Donkey Kong Country – What’s NEXT for Nintendo Switch?!
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Donkey Kong Country – What’s NEXT for Nintendo Switch?!

December 3, 2019

What’s up everyone
Oh J here welcome back to another video and today we’re gonna be talking about a
franchise that I don’t talk about much on this channel and that is Donkey Kong
Country believe it or not I actually used to be a big fan of the franchise
back in the day I used to play the games all the time go through collect all the
secrets trying to get every single banana every single banana coin and all
of that and I love the original trilogy and I even played like Donkey Kong 64 I
didn’t like that as much but recently all we’ve gotten pretty much in the past
decade when it comes to Donkey Kong games is Donkey Kong Country Returns and
Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze both really good games in their own right and
I’ve beaten both of those games multiple times I beat the original Donkey Kong
Returns or dunk on Country Returns I beat that
on the Wii and it came out on the Nintendo 3ds beat that in 3d mode even
though it’s not as vintage is 30 frames for a second and I also play dr2
tropical freeze originally on the Wii U and I also beat it again on the Nintendo
switch so I’ve always been a big fan of it but platformers have kind of just
fell out of favor for me I used to like platformers a lot more when I was
younger now I’m more into RPGs like Fire Emblem and games like Super Smash
Brothers a fighting game like that or even pokken for example but I still feel
it there’s something they can do with this franchise in order to make me more
interested in it even though if there was just the next Donkey Kong Country
game so let’s just talk about that in general the next game if it’s a pure
platformer don’t get me wrong guys I am going to be all over it I think that the
Donkey Kong Country Returns slash Hong Kong Country tropical freeze formula is
really good and they can make another game in that same vein to kind of round
out that trilogy of the newer style Donkey Kong Country games so I don’t
feel that they can go away from that however if they added in some extra
elements into the game to kind of change up a little bit of what it is because
Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze and returns those are pure platformers
there’s not a lot of action elements too much to the game and I personally feel
if they add it in some more action elements in terms of what Donkey Kong is
actually supposed to be able to do because Donkey Kong gets strong he can
punch people he can wind up he can do all sorts of cool stuff same thing with
Diddy Kong but the games are just more pure platformers so
here’s a list of things that I’d actually like to see them add into the
next Donkey Kong Country game and effectively making it from a pure hard
platformer to a pure horror platformer with some more action elements in there
and I mean by like beat them up elements in there I would love to see Donkey Kong
being able to punch people being able to learn a couple different
moves here and there that maybe you can invest banana coins into I think that
would be really good outside of just okay I’m going to roll into somebody or
I’m going to jump on their head or there’s gonna be this animal friend of
platforming no don’t get me wrong guys I still want to have a lot of
platforming elements in there I think that that’s what makes the new games
Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze that what
makes them so good having those mine cart levels having the different levels
with the animal friends that stuff is great but it would also be cool if they
added in some more action elements kind of like 2d beat them up type of stuff
into the game as well made it a little bit more dynamic they can add in
different types of levels when you have that when you put in more action
elements like a shovel knight for example how you can do certain attacks
and get different things in that game yet there’s still hardcore platforming
elements in that game as well and that’s kind of what I’d like to see with Donkey
Kong because pretty much each Kong only has like one or two unique things about
them and some of its not even to where it’s an attack for example like Diddy
Kong has like a jet barrel or whatever but that’s great but wouldn’t it be cool
if he kind of had a few more different things I think he’s like a peanut gun
there’s like a bubble gun gun or whatever that Dixie has but there isn’t
a lot of elements to each of the Kong’s and I personally feel that they’re being
shortchanged at times considering if you look at what they do and for example
like Super Smash Brothers like Donkey Kong has so many cool things that’s
actually pulled straight from the Donkey Kong war for the most part in terms of
his moves and yet he can’t do any of that in the donkey own country tropical
freeze games or he can’t do a lot of that stuff he can do like the ground
pound and stuff like that but I just thought there’s so much more potential
to kind of move the franchise forward but I also do feel that you don’t want
to stray too far away from that hard-as-nails difficult platformer
because that’s what makes Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze and returns
great and I love that they return to that per se with Duncan could you
returns back on the we days because we really hadn’t
seen much from the Donkey Kong platforming outside about the Bongo
games and some of the other stuff that they had that was really kind of weird
and they tried a lot of different stuff but some of the stuff that Donkey Kong
got like the clap mechanic and things like that that type of stuff that they
added in there would make for a great action game or more action elements
which jungle beat and some of those games played with the bongos did have
that so if you can kind of combine what they did with those games combined the
platforming and the pure platforming the difficulty of what they did with
tropical freeze and returns I think that you can have a very solid exclusive
Nintendo switch them they kind of reinvent the franchise one more time
over and brings in more people into it that like a game like shovel knight or
