Doll Tag: “20 Questions for Doll Collectors Tag!” [xCanadensis] [CC]
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Doll Tag: “20 Questions for Doll Collectors Tag!” [xCanadensis] [CC]

August 15, 2019

Hello, this is Sea Hedgehog, and you’re here
again on my channel, A Jest in Sober Earnest, and I’m going to do a really old tag. I was trying to find a tag that was a little
bit more doll and hobby inclusive, and I ran across this tag that DX Girly Loves BJDs had
done, like a year ago and decided that I still wanted to answer it. It looks like this tag is pretty old; it was
first posted in 2016, so that’s terrible. But it was the 20 Questions for Doll Collectors
Tag by xCandensis–her name will be below in the title–and it’s supposed to be questions
that you can ask regardless of what dolls you collect. I was trying to put a doll in frame so I decided
to put the American Girl–I keep wanting to call it rerooting, but I’m making her a wig. So you can see it’s the lace wigs that I’ve
been making before; I’m a little bit further than maybe the last video. This is an Our Generation Melina on an American
Girl doll body in medium skin. The American Girl doll body is in medium skin. So question: “How long have you been collecting?”,
and this is sort of a weird question for me, and this isn’t really a perfect question,
or a perfect tag for me to answer, but I don’t really think of my collection as a collection
because they’re not pristine and I routinely hack into them and mod them and do crazy things
with them, I think of them more of a medium through which to do art. Like obviously you’re building on a work of
art that an artist has already created, so in that respect, it’s different from starting
from a block of clay and creating something that’s all your own, but I’m not employed
as an artist, I do not represent myself as an artist, so I do think of these in kind
of a home or personal use respect as my works of art. So I don’t like the word collection because
I feel like collection brings to mind something that is put on the shelf and admired, and
that’s not really what I’m doing with my dolls: I’m playing with them, I’m doing weird shit
to them. But I have been collecting for a very long
time. My first collection was a rock collection. You can’t really play with rocks or mod rocks,
so I suppose that’s a collection. I think I started it… Ay dad got me into it; he went through master
gardening classes in grade school and got his master gardening certification He’d laugh about that now because he thinks
it’s far too tame for Real Agruiculture^TM, but that’s kind of how he started out, and
so this interest in plants and the earth was started in me very early, and a game we would
play would be going outside and identifying plants, or going outside and identifying rocks
and classifying them as metamorphic or igneous, or, in my area of the country, they are mostly
sedimentary, and I guess some are metamorphic, but it’s just various types of rock and what
they were exposed to in order to make them rock. It’s not really important. And then the next question is, “What do you
collect?” So I actually have no idea where this rock
collection went. I would assume my mom has spirited it away
as she has many of my art projects over the years. She takes things that she thinks that I’m
going to give away or throw away or sell and then hides them so that doesn’t happen, so
like puts them away for safekeeping, so I never see them again. And I’m not really upset about it, it’s just
sort of funny. I think the only thing that I have from my
rock collection is a pice of quartz with the front cut off that I use as a paperweight. Yeah. So I used to collect rocks, don’t really do
that anymore, so let’s not count that. Breyer horses: I still have all my Breyers. That was my first collection; my first “doll”
collection, if you count figurines as dolls. Momoko, action figures (so like HotToys, Ashley
Wood/3AA stuff, I have some Phicen sculpts). What else? I think I have something from Enterbay which
is another maker. That may be it. Oh, this doll up here is a 1000 Toys doll. Also an action figure. Various types of action figure. Volks Dollfie–so not Dollfie Dream or Super
Dollfie, but Dollfie, which is their 1/6th scale vinyl/ABS figures. I have some Pullips. I have a Dynamite Girls, which is from a Fashion
Royalty line, their cheaper, closer to playline line. What else do I have? I have Figma, which is a 1/12th scale posable
action figure doll from Japan. I guess in with my action figures, I also
have a GI Joe. Unoa Sekiguchi–I’m looking up here, because
I can’t remember. I’ve got some ABS BJDs, regular [resin] BJDs,
I have a couple 18″ around about scale dolls (I’m counting the Karito Kid which is technically
a 20″ doll in with that). There’s probably more. I don’t know why I’m coughing all the sudden. Maybe that’s it, so nine things that I collect. And in the Pullip category is like Dal and
