DIY – Diorama #01: Wüste (Schleich, CollectA Pferde,…)
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DIY – Diorama #01: Wüste (Schleich, CollectA Pferde,…)

August 20, 2019

Today I’ll show you how you can easily make a diorama for your horses from Schleich, CollectA and so on. I got a Schleich cactus, stones and bushes from the model shop and various sands. And this photo for the background. It’s going to be a desert. First, I stick the photo on a piece of cardboard. It’ll look like this. Then I will stick the sand onto a small surface. Afterwards it looks like this, but since it still looks boring, I will decorate it with stones. Finally I will add some bushes for decoration. The desert diorama is finished. Unfortunately, the Schleich cactus did not fit. Some pictures: Thank you for watching!

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