kind of like those 2d beat em ups along with the platformer type of games I
would just love to see Donkey Kong kind of go in that direction a little bit
more doesn’t have to be super in-depth you can have like just like maybe five
or six moves per each one have a little bit more enemies that come up on the
screen and you can kind of beat them down and
then also have those platforming elements that people just know and love
and I’m only talking about this because like I said I used to love Donkey Kong
guys Donkey Kong Country was actually like one of my favorite franchises out
there and it’s still very good I think it’s just as good now a tropical freeze
as it was before with the original trilogy and everything I know what
Donkey Kong Country or Donkey Kong 64 more like it that they actually had some
different skills and different stuff that they can get and people like that
about the game the problem that I had with that game is not that you can get
different skills and it was cool the peanut guns and stuff like that it was
the fact that there was just way too much collecting like the collectathon
stuff was way too much each character had their own collectables and yet to go
through with each one of them in order to get everything 100% of the game that
was just way too much collecting for me but they should just not do that but put
in some of the cool skills and other things that you can earn in the game I
felt that banana coins being able to unlock new skills do that would be dope
and it would just be a lot of fun and kind of put in a new wrinkle into Donkey
Kong now some people are probably asking okay well how did Donkey Kong do like
Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze compared to the
we you and also the switch the cool thing about this franchise is that it’s
not dead by any means when it comes to sales because Nintendo actually banked
way more often document country tropical freeze on the Nintendo switch than they
did on the Wii U on the Wii U the game was fifty dollars and ended up getting
price drops fairly quickly because it didn’t sell as fast as maybe Nintendo
would have thought it would have sold even being priced $10 less after the
delay now however if you look at Dunkin Country tropical freeze on the Nintendo
switch that game was 60 bucks and pretty much hasn’t gotten too many discounts
not anything official at this point you can get it for cheaper in some places
but pretty much an MSRP of 60 bucks so 10 dollars more and the Wii U game and
it’s a port and they didn’t add a ton of different stuff into the game just an
easy mode funky Kong so not really much added into the game outside of a couple
other things mechanically for being able to play portable play stuff like that
and that game is actually well over the Wii U version I think the Wii original
didn’t even break 1.5 million units the Nintendo switched version of the game is
like 2 million units plus so the fact that that game has done so well at that
price that it was at just shows that there is a thirst there is a hunger for
more Donkey Kong and a great Donkey Kong because that was just the port that was
just the port of the game and it did way better than what you saw up didn’t sell
as much obviously we know that Dunkleman tropical freeze probably would have done
a lot better if it was on a system that sold more donkey um Country Returns did
way better because it was on the Wii so obviously it sold better and of course
the Super Nintendo and other systems but I do feel that if they made some tweaks
to it and if they still have that hard-as-nails platforming I think if
they put that out and a new game on the Nintendo switch with Donkey Kong and
Diddy Kong and some other people that you can use collects kills kind of do
different things still have that platform the minecarts maybe you can
even jump up and do different types of attacks with certain characters because
sometimes certain characters if you jump up into the air you’re defenseless like
you can’t do anything I think Dixie Kong she can swing but I don’t know if that
hits the enemy or not when you do that you might still get hit so from what I
remember you do so I do feel that actually adding a little bit more combat
mechanics in there and even making the game harder when it comes to different
difficulty options because there never really is a difficulty option and
come games it’s just hard so adding that in there and being able to put in more
replay value in that way too would be really cool would be really cool as well
or they can just leave it that way and kind of balance it the way that they
want to but either way I’m excited to see what’s next with Donkey Kong now the
only problem here is that this is all fine and dandy right even if you wanted
to have a vanilla straight more like Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze type
of game the problem is like who’s gonna make it because retro studios has been
making Donkey Kong for the past ten years right which has only been two
games for the past pretty much ten years so if there’s only been two games and
it’s only been made by one studio we all know that retro studios is making
Metroid Prime for and I would think that all hands are on deck for that game no
we don’t really necessarily know how big retro is or if they can have a second
team working on a brand new Donkey Kong game but I would guess that if they’re
gonna make some major changes to the formula they would need more than
whatever they got right there or it would take pretty much all the people
that they do have so what we definitely have to be after Metroid Prime for for
the most part but I think that tropical freeze is doing well so I guess they
have time in order to think of some cool ideas and everything so what would you
guys like to see added into the Donkey Kong Country formula for an exclusive or
a brand-new Donkey Kong game on the Nintendo switch I would love to hear you
guys his thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for
this video here go and check out the links in description below we got
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constantly looking for in the future and subscribe the Clarence’s for its RPG
Japanese and in Tendo gaming news thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch
you guys for the next one peace