Isul; I have one of each of those. “How many dolls do you have?” See? I don’t know that I should count that because
I don’t want it to be a bragging thing, because it shouldn’t be a bragging thing, it should
be more a fear of hoarding collection thing. “Which of your collections are you most proud
of?” And again, it’s not really a collection, so
it’s not really pride in catching them all, or whatever, it’s more like what medium or
what line I like working with the best, which would probably be BJDs. I’ve invested the most in them, the sculpting
is more what I like, in most of the BJDs, there will be one or two things I don’t like
about a sculpt or body, but the majority of it I like, and other dolls, they’re kind of
an exception to the rule instead of an example of the average doll in the line, so like,
for example, for action figures, the majority of my action figures are action figures with
moving eyes, and I also refuse to keep action figures with hard hair, like tearing their
hair off and giving them actual hair, because classic hair bothers me. So all of the dolls in my collection–I’m
considering action figures dolls–have been frankensteined to be something that I enjoy. So in that respect, I’m proud of them all;
although, some of them are sadder than others or more embarrassing than others because they’re
in pieces or not in their final form. I don’t think anything’s in it’s final form,
actually. I’m kind of like a “things are continually
in process” sort of person. “What single doll cost you the most money?”
and that’s really hard because I buy them in pieces, and that’s probably why I buy them
in pieces because you can trick yourself into thinking that it’s cheaper because you’re
like, “Oh, this body’s only this amount,” and then you wait a couple months, and then
you’re like, “This head is only this amount,” but when you add them together for the full
doll they’re ridiculously expensive. “Relatively and literally,” maybe my Venitu,
or the Bimong, that one was reasonably expensive; although, this is where the “relatively” and
“literally” comes in, my Venitu probably now would be definitely most expensive just because
they’ve held their price relatively consistently, so they’ve increased in price relative to
their original selling price because they’re no longer offered and they’re a pretty in
high demand sculpt, that and the Timeless body that they come on. “Which doll line is your favorite to collect
and why?” and that’s BJDs, and it’s really just because they’re most inspiring to me,
I have more ideas for what I want to do with BJDs than I have with any other doll, and
also they tend to start out in their blank or unaltered state closest to something that
I enjoy aesthetically, and also posability and engineering wise. “What made you want to collect dolls?” and
again, not really a collection. “What made me want to customize and own and
play with dolls?” I’ve always kind of liked building things
and customizing things and doing weird sh*t to things, and so that could lead you to do
something in engineering or architecture or, I don’t know, coding, or baking, right? Because all of those things require a different
type of creativity and allow for a different degree of customization, but it’s just sort
of like which medium works best with you. And I, in particular, do not like very precise
and mathematical things; I prefer when things are more organic, in the creative aspect versus
the other stuff that I do for a living. So I think there was something that was appealing
to doll customizing, or sewing, or baking, that wasn’t in engineering, which is more
sciency and measuring. And then there’s another intervening component,
which is the hobbies that I enjoy, which isn’t cooking, but cooking is a good illustration
of something that is organic (I guess it’s slightly more chemistry based if you f*ck
up the ingredients)–so maybe cooking is better than baking–is that I think you’re also biased
by things that you enjoyed as a child and the things that you are good at. Everybody likes to be good at something, and
it just so happens that If you spend as lot of hours doing something, you’re going to
be good at it. And so when you’re younger and parents don’t
let you play with power tools. Your options are not using the hot stove or
hot oven and baking, they’re not welding or woodworking, or really anything that requires
power tools, and I grew up in the 90s, and so we really only had one computer that had
a not particularly reliable internet connection and neither of my parents were particularly
skilled with using computers, so coding was not in my future, and that would be another
way of expressing your artistic ability, you could do graphic design, or create your own
website, or whatever, 3D modeling or whatever, so it wasn’t really something that was available
to me. So what was available was a sewing machine,
