Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time | The Dodo Comeback Kids
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Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time | The Dodo Comeback Kids

December 5, 2019

When we first heard about
Jenny and her mother, Josie, what quickly got our attention was how
long and curled their hooves were. – And just the filth
they were living in. – Another local rescue reached out
to us to see if we could help. That was it. We spent the afternoon
getting them loaded on the trailer to bring them back home here. I was pretty surprised at how open to us. It was almost as if they knew
we were there to save them. – The look in their eyes, they seem like prisoners
in their own bodies. – I think they just looked hopeless. For Josie, probably more
than 20 years like this. For Jenny, it was her whole life. Ten or eleven years. And she was fearful. Timid, she was pretty timid. I knew they had a long
road ahead of them. We rescue neglected, abused,
and unwanted donkeys. – Hi Joe. – We have approximately 60
donkeys, mules, horses, and ponies. Donkeys are just loving, they’re playful,
they’re introspective, and then next thing you know they’re
out playing, and wrestling, and braying. Just being silly. They have a lot of personality. – Jenny and Josie had a
very deeply bedded stall that we let them spend the
night in to rest and recover, And our farrier was out
the very next morning, along with our vets. Because we wanted to relieve them
of the discomfort of these hooves as quickly as possible. The farrier, the very first thing he did was take
off the excess pieces of hoof. – There we go. – After the farrier cuts that first cut, we x-rayed them to give a little closer
look of what’s really going on inside. We could tell from the x-rays
that Jenny had damage to the bones inside her hoof. And her body adjusted in
a very awkward way. So every muscle, tendon,
ligament is now sore. And the recovery is a painful
process to go through. – We felt that Jenny would
rebound and become pain-free. – Josie, we were definitely concerned. Our goal was to make her
as comfortable as possible. After a few days we moved
them closer to the house so that we could check
on them constantly. – Here, she’s moving. – While her feet definitely were tender, I think Jenny was enjoying
being able to move around. It was like this newfound freedom for her
that I think she was trying to explore how to use her body again. – It feels good in the grass, doesn’t it? Oh my gosh, are you going to
eat while you’re laying down? – Jenny wanted to be out and
about more than Josie. She was just more able. We had this little gate open, and
she could come in the yard and get some grass if she wanted. But that meant she
had to leave her mom. She wouldn’t be out here grazing
probably more than a couple minutes, and then run back. So it was a constant,
“Let me check in with my mom, but I really want some of this grass
because I haven’t had it before.” Yet Jenny was starting to come out
of the protective wing of Josie. – Oh my gosh. I wonder when
the last time was she trotted. – Hi Jenny. How ya feeling? – Once we were able to take Jenny
out into a bigger part of our yard, you could just see the
lightbulb went off. And she’s just wanting to play,
and run, and use her feet, and use her body the way
it was meant to be used. – And she wouldn’t stop. [Laughing] She was just loving life. She had been introduced to other donkeys. She had never been introduced
to anyone else in her life. So she was starting to
form some friendships. And it was just awesome to see. – Angie was rescued from an auction. Once she recovered, we just kind of noticed them spending
more and more time together. And now they’ve just
become best friends. – Jenny’s calm nature was a
very good influence on Angie. – Jenny is just more rock solid, so she helped Angie develop a
little more confidence and trust. – Daisy Mae was also
rescued from an auction. And it did not take long at all before she just wormed her
way right into that little duo. She just said, “I’m going
to be your third friend,” and they just accepted her. Then they’ve become inseparable. We jokingly refer to
those girls as the They don’t want to share
their hay with anybody else, they can be kind of bossy. They’re very possessive of each other. And they’ve claimed Jenny. I mean, Jenny is their friend
whether she wants it or not. But she loves them. – Hey Josie, coming to
say hi to everybody? – I think Josie was
relieved that she knew her daughter was
going to be okay. We had a couple of really
good years here with Josie. I think she loved being here. And the friendships she made. Seeing her daughter, Jenny, thrive. But unfortunately, we
just recently lost her. Jenny knew what was
happening with her mom. She had her girlfriends and it seemed okay. Jenny was at peace with it. [Laughing] – I think Jenny has really
moved on from her past. – Woo! – And has just blossomed into a donkey that sees the
world as a playground, and a fabulous place to live in. – Good girl. All right. – Since Jenny’s rescue, she’s come from a donkey that
physically coud hardly walk. She was a little bit of
a lost soul I think. And now she’s, quite frankly, one of
the most perfect donkeys we have. She’s friendly,
she’s easy. She’s as nice of a
donkey as you could hope for. She’s just as good as they come.

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  1. Thank you and God bless you for rescuing Jenny and Josie, it so sad that Josie passed, but you gave her love and dignity and made her feel like she should have felt her entire life! ???

  2. This video made me so incredibly happy and feel so wonderful watching jenny run and play for the first time. Idk or understand how anyone could neglect those beautiful little mother/ daughter donkeys like that…it makes me sick and sad but seeing them get rescued and relieved from that horrific state brought back some hope for humanity

  3. I am so glad they were rescued. Its so sad that people who own animals do not take care of them properly. Thank God there are people out there that CARE.

