Ditte Young Telepathy (WITH SUBS) with horse in Værløse Denmark 2014
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Ditte Young Telepathy (WITH SUBS) with horse in Værløse Denmark 2014

October 23, 2019

The first thing I’m asking is how she sees herself, her personality and I would say; she’s many things. She’s complex. She tells me that; I am… I would describe her… I have these personality boxes, categories and I would place her in the category; princess and hyperactive in the same box. She describes herself as a princess, because she wants to be seen and get loads of attention. She’s extremely attention-demanding. That’s sweet, because it’s not in an annoying way. But in a noble way. She is down to earth, so if you don’t like me, I’ll walk right into you, until you do like me. And then she describes herself as that hyperactive horse, meaning she has a lot of energy and that why it’s so important that she gets extremely challenged to make her feel there’s a harmony or else I will get restless or irritated, she says. If you’re not using me. I’m asking her if she wants to talk about what she would like to be used for or would you like to talk about your humans? About what I would like to be used for…. So… Casual riding in the forest is a good thing, but it has to be at full tilt to make it fun. Would you like to talk about your humans now or..? Yes, I would like that. Okay. Who would you like to talk about first? She actually pointing at you, Vivi Okay. Yes, it is nice. What would you like to say?.. We’re buddies. Usually I always ask about the relation with the owner; if it’s a mom, sister or something else. And she says; We’re buddies. So we’re equal. We’re friends. I’m just asking if there’s anything else she would like to say to you, Vivi. Yes, she’s saying you’re leaning towards the right in the saddle. From the rear. When I see you from behind, you have a tendency to slide your ass or your butt to the right. Meaning you’re leaning your weight towards the right. And what else? It’s like if your spine was shaped as a C. Then you would do like this. It doesn’t cause her pain, but please pay attention to it if you would like me to work more on the left rear leg. then it’s difficult for me, because I’m tightening with the right to keep the balance when you’re riding me.. Do you understand what she’s….? It’s correct that I’m awry. When I’m taking yoga lessons, when we have to lay straight down and she says; hey, you’re awry, you need to move towards the left. “Really?” It’s the same thing that I’m saying that you need to move more to the left. Yes, it’s true what you say. Alright. More about Vivi? No, now I want to talk about my mom. And that’s you, Jette. And it is MOMMY I’m asking her why she sees you as her mom and not as a sister to Jette. Because I’m your baby, she says. You can do more things with her. “Little Jette”, who throws herself at her horse and just wants to kiss and hug until she’s like stop, stop, stop, stop. No more. And the mother figure, when you’re a bit fussed over the smallest things, when you’re paying so much attention to her. Her health, the smallest issues… She shouldn’t walk around feeling like that, and then you’ll call someone right away. And that’s just great. Thank goodness. Alright, we’re testing her health. I’m asking her to pass it on to me. So I’m feeling the extent of it. I feel like I’m falling down. She says I’m afraid I’ll fall on my left foreleg. Both in regards to lonchering, and all the work on the left volte. She shows me a long neck on the left side and a short neck muscle on the right side. I don’t know if she does this, but I feel like hanging my head downwards to the right. Like this, when I’m riding. To show you this is the problem, mom. I’ll just test one more thing and that’s how you’re sitting when you’re riding. Please correct me, if I’m misinterpreting, Jette. I’m seeing your pelvis rotating backwards. This means that if I was standing like this from behind, your pelvis would rotate like this. This means that you have a tendency to flex on the left side of the stirrup. And your right back leg will naturally slide slightly behind. So you’re using energy to hold it tight. So maybe you’re focusing on tensing more on the right, but that’s not the case the way I see it. It’s because you’re concentrating or because your right leg is longer than the left one. But I’m seeing the pelvis rotating like this. I’m sorry, but if I were you, I would see a chiropractor. I do have a crooked pelvis. But both of your sittings are helping her to work on a C, does it makes sense? If it’s you who rotates with your pelvis that way or if it’s Vivi who moves her butt like this. I feel sorry for her.. I would say that if you recognize her issues with the left Lead; now you know why. Yes Or the responsibility of making it easier for her. Is it loose? Yes..It is loose. It is loose. You know that? Yes, the rock? Is that what she says? It’s loose, it’s loose. It is loose The one with the furrows. With the vertical furrows ? Yes! Yes it’s loose. Okay, thanks for the observation. Now they get it, that it’s loose. She’s very tired now… It was nice sharing this with you, she says. It’s like seeing a therapist… I’m telling her to show more energy from now on. Yes.. Thanks for listening, she says. Awww…! That´s it Cool! How was it? Fantastic It was exciting!.. And I will definitely use it in my work, the things you have told us. Now you woke up. Now I’m letting you go. Now we can go riding. Do you want to go riding?

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