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DIY Horse Tack Box

August 18, 2019

– Hey everyone, it’s Brette with the Braids By Brette Academy. If you don’t already know
me, I offer online courses that teach you how to
braid your own horse tack including mule tape halters, barrel racing reins, breast
collars, rope halters, and many other things. But normally what I offer
is just the online course and I don’t offer the materials package included with it, so you
have to source your own. But being Christmas is
right around the corner, I thought maybe I should offer kind of a special box
to get people started, to gift to others, so I’m creating the do it yourself horse tack box and it’s gonna include, I
think there’s four projects to get you started. There’s gonna be material
for a mule tape halter, barrel racing reins, a rope halter, and saddle cross with bling beads. So I’m pretty excited about offering this. There’s a lot of work that goes into it and sourcing all of the materials, sending them out, so it
is extra work for me, but I think it would be a super cool either a gift for somebody,
say your teenage daughter, son, whoever, it’s something
you could go through together and kind of bond with that. Or it could also be kind of
a business starter package for yourself to really get
you off the ground running. You don’t have to worry
about finding the materials right off the start, you
just get to dive right in once you receive them in the mail. So I’m pretty excited. What am I gonna say? There is going to be a
limited number of boxes, just because of time for me and being only able to prepare to many. So if you wanna get in,
you’re gonna want to get in off the start so I can
get them sending out, I’m hoping early November that I can start shipping them out. The first 50 people that are gonna opt in to getting one of these boxes are gonna have some special perks and I’m thinking a special price. So get in there ASAP. If you have any questions,
as always, let me know.

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