Doorada Betta (ದೂರದ ಬೆಟ್ಟ) – 1973  |  Dr.Rajkumar, Bharathi | Kannada Old Movies
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Doorada Betta (ದೂರದ ಬೆಟ್ಟ) – 1973 | Dr.Rajkumar, Bharathi | Kannada Old Movies

August 16, 2019

Damn, stop this nuisance,
holding it and blowing, Boh.., Boh… go in front. Ugadi comes
only once in a year. One ugadi for a year,
one sankranthi for a year, One Deepawali for a year.
Enough! You talk , whatever
comes to your mouth. Leave, leave. Speak justice, for the sake
of merit acquired through doing Sacred work. I wonít! For a lazy person,
I donít want any merit… From charity or by
doing any sacred work. Why are you
Looking at my face? You are a useless person,
not fit for Anything. Why should I give you?
Go, go, go. Itís my mistake that I have come here.
I have lost my mind. Donít come. Go there. Hey, Chitra. Coming dad. What dad? That man has come,
get something. She has gone inside. Go, go, get the money fast.
Go, go. Wow! Exactly like dad.
Goddess of charity. You are wonderful. Donít know, who is that lucky person,
who gets the chance. To take your hand. Stop. What is this? Come back. Come on. Is this what you are
doing to earn your living? It is there dad. They were all playing ,
so even I thought I will… Play a game. Every day you keep playing. Today is Ugadi, son. Plants, do pooja, go,
pluck the neem flowers. Gather everybody,
serve them food. Not that, not that son, I will place my hands on my head,
accept It donít play games son. In the age, he has to play, he will play.
Can you and me play? Should I let him play? You know,
what I did in his age? Leave it, let him play. Look at me,
can I used to play till your age. That is why I am the owner and the
Panchayat head in this Village. You are great! Leave it, let them play.
When they grow up, they will know Their responsibilities. Donít know when will he know,
and what is going to happen. Come. Ask them dad,
I am asking to stop the game. Shall we start? Yes. Everybody come here. What Sir, should I come? Come, I will see you. Come, I will catch you. Is it ready, son. Yeah. Dad, Dasappa has come,
I will go give and come. On the Name of Lord Venkat Narayana,
praise his name… Dasappa. How many
houses did you go? Open your mouth. Why son? Open your mouth. How is it? It is like your heart.
I wanted to get the parrot. Meat is being cooked.
To achieve something you need to do Something. For agreeing, for agreeing.
My dad is cooking. Ganaapa dear, itís because
of you that your house will be Blessed and Goddess
Lakshmi will bestow on your house. Because of it whoever comes
to your house will eat sufficiently. Ok son, I will leave. Ok. Was it correct? Oh Shivu. Yes. Is the asking of you both,
who will help me in cooking? I was scared that,
if I donít pray, Oh desire? Will you eat the sweet? Uncle, uncle. See this girl is
coming shouting. Where is it for me? What? Where is it for me? What? Where is it for me? Come here. I came. Stand here. I stood. What is this, touch the feet properly.
Like this. I did. You should get a good husband. Will be done. You should have
beautiful children with your eyes. Go uncle. I donít want a husband. If you donít want,
will your mom just leave What will they do? you? What will they do? Show me your hand. Why? Godís Prasad. Telling its Godís you have given,
a big sweet, Shivanna. Our brother
will not be here. If hands and heart meets,
that is when it becomes life. Eat it. Should I eat? Shivu? What is that? Where? There. Hey, you trying to
cheat me and run. You are a devil who has
Come To earth. I am the warrior,
and will hit the ones who cheat. Me. And if you donít,
itís a kiss. Uncle, uncle. What? See uncle. Ok, I will see him. Shivanna, calm down, calm down, first look
At her behaviour. Oh, heís your son?
Very innocent. See the count. Ok, I will see, before the sun rises,
Shivu will set. You are going, wait. Hey Shivu, come here.. will you listen to my word? From now on
This is not good. Why? I donít know whether
she will come after she gets married. Before she got married,
she used to come saying brother. And I used to welcome her saying,
qshe is my sister. Now see what has happened.
Feel so sad for that girl. She has A very good heart,
but if he says no, this girlís heart will break. There, there. Narayana, Narayana, Why are you simply making sound,
what do you want? Dad? Dad.. Grandfather?