  4. What a lovely and beautiful creature in her own unique way! Donkeys in general have the most wonderful and multifaceted souls, it's like you can see straight into their souls through those eyes. And you guys are angels!????

  5. I don't know how I end up watching this video but… it is a great video, amazing work by this people! We all have to be more caring about all animals in the planet.

  6. Good for Jenny..
    Mom josie is happy to see her daughtee in good shape..
    What a story.
    Thanjyou for loving these donkeys.


  8. Those 2 are beautiful donkeys~ ? the person who trimmed their hooves were careful when it trimmed i felt a sense of relieve for them too. Those donkeys deserve better lives~ they are here on this earth for a reason too. So cute how jenny did that small jump in the beginning~ when jenny run free my face instantly smiled~ it warms my heart this donkeys are smart & amazing~❤

  9. DODO I love your organization!!! The stories that I have read about you guys saving the animals all kinds of animals is just amazing! Thank you so much for all your kindness in saving these precious animals!

  10. To the people who have disliked this video, like, wtf, dude? This is a beautiful story of rescue, rehabilitation, and thriving through love.

  11. Although donkeys are cute sort of I just dont understand why people keep them. You cant ride them and putting them to cart only works if you have stuff to haul around and you cant drive them on the road.

  12. We have 3 donks and They crack me up with their shenanigans . They are such great pets and protectors. Thank you for what you do for these special animal friends.

  13. If I would love close to your sanctuary…I would love to voluntary work for you in the sanctuary….Animals are my life….Animals mean everything to me…..? ??

  14. Such a great feeling to see Jenny runny. Wished the mom could have stayed alive. Thank you two for having such sweet hearts to take all the animals and take care of them. Giant hug to you both!!!.. 🙂

  15. It’s always sad when you loose an animal. But at least Josie’s last part of her days were filled with love and she knew her baby girl was going to be alright. ♥️?♥️

  16. God bless you all for the compassion you show these precious donkeys! JESUS chose a donkey to ride when He entered Jerusalem because they are humble animals. I've always loved them. I know your work is hard but it must be so rewarding!

  17. …i came looking for donkeys to throw to my shark but i left with a tear in my eye ?
    …i mean, i can barely walk when my toe nails over grow just a couple millimeters, so, i can relate ?

  18. You are wonderful people, heroes in fact.

    When I’m having a really bad day these kind of clips remind me of the good in people saving the voiceless.

  19. Wait……. What do wild horses and donkeys do to maintain their hooves if domestic ones need humans to do it for them?? Seriously though, I don't know and I'm curious.

  20. Not very knowledgeable but I just wanted to know what happens to the hooves of wild donkey because their isn’t anybody to maintain them right?

  21. I hope whoever allowed these poor babies to suffer had the boom lowered down on them!
    If you can't take care of animals, don't get any. Simple as that!
    God bless the rescuers.

  22. As a kid we used to go to a place called Oatmen in Nevada. It is a ghost town and the donkeys are part of the attention.

    Thanks for the video and bringing back memories, I think I may look this place up again and possibly see how it's changed in 35 years.

  23. • 3:33 – You can see the sheer, unmitigated joy. She's practically screaming "OMG! OMG! OMG!" ?
    • It's sad about the mom, but at least she died happy and free.
    • I thought their hooves were like that from a disorder, but apparently they just needed to be trimmed which means it was just neglect, which makes it all the worse. ? (How do donkeys keep their hooves from overgrowing in the wild? ?)

  24. God bless you for what you do and giving Josie the opportunity to see her baby be safe and happy and for Josie to live the remainder of her life with love all around.

  25. I can’t imagine the pain and depression these animals went through…the hopelessness. I really dislike people who treat animals this way. They have and think no bad things unlike humans. Why do we treat them so? These people are amazing for rescuing!!

  26. Donkeys are one of my most favorite animals. They have a such a loving and playful nature. I am so happy that her mama got to see her daughter run free and be happy and the she got to spend her last few years being cared for and loved for

  27. I thank the Lord when I see animals happy and being loved, we have to take care of other creatures who can't take care of themselves.

  28. God's creations are just wonderful. I love how cute donkeys are. They have the sweetest eyes. God is smiling at all the love you show.

  29. Terrible history and gorgeous donkeys- thank you for giving the life they deserve ❤️❤️❤️

    Who could do this to these gentle animals?

    So sorry and condolences at the loss of Josie❤️?

  30. You are great people, who think about another animals & Donkeys too. They are cute peaceful so why people thinks that they are dumb or fiools. But I love them. Unfortunately they are not treated well. Persons like you are there for helping them. Big Thanks to all of you.

  31. First time my horse heard a donkey brae frit the living daylights out of him I was riding him at the time and couldn't stop laughing. Donks are one of the most abused little creatures especially in Arab countries.

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