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  1. I think it’s time for Tiny, Lanky and Chunky Kong to make a return even if it’s just as store owner

  2. Retro Studios should have released 2 games by now since Tropical Freeze, instead they didn't release even one lol. Regardless of what you people say, something went horribly wrong over there in the last 5 years…

  3. I'm 37 and always loved platformers. I really hope there's new Donkey Kong game for Switch or if they could remaster the old trilogy or redo the old trilogy for Switch kind of like what they did for Spyro and Crash Bandicoot.

  4. Fun bosses are something I feel would make the game good, not just level challenging but boss challenging and even maybe after you beat the game having a boss rush mode with in game achievements like best time or least damage taken

  5. Honestly, I think retro studios is working on an open world Donkey Kong 64 like type of game right now as we speak.

  6. Can we make a action open world RPG Donkey kong.
    PS i want more a nintendo switch mario 3D game in av open world RPG. But you can have 4 player support

  7. Actually Oj the game did go down in price when nintendo ported the game it costed only 10 bucks and they sold you the funky mode for just 50 bucks.

  8. Loved donkey Kong 64 and the first 3 donkey kong country games and would love if they did another 3d style donkey. Wasn't much of a fan of tropical freeze or donkey kong country returns very polished games but I lost complete interest in both of them. Now an action platformer I can get with.

  9. When Monster Games ported DK returns to the 3DS I thought at the time that they were being primed to takeover the series but nothing ever materialised. Now with Retro busy with MP4 can any other developer take over and is Nintendo happy enough with the Switch Tropical Freeze sales numbers for it to go ahead?

  10. I really hope we get some sort of DK64 remake, or at least a new 3d Donkey Kong game. Also, the kremlings need to make a return.

  11. You have great ideas here! I’m very happy you made it! For me, I’d love King K Rool to return, and maybe even reveal that he was actually in disguise as the final boss in Tropical Freeze.

  12. I think King K Rool should be in the next game. He was brought back in Smash due to popular demand so I think people would like it if we got a new scenario with him. They could even add a new outfit to go with the pirate/scientist ones. haha

  13. Hopefully Retro isn't working on another Donkey Kong Country (though I absolutely love the series). I'd love to see them work on a new IP or a 3D DK game (like 64).

  14. I'm completely opposite. I feel like they need to go backwards. I prefer the Rare games on SNES over the Retro games, and I hope they go more in that direction. I like the NSMB series cause it stays truer to SMB. Unpopular opinion I know, but NSMB says Super Mario Bros. on the box, and I feel confident in purchasing those games cause I know that's what I'm getting. I got the Retro games, but It doesn't feel like DKC to me. False advertisement.