and I was trusted with that, and dolls, because while your parent’s look at you strangely
when you’re smuggling chainsaws and cr*p into your room, if you stick an Xacto knife up
your sleeve or a pair of scissors, and you use that to cut arms and sh*t off of Barbies
and hybridize them together, nobody knows that what you’re doing is probably just as
dangerous as woodworking, but it’s easier to hide, and so that’s how I ended up doing
doll customization and sewing, because those were the resources that I was allowed access
to because they were considered safe, because no one knew what I was actually doing. And so that’s why I “collect” dolls, because
this was the medium I was exposed to and was allowed to be creative in. “What’s your most wanted doll right now?” Gosh, I don’t know, you go through kind of
peaks in your “want, want, want, want, want; buy, buy, buy, buy, buy,” and then you embarrass
yourself in the number of purchases that you make and you’re kind of in this low period,
where you’re like, “Don’t make eye contact; Don’t share the depths of your shame,” and
I’m kind of there right now. I’m kind of waiting for things to come in,
I’ve got a Dollshe order, two Dollshe orders, that I’m waiting on, and so I’m kind of just
chilling and trying not to look at new releases or think about bodies or dolls that I still
want in the future right now. And it also helps that, you’ve heard me talk
about this in many videos: there are various doll companies that say they’re going to release
something that I want, but it hasn’t happened yet, which helps me in not buying. I also have plenty of dolls to work on, and
a lot of craft supplies, so I find that if I finish a lot of craft projects I’m in the
“buy, buy, buy; want, want, want!” stage, and then when I’m swamped with craft projects
it helps kind of reign things in because I realize I have lots of ways to exercise my
creativity. “What’s the most dolls you’ve gotten at once?” I got two bodies in at once–and this is kind
of weird for the hobby because it’s not even representative of the number of orders that
you make. Like you might make orders once every four
months, but then one has a waiting period of a year and a half and the other has a waiting
period of half a year and they end up coming in the same week because of course that’s
how it works. Probably those two bodies, the SupiaDoll and
the Dollpamm. And it’s not really number, it’s more I consider…bodies
are always more expensive than heads, so even getting two heads at once I feel isn’t the
same magnitide of a purchase. I usually only receive things though like
one at a time. “What’s your least favorite doll?” I don’t know what this question is, and I
watched the whole video but it was like 48 minutes long, so I’ve clearly forgotten how
you’re supposed to answer that. So I don’t know if it’s…I would assume it’s
least favorite doll that I own, and that tends to be dolls that I haven’t customized yet
and have large plans for. So I don’t really know if I have that right
now because I’ve modded a lot of the dolls. I guess right now it’s my floating 62cm Dollzone
body because it doesn’t have a head to go with it. I have a head in mind, but I haven’t ordered
it, and I don’t know if it will be the right size. So right now, I think it’s least favorite,
not because I don’t like the sculpting, but because I haven’t done anything with it yet,
but the deal was too good to refuse. And I want to–so it has a head on it, but
it’s not the head intended for it. There goes the head cap–the head cap lost
a magnet and I have to fix it. So I also want to–if I tilt him back–this
lip has to go. See this lip? Has to go; can’t stay! I hate it. So once that’s fixed, I’ll like this body. It’s like a dumb thing to be upset about,
but whatever, that’s me! Which of your dolls has the best story? I guess maybe its my Soom Morga because I
has a want to buy for a year and a half maybe on the Marketplace and somebody just contacted
me out of the blue and was like, “Do you want my doll?” and I was like, “Yes!” So maybe that. Which of your previously most wanted dolls
do you have now? That would be my Or-Doll Anderl, and you know
the whole spiel. I missed out before I entered the hobby, found
it on the Marketplace after searching a year, stopping for 6 months, and going back on the
Marketplace and found it–that would be the DoA Marketplace, Den of Angels. “What do you do with your dolls?” I customize them; I mod the sh*t out of them. I make them unrecognizable from their original–not
unrecognizable–it’s sort of a joke, right, because there are some people who are super
afraid to mod their dolls, and I 100% understand that, but looking on what I do from that perspective,
I do think that some people think that it’s a little bit strange, and I’m fine with that. “Any other collections that I would like to
start?” Not that I can think of right now–that doesn’t
mean their won’t be. I think, ok, I guess one that I think I might
