Dog Found in Trash Bag Finds The PERFECT Family  | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E01
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Dog Found in Trash Bag Finds The PERFECT Family | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E01

August 16, 2019

[MUSIC] Flip you over. Okay.
Good stretch. Come on. We first saw Chi Chi’s story
on a Facebook video. And I remember when Elizabeth’s
watching this. And she yelled from across the room, “You need to come watch this video.
This is gonna be our next dog.” The video is of Chi Chi, probably
the day after her amputations. She was in her kennel in South Korea. But she was wagging her tail,
and she was happy. And her eyes just said,
“I’m a happy dog, And I want to live.” Once that was done, it was over.
[LAUGHTER] So, we reached out to the rescue group. But they were like, you know,
“Not a lot of people are raising their hands.” “She’s gonna be challenging.”
We don’t even know if she could walk. Didn’t matter to us.
We were gonna figure it out. When they posted the video
of her walking for the first time, I was just stunned. I knew
at that point, she wasn’t giving up. She arrived in the US
in March of 2016. She didn’t have prosthetics, so
her walking around was painful. And her feet weren’t protected. And so she was — she was vulnerable,
and she was stressed. It took her a while not to be stressed. It was kind of a hope for her
to be a therapy dog. And we had to see how she
was going to, you know, adjust. I think you slept downstairs with her the first night.
-Yeah. And we rigged up these
two baseball socks and tied them up over her shoulders, to try to keep the bandages on. This was the first set of prosthetics
made out of foam. Version two, the bottom was wider,
to give some more stability. Every morning, I have to
pick her up and bring her downstairs, and put her — put her boots on. Now we’ll do the back one. You know, she has to have them
on before she can move. So. It’s — you know. It’s a small thing
that I have to do for her. But it gives her freedom. Chi Chi’s thing is toys.
She likes to play with toys until she kills the squeaker
out of them. She’s a toy hoarder. Get it. Get it. Harry and Kipper are adopted
from the Beagle Freedom Project. And they rescue dogs
from laboratory testing. Harry came from a lab
in San Diego. We originally took him in
as a foster. And failed — failed at that. I think Harry has a special —
he seems to know that she needs some
special attention. Kipper is, other than eating, I don’t know what your
role is, dude. Here he comes. Maggie, no, this is not yours. Maggie was a rescue, too. You know, they’ve lived lives
that were not good. I think rescue dogs know
when they’ve been rescued. Did you get your pill? Once we got her here,
and saw who she was, we knew she was gonna be
good at being a therapy dog. Like, when she first arrived,
she spent a ton of time outside. She would just lay out there
and listen to the birds. We’ve been doing the obedience course
to be a therapy dog. Good morning, Chi Chi. What we’re gonna practice on today
is to introduce her to some of the stuff she might
see during the test. So, for our therapy dog test, there’s a couple things that Chi Chi
needs to be. Calm around other dogs. And also, calm around things like
wheelchairs and crutches. We’re gonna try everything we can,
to set her up to succeed. Good girl. So, this is actually a pretty hard
part of the test. Because a lot of dogs
are fine with people, and all of a sudden you put
a person with wheels, and it looks very different. We treat her just like
any other dog. Chi Chi has moved on.
And Chi Chi gets up every morning, and Chi Chi goes out, and is a dog.
And she wants to be a dog, and she’s a very happy dog. You get up, and you keep going.
And that’s what Chi Chi does. I think she’s ready to take that test. Okay, great! Go out there, and make the world
a better place. Hi, Chi Chi! I was first introduced to
Ability 360 through friends of ours,
who have a daughter with autism. And then we decided that
that would be a great place for Chi Chi to become a therapy dog. They have different types of people.
People in wheelchairs. Some with amputation, some without, that she could potentially help with. I see a lot of potential for Chi Chi’s help
with a lot of our members. I’ve been an amputee since
I was four years old. Having that companionship is —
is really important. I thought I would show Chi Chi
the ropes of what it’s like to be a therapy dog here.
– Great, that’s awesome. I have come up with a red Flyer
wagon pull. So, we put her in the wagon,
and have the client pull her around. It’s a lot of weight, to pull
around the track. So it’s great for the kids
to learn that coordination. You know, you’re surrounded
by people that aren’t exactly like you.
And when you have a companion, that, you know, you can see
a similarity there, and you can have a connection, I think it’s something that’s
really special. I think she’ll be a great
therapy dog. I think she’s more confident now. Will said today that he thinks
she’s ready to have the test to see if she’ll be a therapy dog.
So we’ll get that scheduled. She’s a golden retriever,
above anything else, before she’s an amputee. So. She’s happy all the time.
Happy to see you. Happy to go on a walk,
happy to play. She just makes the most
of her life every day. Here we go. She’s transformed
into this dog that is loving and caring, and trusts people again. Here you go. And now, she’s gonna give back. That’s her new life now. And she’s left all the rest
of it in the past.

