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Donkey Kong Bootlegs – SpaceHamster

November 17, 2019

This video was sponsored by Loot Crate stay till the end to see an unboxing and also use the link in the description to sign up. (Hidden Block intro) (SpaceHamster intro) Donkey Kong Country is a game that we all love but… in an alternate dimension ; a place called (Whispering)Taiwan There exists other Donkey Kong games, but they are not same so today, we will find… we we play… these games. (Dramatic Music) So I found a bunch of Donkey Kong bootleg games, and today We’re gonna play them. God help us! So the first game we have here is a game called Donkey Kong 4 for the famicom. Oh sorry, Donkey Kong Country 4. It doesn’t look very good. Hey, you know credit where credit is due, that’s a very great reproduction of the intro of Donkey Kong Country. Oh! Oh, It’s happening! Yeah, get rekt old Kong! Just dance it off like no one cares. Donkey Kong 4 Country This isn’t country! All right, menu screen, first-level, let’s go. (sad music) I chose this path. Now I must walk it. I regret everything. I mean, just looking at the game right now. It doesn’t even look like its own thing, it just looks like Donkey Kong Country. But we all know that’s not possible because this one’s called Donkey Kong Country 4. Never in my life has a bootlegger ever steered me wrong. (flashbacks of other bootleg games while Snakey Chantey from DKC2 plays) I mean, it was a classic move by Nintendo. First, you put out Donkey Kong Country, then the others, then you go back to the first console and drop the fourth one. Nobody saw it coming, not even them. Or wait, is it actually called Donkey Kong 4 Country? I’m confused. I don’t understand why basic controls are so hard to program whenever I play any of these bootleg games, there’s always something wrong. Donkey Kong likes to over commit to whichever direction you’re going in. So I press the direction to move, but when I let go he doesn’t stop right away. (Laughs) What are you on ice there, Donkey Kong? That’s a good take, keep it in Whenever you jump, you also lose most of your momentum making platforming that much harder. What the heckaroni!? I was running and jumping and I can’t get past this pit on the first level! Wait.. wa.. wo.. wo.. What? I had 25 lives? When does a game ever give you 25 lives? This game must be harder… than I thought… oh no… Oh no, oh no, oh no, Oh NOOOOOOO! Well, maybe. Oh hey, look, aquatic levels. You- You fall In the water when you get hurt You fall down. (Nitpick) You know the remixes of music in this game weren’t even that bad. They’re just kind of abysmally short, like 20 seconds long sometimes. Hey, I don’t remember this track from Donkey Kong. Must be new. I mean, at least you can play as Diddy as well, and you can collect the KONG letters. So that’s cool Oh man, Here we go. I’m at the first boss. This is gonna be crazy- I did it. Oh yeah. (mmm) That slowed down though. I love it. It’s good. You know, this game is actually kind of weird when you think about it though. Wait. Wha.. Wh.. Why would anyone ever play this game? Who’s it made for? I.. It’s like.. It’s like, “Oh, you like all the Kongs? You like the Kongs? Well, that’s too bad, they’re for the Super Nintendo!” “Now clearly, you’re not a good enough person to own a Super Nintendo. So, here, take this.” (Explosion) You know, I don’t even really understand what this game is or why did it exists? (Whispers) The.. The game reset. (Normal voice) The game reset. (Whispers) Two in one? (Normal) T-Two–T-Two in one? This is a two-in-one cart?! But why though? Jungle Book 2? But why though? All right, next up. We have a game here called Super Donkey Kong 2. Ha Ha Ha yeah. Here we go. wait, wait wait wait wait Don’t tell me that this is gonna be the exact same thing that we just went through with the first game but with the second game. Okay, let’s just give it the benefit of the doubt, okay? We’re gonna.. We’re gonna play it. I hate it. Wh.. Wh.. Wh.. Why is this game perpetually going like five frames per second? Sometimes, it seems okay for like, 2 seconds But then it’s not. A-Again, I don’t really know who this is for. Is th.. Is there is there a lucrative market for Demakes of games that I’m not aware of? Mmm. Don’t you just love it or your favorite song from a Donkey Kong game is just transform into something terrible? Okay, well, I mean at least the game has variety. We get to play as the snake. I mean, who doesn’t like the snake? Why-wh-well excluding J-Lo All right, finished the level. That wasn’t too bad. Wait, what?! It just ends?! Okay, just.. just hold on everyone. Stay calm surely there’s more. We must just be missing something. There’s not more Three?! THREE LEVELS!?! How much did I spend on this game? This game isn’t super at all. Okay, well we might have gone a little out of order here, because there’s another game called Super Donkey Kong. Yeah! Super Donkey Kong! It’s g.. It’s gotta be super. It says it right there. I think we’ve been had. Super Donkey Kong. The game where Donkey Kong has the look of someone who’s perpetually confused about his surroundings and a beaver who’s Well He’ve seen some stuff. This game is just really awkward if you can’t already tell it’s really slowly paced, everything from Donkey Kong walking to jumping is slower than an