start is Ball Jointed pets. There are a handful of pets that I would like
different people to have. So Surya, now an R&R or Elfdoll or Rainman
Blina, she has a cat named Trouble II, and so I would like to get Trouble II. I have Anu, who’s my Dollshe Amanda Beauty,
she has a dog named Kirby. “Which of your dolls would you most like to
be?” Oh, gosh, I have no idea. I think I’m closest to Suri, both in interests
and personality. I think I would like to be more like Secernere
or this reindeer researcher that I’ve been talking about, that will be on my chubby AngelsDoll
massive body. The head on that will be an AngelsDoll Lucia,
but I haven’t named that character. I don’t know, I feel like I can’t–I have
names in mind for a name, but I feel like I can’t–he want’s to leave–I feel like I
can’t–Ok–name a doll until that I’m 100% certain that name’s going to work. “Do people know that I collect dolls or toys?’ Kind of to differing degrees. I have several friends, or I have lots of
friends who know I collect dolls, but not what dolls I collect. There are also a handful of people in that
group that think I collect a certain doll, but it’s actually a different doll, and they
just like–like, for example, I have this older sewing friend who’s just convinced that
I collect Blythes because she saw my Pullips and they look like Blythes, so she thinks
that I collect Blythes. And I correct her, but we don’t talk that
frequently, and she’s just so enthusiastic that I collect Blythes and her sister collects
Blythes and it’s just one of those things where after you correct a person so many times,
and their mind will not be changed, and they’re so thrilled about it, just fine, whatever,
“Sure, I collect Blythes; that’s fine.” And then like, my whole family knows I collect
BJDs, and they sort of understand what they are. My sister understands it the most because
she’s sat down and talked about it. My parents are just like, “Large dolls, fine
whatever.” And then I have a couple college friends that
know they’re dolls, know they’re Asian dolls, but don’t specifically understand what makes
a doll a BJD. “Does your family support your collection?” Yeah, they’re fine with it. “What was your first doll toy that you remember? Do you still have them?” I think the first doll that I received–I
think I was two or so and I got a My Twin, but I don’t know if anyone is an avid My Twin
collector, especially the older ones, but they get really creepy really fast. So, I don’t remember exactly when it happened,
but I went into the basement in late grade school or early middle school–I got the My
Twin when I was two and it’s supposed to be a toddler sized doll–and I went down into
the basement and her eyes had bleached white. So this doll was made to look exactly like
me, and had a haircut pretty much like this, just a little bit longer on the ears, so I
guess closer to a bob, or a bowlcut, if you want to be unflattering in your description,
and her eyes were this silver yellow color, and she has no pupils, so she’s really creepy
now. So I don’t really consider her part of my
collection. My mom is thrilled to have this doll back
because she has such sentimental attachment to it because it was my first doll that I
was like, “Sure, great! Love that you love this doll; I prefer never
to see it ever again.” It’s not that creepy, but it is slightly creepy
in a dimly lit room. “Which doll started each of my collections?” I think my first Breyer horse–and this is
terrible, because I don’t remember the sculpt, so it doesn’t help anybody–it’s like a yellow
gelding, but I thought it was a she, so her name is Lemon, and her boyfriend’s name is
Peach, who is also a gelding. Oh well. This is fine. No one thought to tell me how you sex a horse. My first Pullip was a Pullip Cornice. My first BJD was a Hujoo “Hujoo Sleeping”
sculpt–it’s called “Hujoo Sleeping,” so whatever. My first Momoko was–I don’t even remember–she
has a tartan skirt and a corset and curly hair and red lips and rooted eyelashes. First action figure was a Biohazard [Resident
Evil in the USA] head and the eyes glowed. I don’t know why I wanted it, but I did, so
he has salt and pepper hair now; I repainted him. I don’t know who the character is because
I don’t–yeah, I get a lot of characters because I like how they look and I don’t actually
know anything about the game and they are modded and painted and repainted and so they
don’t look like the character. So he’s like the evil character in Biohazard
[Resident Evil] which I think is a video game. With action figures, I used to do stop motion
videos, and so I thought it’d be really cool to have a doll where I could turn their eyes
on and they’d glow in a dark room. My first Dollfie–Volks Dollfie, which is
also an action figure is the Volks Neo Teens body–the female one–in, I don’t know, normal
skin. I only have one Unoa Sekiguchi–no, I have