Grandfather… Give me. Enough, enough. Enough. That is enough. What else do you want? I want you, you! Grandfather is calling. I will escape, because
your mom is a devil. Hey Goora. Go, go, go. What happened? Water. I am coming. Stop, stop. Shivu. Coming dad. Shivu. Arenít you getting any sleep? Itís coming dad, but the
disturbance of these people… Close your eyes and cover yourself,
you will fall asleep. He is got trapped. Yes. Trapped. What is happening? What? Scratching… Really.
Why did it come, It bit on some other day
and the itching is happening now. wIt bit on some other day
and the itching is happening now. It did. Let it be. Why are you groaning? I am not groaning. Why are you groaning? I am not groaning. What happened? I want to go to the bathroom. Fine, even I will come. Am I a donkey or a
dog that you want to come with me? You want to go alone. Yes. Go. Stop it, you horrible man.
You think there is nobody to ask, What you are doing?
You all without shame have come here. Because you spoke wrong about Dammana,
we will not accept it. We will come inside
your house and take the rice. Apologise. I will not agree. What will you do? What will I do? I will push you,
go inside and get some rice. What say? Yes. Yes. Yes. You will push me,
I want to see that. Push me. Should I see? Hey, you go. Go, go, go. Hey, Kamanarmane. Yes. Come. I have come. Will you tell me motherís story? Yes, I will tell. You useless fellows,
you will never prosper. Hey, let them play. hy did you come here?
Leave right away. Hey, what is this? You are sleeping?
Donít sleep, those Fellows might come
and do something. Be careful. Donít I know that?
You go. Hey, who is that? Hey, how dare you all come and take
Mt gate. Wait I am coming. I will see you all. Oh,
how dare you! Give me my gate. Give me.
Leave it, leave it. Leave me. Leave… Leave me,
leave me. Leave you. Hey, Shivu, you took my gate,
wait I will show you, end all your Works. That devil is coming, go and take care of that devil
Run, run. Hey, Shivu. Where are you?
Where did you go? Leave me, leave me.
Are you not human? Annamaya, what is
this name on your hand? My husband died. Died? When he was alive,
we wrote each otherís name on our hands. Come here. What? Is your dad at home? No. Your devil mom? Both of them are not there. Both of them are not there? No. Why? So shall we become one? Where. For that we need 2 rupees. Why? Get if first. Wait, I will come. How is our couple? Very nice. Shivu. Take it. When will this pain reduce? It will take some time. Gaure, my enemy, nothing can change this name. She has to. see this name I remember.
What do you know? That night, I was
banging my Head. I canít stay without
you even for a moment. Hey you crazy women, we both will be there, you canít live
Without me and I canít live without you. Your devil mother will be waiting. Letís go. Come we will go. Shivanna get up, get up. Get up. The cock has croon thrice. Get up Shivanna get up. Itís like waking up a kid. Hey, who is it? Why did you come
here when you have Fever? Go and lie down,
I have made starch. I should go, I am feeling cold,
I will stay here and get some Sunshine. You got fever? Because of the pain. Pain. Didnít you sleep last night? Let me see your hand. The fever is because of this pain. This is only for 2 days after
That it will be fine. paining for you. Right? This pain is for 2 days,
after that it will be fine. Show me. Gaura, Shivu, Shivu Gaura, Gaura,
– Shivu, Hey you, rowdy fellow,
what are you doing here, how did you
Come to my house? I came to there from here. Came from there to here
He didnít come, I asked Shivu to come. You called him,
whom did you ask and call him? Ok, as the cock comes to meet the hen,
I came to meet my Uncleís daughter. Right Gaura. Ah, you came. Hey you? My hand. Shivu…Gaura… you got a tattoo done. You shameless, you
Will never prosper in this life. Aunty, donít. What are you doing?
Why are you beating her? Leave her. Look, what great thing
your daughter has done. he has Tattooed
his name on her hand. She has got my name tattooed
and I have got her name tattooed. Right Gaura. For that reason she
is beating her. How Does it bother her? Does it bother her? `Ya how does it…
not like that, this is love. Love it seems, love. For this rowdy,
he needs love and you Have come to support him.
Just go from here. Hey you. What? Have you come here because
your dad says nothing to you? In case your
leg steps here? What will you do? I will tear you apart. Tear me apart, tear me apart,
do you think I am blind, Bother if you do anything. If you again tell me not to come, if
Somebody stops me. So what? I will pluck your eyes. What will you do? What will I do! I will tear your face. I will tear your mouth. Letís see who can
do what, letís see. Shivanna. She says she will tear me. I know who
is saying that. Come. Take care of your son,
in case he is careful, he will come again. I will tear him apart,
be careful. Yes tear me..tear me.
