brownish orange color all over her hair now she’s really starting to resemble
Anna for the body bloom start by building her dress so using a piece of
air dried clay I’m going to cut out a rectangular shape I’m going to slice the
end so you look like a cone I’m going to wrap it around her body I’m going to flatten out the edges of
the dress that I can overlap them and blend it together so the dress is dried and this is what
it looks like I think it looks pretty good
now I can paint we’re going to start by painting a layer of light green color at
the base of the dress using a darker green and when paint large stripes all
the way around the dress look at this I really like the ways
turning out between the sick lungs and the draw a thin line using four screens now we just need to add a details using
forest green I’m going to add some details to the dark stripes so these are
going to be for their bashes in an X pattern so once that would figure dashes
and then as we go up they’ll become smaller then using red I’m going to add dots all
the way up all the way around and finally we’re going to add the gold
details to it too now for the top portion of a dress I’m
going to use gold around her waist and also around the top of her dress we will paint the top of her dress black alright everyone so here is aa
in her coronation outfit what do you guys think here is a close-up of her
face so she has these big blue eyes and a really cute smile and her hair turned
out really really great so I am really glad that we use bye toy I think her
hair is perfect for Anna in her coronation outfit and over here is her outfit so as
you can see it is actually quite detailed there are a lot of little
colors in it I was afraid that her dress will be very hard to pull off because of
all the details but I think once you put in all the colors in there it really
does look like her dress so I’m really happy with the way it turned out
so let me know down below in the comment section what you think of my honor in
her coronation dress and updo Indigo’s like this video make sure to subscribe
and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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