Donkey Kong Medley – Welcome Aboard [King K. Rool Medley]
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Donkey Kong Medley – Welcome Aboard [King K. Rool Medley]

November 20, 2019

He’s the leader of the bunch you know him well (?) He’s finally back to kick some tail! His Kremling gun can fire in spurts! If he shoots ya it’s gonna hurt! He has a funny face but he’s so strong it isn’t funny can make a Kong cry out for mommy he may move slow but this guy is one helluva guy! Huh!

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  1. You know, DJ, back then, when you made Krokodile Funk (my all-time favourite of your remixes), the Gangplank Galleon part sounded so melancholy, i always sang "We miss you, King K. Rool." And now with this remix, you got the celebration part absolutely right. The KR Rap is the cherry on the cake.^^ This is simply amazing.

  2. Um, DJ (if that is the preferred method of referring to you), I was wondering if you could do a feather fiend (Donkey Kong Country Returns) remix sometime soon, if you take remix requests that is…

    By the way, this remix is awesome! X3

  3. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed one of your remixes this much. And I usually really enjoy your remixes, so that says a lot!

  4. Hey DJ. Favor to ask. I know you've touched upon the FE series before, but to celebrate Three Houses, could you do a Radiant Dawn Medley? To celebrate the series' return to Console?

  5. The King has Kome! I already plan on Maining this Krooked Krodile Kommander.

    EDIT: Good use of "AUGGH" Sound effect from DKC. Caught me off guard, I love it!

  6. You know what would be awesome? Once all the characters have been announced, you could make a medley of one tune for each of them in order of Smash induction!

  7. I should have checked this channel right away when K. Rool was revealed, you always do great remixes of his themes!

    BTW, thanks for the rap-less version, I'm not a big fan of the DK Rap. It made me chuckle, but I wouldn't want to listen to it every time.

  8. Okay but really? I think that restructuring the DK Rap for King K Rool is a brilliant move.

    But This Guy

  9. Ah, the requests for this rockin' croc! He's finally made it in people now let's rejoice! One day my time to shine will come… hopefully. Also, ya wouldn't mind doing some DKCR and DKCTF songs would ya? Unless, you already did them.

  10. im really glad ive been on a bender to try and find good songs to get me hyped for K. Rool in smash, found this cause of my searches and im glad i did, really good song!

  11. Although ive never played dkcountry before the reveal, i am actually super excited for k rool in smash 5, the only other time i played a game with him in in was mario super sluggers (SUPER NOSTALGIC)

  12. I can't process a compliment good enough to show you how much I lived this. So instead, Imma just clap for an encore

  13. That mix ! This is Donkey Kong saturday fever =3
    Love what you've done it this mix/medley, a special bonus point for that final scale change at 4:55 🙂
    Awesome work !

  14. The transition at 3:51 was amazing. I've been listening to this song for hours now, it's honestly mindboggling how good it is.

  15. Man, you’ve come a long way after all these years. I remember back when you made that Heavy Lobster/Crush Crawfish mashup, and it has easily been one of my favorites up to this day. But this, holy cow, takes the cake.

    Keep up the good work! I’m the 999th person to like this video, so I hope you break 1,000 and even more!

  16. Whoa I'm late to the party lol
    The fact that it turns out Ultimate's "Gangplank Galleon" remix actually does have a rap section just made the KR Rap segment of this song that much better.

  17. This guy was announced the same mouth as my birthday. Though I never played a Donkey Kong Country game with him in it, I always wanted him in the game ever since I found out he wasn't just a fat crocodile king in Mario Super Sluggers.

  18. Amazing mixing as always. Every time I hear the rap part of the GG Smash remix, I put your KR Rap lyrics over it.

  19. すげえ!超良いアレンジ!


  20. The day King K Rool was revealed for Smash Ultimate was not just his finest hour…. But his Finest and Greatest moment in his entire Life!
    as he always says: "HAIL TO ME!"

  21. Kremling: welcome aboard your hines will you be going after the kongs today?

    King k rool: no I just want to listen to some music today. Ever since I've been invited to smash the only thing I've been doing lately is fighting. I would like to take a brake.

    Kremling: good choice your cold bloodednes, can I put on your usual play list sire?


  22. k rool just looks like a s tier to me probably cause im so good as him

    if you dont know who emboar is look it up

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