Dogs Explained (How to get True Friends Trait & More) – Last day on Earth: Survival 1.7.12
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Dogs Explained (How to get True Friends Trait & More) – Last day on Earth: Survival 1.7.12

September 6, 2019

what’s up guys monism 2x and i’m back with another video and in this video i’m gonna be sharing everything you need to know about dogs in las on earth so to get your first dog you have to go to the Green Zone and wait for 20 to 30 second and you can get it from airdrops and in fact the chest stones for free too but it is not 1 2 percent and sometimes the game will give you a free puppy at a specific time to everybody and after you get a puppy you have to build a doghouse to place on the dog in your base and once you have done that you can give the dog the raw meat which gives you 1 hour and 24 minutes for one dog and turkey gives you 12 hours for one dog and same goes with puppies too so once you’ve got your puppies you can glue your puppies on this area like this and it’s gonna take 24 hours for them to grow but they will not grow if there is no food so once they grow it’s gonna be like this so they’re gonna have treat so this little Roman numeral on the top left of them the dog I gonna show you how to trace the dog head so for Angel she has only one trait but for Gracie she has three traits like this and these are all the traits that the dog can have and the true friend trait is a rarest one and this is not easy to get but once you get it Kenna place it right here and the true friend treat dog will follow you wherever you go and the true friend trait dog will go into the pumpkin rumor and get the loot for you on bunker level floor 4 so for the next part to Brie the dog you have to put the dog inside of the house which is going to remove the puffs like this so if I move all three dogs then there’s gonna be no puffs for me like this so to breed dogs you need a male and a female dog and to inherit the traits you can click this checkbox here and I breed the level 1 dog with another level 1 dog and the dog I got was a level 2 puppy so the puppy had true trait but when I bring it to level 3 dogs like this it still gave me a level 3 puppy and the puppy didn’t have the rare skills that the parents had so now the question is how do you get through friends and trait first breed level one top with another level one dog then keep doing so until you get to level 3 if you breathe level 3 parents together you can get either a level 3 puppy level 4 puppy or a level 4 with two friends trait chance of you getting to a friend straight from level 3 dogs is the same as getting true friend straight from level 4 dogs so if you’re planning to use a try food to increase a chance are you getting the better trait then you should have to level 3 dogs for level 3 talks or any number of level 3 thoughts that are the power of 2 then you should start breathing using the drive further so if you’re breathing 8 level 3 couples you can have 15 chances to get a true friend trait and it can also get through friends trade without using the try talk further and in the future developers might add a way to get dry dog food for free the last information that I want to share with you guys is the dogs cannot die and the only way to lose them is to breed them or to let go of them so that was basically it for today’s video guys and I hope you guys found this video helpful and yeah thank you for watching and see you guys in the next video [Music] you [Music]

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  1. I got four dogs from various missions. I built the dog cage thing, but I dont know exactly how to use it. I'm currently letting my pups grow.

  2. Rank1 can have true friend trait Because when my rank one dog was a puppy and became a adult dog when it was getting its trait it past true friend

  3. This game mechanic is so fucking broken. You need pay upwards of $40 just get a CHANCE at a digital dog following yiu around

  4. So I got a puppy when I first joined the game and it says you can’t build a crate until level ten so I just put the dog in the inventory of the small crate in my house just in case I die

  5. The video was very helpful for a new player like me. Everything was detaily explained and you even drew and made pictures which not all youtubers do while explaining. You have a like and subscribe from me just from that video! Keep up with the good work and sorry for the long text ?!

  6. How do you get dogs to walk in on base or with you? Mine are just stuck up at top and no matter what I do they will not allow me to move them down to those spots

  7. So in order to get better dogs you must breed your lower level dogs? But, I don't want to lose them…

  8. I'm a free to play player, and I got my true friend dog on my first breeding of LVL 3 dogs.. rare I know, and had my true friend for about 6 months before I completed chopper, so for me getting chopper was harder than getting true friend

  9. I think you must use the dog with the Witty traits ,and theres a 1%
    and .25% and 1.25 % and if you have both try crossbreed them
    the dog with the WITTY percent traits ( % ) i just did it a while ago its lv4Female and lv4 male
    Last time with a tiger skin and has 3 rare traits the BLOODHOUND the LEADER and TRUE FRIEND
    now its BLOOD HOUND,WITTYwith 1.25%and TRUE FRIEND but its a 2 colors black back with brown
    I have white black and the tiger skin lv 4 and a true friend ?

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