two–I actually got the body, and I got the body first, and then I got the odd-eyed cat
release. So I got Momoko, got Pullip, got first BJD,
got first action figure. First 18″ doll that’s in my collection now–so
like my new 18″ doll collection that’s not American Girl’s that are from my childhood. My first 18″ doll was a Josephina; I will
have her, I guess. The ransom for my old 18″ doll collection
is grandchildren, and I cannot pay that ransom. My collection now, my first one was a Karito
Kids Lulu. That was a roundabout way of talking about
it, but yeah. First resin BJD [Points to her] the PlanetDoll
MSD Riz that’s above me. First Figma was from K-ON, which from my understanding
is an–let me get it straight–is an Anime that was specifically made for Figma and there
is an accompanying video game with some of the K-ON characters. I did not get them because they were K-ON;
I don’t know anything about K-ON. The reason I got them was because they were
schoolgirls that were fully clothed; that was the criteria. You’ll notice that perhaps a common thread
in my collection is that I don’t really do character dolls: they’re all their own original
characters. Not in like a hipster way, but I don’t like
being tied to a personality or to actions that were not created by me, and I feel like
when I have a character doll, that doll has to be like that character, even though there
are aspects of that character that I don’t like. Not really don’t like as in don’t approve
of, because I think that characters should have flaws, and my personality and my beliefs
don’t necessarily have to align with a characters, but I don’t like being tied to another person
who exists in this world–or existed in this world at one’s time–concepts what a character
should be if that makes sense. So I tend to buy things because I like the
aesthetic–so I’m a fake fan, basically. Yeah, and I have everything from all those
collections except for the American Girls because they’re being held hostage from my
mother. And this is in a joking way: like if I asked
her, she’d give them to me. Favorite place to shop for dolls. Um, it kind of depends on the doll. So 18″ dolls, Ebay, that’s the best source
I can find because usually; yeah, it turns out for Our Generation, the cheapest place
is Target, but for other 18″ doll supplies, I find Ebay is cheaper. For BJDs, I like Taobao, but that restricts
me to only Chinese doll companies, so I don’t do that all the time; it is considerably cheaper
and you can get some interesting, I guess what you would call BJD “artists” or indie
BJD people. I think I talked about in another video how
artist v. company, the line is blurred, so I don’t think it’s as helpful of a distinction
as it seems to be. But like one-offs, like some person, somewhere,
sculpted a BJD head in China, listed it on the site, you can buy it from them, and it’s
something that you wouldn’t have access to if there wasn’t a Chinese version of Ebay. Pullips, I like Pullipstyle, because again,
it’s cheapest to buy from there. I’ve heard that now it might be cheapest to
buy from the Groove–which is the newest version of Pullips–site because they will sell internationally
now. When I left the hobby, they
were owned by–not Cheonsang Cheonha, what’s the other?–JunPlanning when I left actively
buying Pullips, and they were not selling internationally, so Pullipstyle was my recommendation
then. Momoko, it kind of varies. I generally like sculpts that aren’t released
anymore, so it tends to be Ebay. It’s by no means the cheapest place to buy
Momoko, as they are a fairly expensive doll for the quality. Action Figures, again, I don’t buy full action
figures. My first full action figure was this HotToys
K2-SO up there. All of the others I bought as separate heads
and put them on cheaper bodies, so Ebay and Volks USA for the bodies. Figma. When I was buying them, I bought them on Ebay. I don’t necessarily think that’s the cheapest
place. It’s probably best to buy them on the Figma
site when they were released, but I like to see what the releases look like, so I can’t
preorder them. Breyer horses, there’s a toy store in my area
and that’s where I bought them. It’s a great mom and pop store; there’s actually
a joke in our family that you go into that toy store, go up to the front desk, and you’re
like “What’s the hottest thing for [give demographic]” like “four year olds,” and they’ll be like,
“it’s this,” and I swear to you, every time, they are 100% correct. Yeah, I think I talked about where I got everything. Ok, great. Yeah. Bye! Sorry, My cat’s throwing a fit.

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  1. Looks like someone, just got out of the shower." haven't hybrided my volks yet. btw that's what the listing had it as. i actually got it on Amazon." i forget where i buy stuff most of the time lol." ;3 my first Pullip is noir. i named her Lilth.

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