  15. I've always enjoyed the Donkey Kong Country games, and even the Donkey Kong Land games on the Game Boy handhelds were amazing as well.

    However, I think your ideas are pretty good, but I don't know if they can hold up for the style of game that Donkey Kong is suppose to be. While Shovel Knight does have platformer elements, it feels more like a Metroidvania sort of game, where collecting new power-ups can grant you access to other areas. Rather, if we want to really look to a game, we can say that the levels could offer secret areas that would allow you to access places with greater rewards in a similar vein to Super Mario World, and that could be a good way to do it, without deviating too much from the formula.

  16. They should do a Donkey Kong game similiar to Super Mario 3D Land/World. That way the stuff you stated would be more justifiable as well

  17. DKC is my favorite Nintendo franchise, and it’s kinda hard to be a fan considering both Nintendo and fans of other Nintendo franchises trash on the series time and time again. I hope we’ll get a third 2D game to cap off the trilogy, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a 3D version either. Also bring back K. Rool

  18. I would LOVE a Mario Odyssey style 3D DK game with more 2D sections. Could implement move sets similar to Guacamele that help you progress to other islands. And definitely bring back the Kremlings. Maybe K. Rool teams up with the Tiki Tak Tribe and Snowmads?

  19. Yeah. I think they should move on from DKC and do something new like they do with Mario. DKCTF was pretty close to perfection so it’ll be hard to really improve on it without really shaking it up

  20. I dig this video! DK was one of the first Nintendo franchises I fell in love with growing up, along with Zelda and Mario. I'm ready for a new DK game!!

  21. Good vid PE Ninja Master. I would like too see a Side Scrolling Beat em Up spin off DKC game, I think that could be very fun n cool.

  22. Good video OJ. I for one would really a love a 3D Donkey Kong in the style you mentioned – but also Super Mario 3D World style. It'd be great to have a group of friend all play as different Kongs exploring jungles, mountains, rivers and other places.

  23. Donkey Kong Games needs to make a comeback I getting really bored of seeing Mario Games everywhere it's clear as day that Donkey Kong Country is more fun than Super Mario Bros.

  24. I wish that someday a new DKC comes out which has its original artstyle but in HD. I really think that the original DKC trilogy is way more beautiful than all this 3D stuff. It had a special charme and therefore created an awesome atmosphere. A true DKC4 would be nice!

  25. How about make all new bosses all new enemies all new allies and new multiple levels for donkey Kong country am I right guys

  26. Yeah Nintendo put Super Mario or Metroid down and make a new Donkey kong game. NEW not deluxe version or remeke.

  27. How about make trains levels minecart levels snow levels temple levels city levels ruins levels haunted levels amusement park levels forest levels factory levels rocket barrel levels prehistoric levels desert levels jungle levels forest levels
    Mountain levels and rollercoaster levels for donkey Kong country am I right guys

  28. Donkey Kong country 2020 new theme
    Wild west theme
    Casino theme
    Amusement park theme
    Medieval theme
    Prehistoric theme
    Trains theme
    Spooky theme
    New entire roller coaster levels
    New entire minecart levels

  29. I would love a "Donkey Kong Odyssey" (Super Mario Odyssey) sort of game. I swear DK deserves it in my opinion. They always sell him so short it seems to me.

  30. Nintendo should partner with Playtonics to make a third game in the new trilogy. Yooka Laylee and the impossible lair is an awesome platformer, and seeing as those guys created the original trilogy at rare, who better to do it?

    As for ideas, the core game should still be the awesome 2D levels the franchise is known for, but I think they could combine 3D with 2D, similar to Yooka Laylee IL, but expand on the 3D/puzzle element, and obviously bring back King K and the Kremlings, perhaps they joined forces with the snowmads and tiki tribe and king K was behind all of it all along?

  31. Some more combat actions would be cool, but I think an upgrade system would be just be unnecessary. Just another DKCR game for me. Maybe some more animal buddies. Rambi just isn't enough.

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