Dog Functional

September 6, 2019

Say “subscribe.” “Subscribe.” Thank you. Hildy. That’s all just Hildy. This is Hildy. Hildy down. Hildy up. Hildy sit. Hildy kiss. Oh good girl! Here’s the trick on how to make your dog into a better pet so everybody gets more love. Don’t yell at your dog. Let’s say they do something wrong, like one more time they’ve pooped on your mother-in-law, the proper way to correct that behavior is say their name, get their attention don’t say it angrily Hildy,… Say her name with love, but assertively, Hildy… Don’t poop on Esther… Good dog! Always reward her, not necessarily with a treat …good dog does the trick! Also, if you call to your dog “Hildy come” and she doesn’t come, don’t keep going “Hildy come”, especially if her name’s not Hildy. Because what she does is what all of us do when we’re nagged, we stop hearing it and it just doesn’t work. So if she doesn’t come you go over there you get her and make her come to you, and then she’ll understand that Come means come right Hildy? You know she’ll just like sit like this all day if I hold her Hildy is that Correct Hildy? see Okay, I’m Hanala Sagal, email me. Do something. Bye! OUTTAKES What’s Will doing will? Go to Will I’m gonna get you. I’m gonna beat the dog beating me. [oh] Thank you, what a good girl taking off. Mommy’s lipstick. What a good girl, look at this face [hildie] look at the camera [you]. [can] you just did a gorgeous face? We did your pretty little girl? kisses Hey She will just stay like that and [this] is the way mommy entertains herself when she’s alone all Weekend with nothing to do and nothing to watch on TV… What’s mommy doing? A little crazy.

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