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  1. there is a mistake. Donkey Kong Country had three composers not just one. Robin Beanland, Eveline Fischer, and David Wise.

  2. Every time I try to use donkey Kong country 2 with the game genie it doesn't work it just says this product will not operate when connected to a device which makes unauthorized copies help?

  3. The opening theme to Donkey Kong country is one of my five favourite pieces of video game music, the other three are A Link to the Pasts Overworld theme, Shadow of the Colossus opening theme, Road to Zanarkand from FFX and J.E.N.O.V.A from FF7.
    Also gotta give a nod to the theme music for Chuck Rock

  4. 5:43 – 5:51: Funny thing is, the Red Tie wearing DK was actually introduced in Donkey Kong '94 for the Game Boy, BEFORE Donkey Kong Country was released.

  5. You ever notice that nearly every level in the game introduces something new to the game?

  6. I was sorely disappointed that the Completionist forgot to mention that Eveline Novakovic (and Robin Beanland I guess) also worked on this game's soundtrack. He even showcased one of her songs, but the way he presents it makes viewers think it was made by David Wise.

  7. Who ever thought that a game series about a monkey that has been memed to death would be so brutal to complete?

  8. Whenever I go to sleep, I sometimes listen to some of Donkey Kong Country music to help me fall asleep, like, Life in the Mines, and the one from the aquatic ambiance.

  9. Aquatic Ambience is my all time favorite. Problem is, you can't leave it on like that or it will kill the internal battery.

  10. Fuck cranky he always sucked even in donkey Kong tropical freeze, he also just was a piece of SHIT AND CRAP! OH MY GOD HE SUCKS

  11. People actually took stock in that Cranky Kong line at the end of the game? Even as a kid I figured it was supposed to be a joke.

  12. >praises David Wise for the game's soundtrack
    >then proceeds to play one of the songs composed by Eveline Fischer
    Come on lad do your research

  13. I don't know if you did The Legend of Zelda A link to the past with 20 hearts, all 4 bottles, and zero dies yet, but that's fun. There is also a minimalist run

  14. Donkey Kong Country was the first DK game I ever played. As a kid I treated all games equally as mindless entertainment.

  15. Incidentally, this is one of the few games I HAVE perfected. As a kid, it was one of the first games I beat and at the time I thought I "mastered" it. Would take a few years before I did that

  16. Weird that no one did an hack of the game that let's you play as a slow ass cranky much like the original joke.

  17. Krazy Kong does have a secret dialogue. He says “holy shit! You did a krazy king run?! No! Don’t celebrate! Go to a hospital! I WAS JOKING YOU IDIOT! Anyone who tries my challenge dies!”

  18. kranky kong run will still exist as a sort of way to show just how far you are willing to go to prove your love and dedication for the series. basically a "Veteran Deluxe++" status, where you basically have shown you are the best, and that you are the most hardcore fan, and will stick with the series, for however long they keep it going.

  19. Just completed this game again, i missed this series so much! After i got DKC: Tropical Freeze for the Switch, i knew i had to go back and replay this classic. Instead of booting up my SNES, i found a better solution called RetroARch. Now i can play my retro titles with actually good image on a big screen.

  20. The clip where you said to pretend none of the new consoles exist and the ps2 didnt happen made me very relaxed because that was when video games were actually good.

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