Dog and Pony Show Idiom Meaning – English Expression Videos
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Dog and Pony Show Idiom Meaning – English Expression Videos

November 19, 2019

Meaning of Idiom Dog and Pony Show A dog and
pony show is a presentation, marketing event, or any other event which has a lot of style
and seems very polished and professional, but which has no real content. In a dog and pony show, no real information
is presented, and nothing much is accomplished. This usually refers to political events or
sales events. It is somewhat a synonym for bells and whistles. A related idiom, now defunct, is put on the
dog. Examples Of Use “I hate these corporate events. They’re nothing but dog and pony shows.” “Jerry’s presentation was just a dog and pony
show. He wasn’t even able to answer the questions!” “I shouldn’t have bothered going to that grand
opening…such a dog and pony show.” Origin of Idiom This idiom derives from the
traveling circuses or fairs of the late 1800’s. Sometimes included as a main attraction, if
not a sideshow, were shows featuring performing animals which were actually only trained ponies
and dogs and sometimes other animals. These shows, which came to be referred to
as dog and pony shows, were low budget and although the dogs and ponies were well-trained,
as animal shows go, they weren’t what one would expect, being so common and mundane. The shows would be pumped up to seem very
exciting, thus leading to the present figurative use.

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