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  1. Youtube recommends this to me today & I find out she passed away 5 months ago

    :'( Rest in peace, sweet Chi-Chi 💔

  2. It's extremely pathetic and blatantly evil with how people try to dispose of their dogs.

    They are so cowardly that they cannot face themselves and admit they can't take care of a creature and release them to a shelter, and are so evil and braindead that they incapacitate an animal while abandoning it, so it can't live for itself – rather than killing it and disposing it themselves for their cowardice, they abandon it… But decide to torture it and slowly kill it like so.

  3. I know animal rights activists are very against animal testing, but please understand the benefit and necessary knowledge the sacrifice provides. Not in all cases, but in many. Try to differentiate between the two.

  4. Where is Kim Kardashian and all her power when she really needs to defend and fight for real causes like these animals? We need her money and power

  5. What a beautiful girl. Rest in peace beautiful soul. It's wonderful to know that for the remaining of her life she was given love by great people!

  6. I am so sorry you lost your sweet angel. What beautiful people you are!!!! Your precious Chi Chi was a gift from God and now she is running with the angels 🙏💜🕉⭐️✨💫🌟🐶🐾

  7. Bring me the person who did this to this beautiful dog and i will show you what I can do with a knife because i would cut the cruel bastard up slowly 😡.

  8. At least she got to live out her final days in happiness and surrounded by love. My heart breaks for animals abused in this way. ❤️❤️❤️🥺😢

  9. Freakin mean people suck! How can they live w/know ❤️?!? They are definitely out there & we all who ♥️ n cherish life in whatever form need to stand together know matter what!!!

  10. This is a very nice story thanks for sharing your video. You both have an amazing heart to adopt Chi chi. RIP Chi Chi stay happy with the other dogs in heaven and rest well.

  11. what a cute dog,I don't wanna offend anyone or something but I think the dogs disability makes her cute even more,I would adopt her asap

  12. Why would anyone do that to an innocent little soul? I have almost lost faith in humanity,but this couple who saved Chi Chi restored faith in humanity for me.♡ Hopefully that evil person that abandoned Chi Chi will rot in hell!

  13. No offense but that's the reason I hate south Korea dog killers I don't like to watch people kill animals casually please don't hate

    I'm ok with vegans in states that kill dogs and cats for food

  14. I never knew this lovely dog. I watched the video and after I found out she died. You guys are wonderful for taking such good care of her. Good dog Chi Chi! And she was a therapy dog.i love her too.

  15. I hope whoever did that to her, gets what's coming to him or her. In the thumbnail, she looked like Falcor. I'm glad she can run and be happy.

  16. my mom rescued a husky from the dog pound. we tried to have him adopted but the husky hid behind my mom and didn't want to be adopted. so we had to keep him.

  17. Amazing dog, amazing family. So sad to hear of her passing but soo happy this family will be around to rescue many more dogs in need. Bless you people

  18. Special needs dogs/animal pets are so incredible, seems they are so loving and such a zest for living! She's absolutely beautiful! Love her siblings Too! Thank you for sharing!🐶🐕

  19. I love rescued dogs. They all deserve to experience a beautiful life, seeing them happy after those traumas makes me even more happy.

  20. Just found this video and read comments that poor Chi Chi has passed away but I’m so happy she had a good rest of life with this lovely family…..RIP Chi Chi

  21. So sorry to read that Chi Chi passed. She might not have been loved or cared for when she came into the world, but she was loved and cared for when it was time for her to exit. You guys gave her a good life, Thank You so much for what you did for her.

  22. Its 2019 and Im watching Chi Chi for the first time. You're legacy lives on😉😉. So inspiring. I'm amazed at how animals can teach us all lessons.😢😢😢😢

  23. Bless Chi Chi. She couldn't have been in a better place with people who loved her always every minute in every day. She was a beautiful dog. She did so well and so happy she shon. I am so sorry that you both lost a true friend and your other dogs lost one of their companions. 💕🌻🌴🌈🌈🌈🌈💕

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