asthmatic snail. (Laughs) Nice moves there, D.K. (Stephen Walking – Donkey Kong Jungle Japes (Dubstep Remix) plays) Okay, I have one question. Why are the clouds faces creeping me out? Is he like your distant cousin? Is he watching over us? Did he die of old age because the game is so slow you can’t do anythin- This game is just so strange, there’s only about four levels and the levels start looping. You go up to anyone- You go up to anyone? You know they’re gonna say my favorite level Is the underwater maze levels, those are the best ones. Okay, it looks like we at least got a few things left here first up is this one called Donkey Kong Special. Or is that specia? Okay, this is literally just another game called Toki. They didn’t even try it anymore? The heck’s up with that? Ohhhhh What is going on here? Oh Okay. Is that supposed to be Donkey Kong? Yeah, I’m not playing this. Next up, we have a game Or is it even a game? does it transcend physical limitations? You be the judge. Donkey Kong 5: the Journey of over time and space. (Deranged Neighing) Is this real life? Ar.. Is this real? Somebody hold me? Oh my God. Do not tell me that this whole game is gonna have Pokemon Pinball music again I’m not going through that again! We do not speak its name. (Reading) Wow, if that’s her she’s got one heck of a job. Uh, you should probably hustle a little bit there, honey, because apparently the entire planet is depending on you! (continues reading) It’s like poetry continues reading I thought it was Lombado. Well I mean, at least somebody looks worried about all this. What? (Audience Clapping) After an intro like that, this better be one hell of a game. Okay, so I guess we got some sort of platforming game here. Maybe this won’t be so bad Wait Wait, just one DARN! TUNE! SECOND! No, no no no NO! We’ve been deceived! It’s fricking Mario Bros.! N.. N.. Now, why you gonna come in here with that story and make up all that stuff about the famine about all the plants dying and then you’re just gonna recreate fricking Mario Bros.!?! NO! BAD BOOTLEG! NO! It’s not even good. How do you mess up Mario Bros.? You get to copy and paste the entire game. It’s a wonder that Donkey Kong’s hungry at all. There’s bananas all over the place! When, Donkey Kong gets a power-up, he turns blue and can shoot fireballs out of his hand! I don’t get it. (8x) (SpaceHamster.exe has stopped working!) How about this one for the Sega Genesis is called Super King Kong 99. It’s got uh funny sound effects. See This is pretty funny Okay. One more game. And believe me believe You were not ready. What is happening? I am scared. Wh.. What is going on with this music? And why.. Why does it seem like I’m about to play something pachinko machine or something? I mean, I know that’s Japanese but come on. What’s going on here? Is.. Is that you? Is that you, Mac Tonight? Did you catch that? Did you catch the story? I got a fever, like I feel like I got a fever right now like it feels hot. Alright, let’s just get back and read the room a little bit. Oh dear God! What is happening?! Why does it seem like everything in this game has been dialed up to a thousand? Why does Diddy look like this? Even Donkey Kong shares our predisposition of confusion. (Laughs) His idle animation is just him looking around like he doesn’t know where he’s at. Hey there, DK. Hey there, buddy. You need help? You know where you’re at? Okay, so this game basically has no controls. Walking around is incredibly slow but jumping gives you an almost immediate control of Donkey Kong, making the platforming super jarring. As soon as Donkey Kong even touches the air, it’s like going at mach five. It also makes jumping the most efficient way to get around anywhere, so you’re gonna constantly be doing it. Yeah, I’m pretty sure these guys don’t even know what’s going on. Aside from that, it’s kind of your typical platforming affair. Jump on things, collect bananas, and get to the end of the level That is definitely easier said than done though. What exactly is with these bootlegs and having faces in the background? Stop.. Stop looking at me! You go through a pretty decent variety of zones that have one to three levels each. There’s even a world map that shows you which zone you’re in. At the end of each zone, you’ll face off against some sort of boss. This guy, he ain’t so bad. He’s easy. But this bee, on the other hand SCREW THAT BEE!! He is, without a doubt completely broken. You can only take one hit from the bee, and you’re dead and look how fast he moves. What makes things worse is that once you hit him with the barrel, he goes completely bananas on you and sporadically moves in a zigzag pattern that’s practically unpredictable Having to dodge around him is an absolute nightmare with the controls often resulting in you jumping around killing yourself. Let me remind you that you have three hearts. So why does it apply to this boss? It’s frustrating. And I don’t like it There’s also a minecart level in this game as well except it’s ridiculously hard giving you absolutely no room for error. All right. Easy. Easy. Just a few more hops and we’re home free- Noooo! Don’t forget about the Lava level, you gotta have one of those. I did, in fact make it to the end of the game so let’s hope all that work was worth it to face off against King K. Rool. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that It wasn’t that. After all that, this is what we are fighting for? The one pile of bananas? The one.. The one singular pile of bananas on a boat? Miyamoto, I’m Lost. How could you let this happen to DK? Please, I beg you here. Here, I even got some of your favorites Bananas DK! Donkey Kong This episode of the show was sponsored by Loot Crate, for less than $20 a month you get six-day items that include Licensed gear apparel collectibles unique one-of-a-kind items and more. You have until the 19th at 9 p.m. Pacific time to subscribe and receive that month’s crate and when the cutoff happens, that’s it It’s over. Use the link in the description down below to subscribe. Oh, and by the way, I got the quest in power boxes and next time it’s going to be dystopia So keep that in mind when you subscribe. You’re gonna get like some Fallout stuff, some Bioshock stuff, Terminator should be good. Alright, let’s open some stuff as promised. It’s Loot Crate time. Open it. Okay. I’m gonna open this boxaroni. Ah, let’s go. Boxaroni. He’s safe with lives, use your strength So we got a Loot Crate box here and Guess let’s open.. Let’s open this thing first. I’m pretty sure this is the t-shirt. Let’s see here. Oh my gosh First thing I noticed, first thing Dude, I love getting socks. What is it about being an adult now wear socks is actually a good gift? Look at these.. Look at these Zelda socks. Look, I’m trying to.. I’m trying hold on. Look at this. Look at that. (Laughs) Those are cool. I’m gonna wear these Uh, a Princess Bride shirt They’re like on the police.. the.. on the police lines. What is this? Look at that. That’s pretty cool. I like the Princess Bride. I was inside. I was in like a stream recently and someone said that they didn’t like the Princess Bride and everyone the chat was like (Gasps) I was also that.. that person though. What do we got here? Oh, we got the Goonies. wait, wait wait Dude, that’s cool. This is great. This is a cool shirt, actually. Oh my gosh. There’s more socks. What? Kingdom Hearts? Kingdom Hearts socks. Guys. Unravel the mystery of Kingdom Hearts with these socks Amazing These.. These feel pretty comfy, not gonna lie. Wait. We got so we got one more shirt here. I think this is a shirt anyway What is this? Oh wait. Are these.. (Laughs) What? Are these? Oh my gosh. Are these like yoga pants? Wait. But I’m not girl. Dude. You know what screw it. Let’s go Wearing these pants forever. Leave leave a comment down below if I look okay. I can’t.. I can’t.. My legs can’t breathe. I gotta take these off. Wait, no. The pants must be worn. Hold on. I will.. I will take my pants off right now. Hello, person outside my window right now. Please go away while I take off my pants. Here we go. Yeah Yeah Box time. Are these.. That’s some like.. like a glove here. What is this? It’s a glove. Who’s hand is this. I mean I know it’s marvel, but the infin- Oh, it’s the infinity gauntlet. Okay. Duh. Oven Mitts. Well, Oven *Mitt*. But. Dude, I’ll actually use this though. I don’t have very good oven mitt. So looks like we got A Hulk figure here, too. See if I can zoom in on that a little bit Here, you know, I’m gonna take it out. Watch who’s better favorite drink fruit punch. (Laughs) Okay, I never shut up. Never mind. All right. What else do we got here? Oh, dude, Dragon Balls. Ah, Dragon Ball. All right here. Let’s see. Is this a keychain? Yeah. Dude, look at this Shenron Keychain around the four star? Yeah, the four star ball. Look at that. ooh, is that warcraft? yeah I think so. Look at that and as customary, it looks like they give you a pin as well. Ohhhhhh. Fancy Pin Oh, hey there. Thanks for watching me open this Loot Crate. This was actually power and quest combined, so I got too Loot Crate openings there. I got so much stuff. Look at all this swag So be sure to use the link right here on the screen right now or in the description down below and when you use that code to sign up you get a 10% discount Next month’s crate is Dystopia. So if you want Terminator 2 stuff Fallout stuff Bioshock, things like that, then you should sign up by the end of the 19th of that month and you should get the crate for that month And as always, thank you so much for watching my video and for Loot Crate for sponsoring this video. Okay? I think that’s it. Bye. Bye Hey guys, thank you so much for watching my video. I’m definitely running pretty long now, so I’m gonna keep this short Thank you to everyone who’s sending all the fan arts it means so much and thank you so much for watching my video I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you did please share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel Also follow me on my social links are in the description down below And if you just can’t wait for more videos, I got two more videos for you right there Top 10 drugs and videogames and a video about Star Wars bootlegs. Okay, thank you guys so much for watching, okay. Bye Bye Bye.

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    1. Donkey Kong 4 Country, then… '2 in 1' (NES)
    2. Super Donkey Kong 2 (Dendy)
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    5. Donkey Kong 5 – The journey of over time and space (GBC, Super Mario Bros Clone)
    6. Super Donkey Kong 99 (Genesis)
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