Dog Drinking Water in 4K Slow Motion – Very Differently [ 4K Ultra HD ] ( S2 E2)
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Dog Drinking Water in 4K Slow Motion – Very Differently [ 4K Ultra HD ] ( S2 E2)

September 2, 2019

Everyone I know as well as some viewers on
this channel has been asking me to reshoot this video of a dog drinking water in slow
motion in 4k finally after much procrastination today we had a chance to reshoot that video
and the first thing that I need is a dog and I just happen to have a German Shepherd right
here and her name is April and April drinks water in a very different special way sort
of way but before she drinks water I’m going to have Tamarya right here this is Tamarya
hi guys get April nice and tired you ready April ? go blibe blibe okay you look tired now
April you ready to drink some water? April come here April I don’t know about you
guys but I’ve never seen a dog drink water quite like that so if you know why my dog
drinks water like that please let me know in the comments below maybe you’re a vet or
something because me and Tamarya both have been trying to figure out after watching the
video how the dog is actually still breathing underwater because if you look very closely
you can see bubbles coming out of her nose which means she’s kind of pushing air out
of her nose so the water doesn’t go in her snout so I’m really curious so if you know
let me know in the comments below don’t forget to like share subscribed we have a ton of
cool videos on the way so don’t forget to subscribe and that’s about it see you next
time adios

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  1. Yaawwwn, April drinks water like ALL dog's with tongue curled backwards to lift water into her mouth. Only difference is she dips her entire snout in the water whereas most dogs leave their nose above water.

  2. The tongue work is amazing, and it's really intersting observing different breeds. They all use their tongue as a shovel, yet some catch the water mid air due to the shortness of their tongues.

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