Letís see. for our status,
this desire cannot be fulfilled. What do I tell, how
many ever men I showed her. See son, for our status,
this desire cannot be fulfilled. Listen and do what I say. Go and… speak to Rudraís
parents as he is the only son and… fix our daughterís marriage with him. Why did you stop there? Badri, our Gauri likes Shivanna. Donít you dare bring
his name on your lips again. Does he have property?
He is a poor guy who slogs all day and… canít even earn three meals a day. Do you think I will give
my daughter to that beggar? Go, go. Itís getting late. Iím going. Badri, Rudra is
your auntís son, isnít he? He is not my auntís son, I was talking about my brotherís son.
Did you understand? Yes, I did. God, I am not able to bear this. At least give me strength to… bear whatever
happens in the future. Whatís happening? Iím going for a very auspicious work.
Iím asking for Godís help. Enough of your questions.
You leave now. Itís getting late. Okay, Iíll be back soon. You said its favour
but in whose hands is it in? -I know. But itís not in my hands
to get them both married. Let my son see your daughter once.
Then we will see. I will come tomorrow
at 10 to your house. Okay, so thatís the issue. At what time are they going to come? Tomorrow, at 10. Why are you crying for that? I will take care of it. Hey there, did you
all remember what I said? ñYes.
-Weíll take care. Aunt Kala, aunt Kala,
I searched the entire village for you. Really! Why,
whatís the matter? This Thursday,
I am getting married to Gauri. Oh are you getting married? Nice couple. Thatís the reason
I was searching for you everywhere. You will have to take
care of all the discussions. Really?
-Your hand is very lucky. Fine, Iíll go and take care of that. Even Iíll start off with work. You said, they will come
at 10 and they have not yet come. Even I do not know that. Badri madam… I came to see you. What for? It seems Gauri is getting married. . I heard that. Not marriage, they are
coming to see the girl today. If everything gets settled,
do tell me. I will definitely tell you.
You please leave now. Donít worry,
everything will go well. Iíll leave now.
-Okay go, go. Where have all of you come?
This is not a hospital. You will have to go
still further to go to the hospital. This is my house. Please come inside. We will get ruined if we
get into a relationship with you. We are not interested.
A big thanks to you and your husband. Letís move. -Please listen to me once. -Shut your mouth. No one other than
Shiva should marry Gauri. I was very scared as
to what will happen Shiva. Why get scared Gauri? Didnít you see
what happened and… how they ran away? I am for you and you are for me.
Nobody can change this. Why can nothing happen? This Badrakali is still alive. Till Iím alive, I wonít let both
of you get married. Even I will see how that will happen. Even Iíll see. You please do. How dare you stay
with me and cheat me! Come inside. Why are you looking at me? Come. Badrakali, Gidrakali,
you see what I will do to you. Leave me mom. Shut up and come. -Leave me.
-Get inside. Mom, mom!
-I have left your mother somewhere. Will you open the door or not? I wonít. You wonít die there. Iíll open this door tomorrow
when I get a proposal for you. Badri, why are you doing this? Is your mind spoilt? Do you want to hand over
our daughter to that wicked fellow? He just got a little frustrated. You called him wicked for that. Whatever you say,
I am not ready to give my daughter to that guy. Who are you to say that
I am the owner of this house? Instead of giving him,
you can give her to somebody else. Whatever happens,
I will not give her to your sisterís son. He is a waste. What Gaura.. What Gaura.. Gaura will definitely
come to our house. Gaura said,
ìIíll marry only Shivanna. Iíll not see anybody else.î I did not know what
to do and I brought her here. Gaura, Gaura… Why are you shouting like that? Look at the work
your daughter has done. This is all that fellowís job,
that sinner, idiot.. Badri.. Gaura, Gaura, how dare you come and sit here! Is this why I
have raised you up? If I donít kill you,
my name is not Badrakali. Badra, donít do this in my house.
I will not remain quiet. Who are you to say that? To talk about ethics. You brought my daughter
to give her to your son so that… you canít take over
all my property. Mind your tongue. I am not the
one who desired others property. Then why did you do this? Mom donít simply blame him. Itís not his mistake.
Father-in-law, didnít know about this. I came to her. Donít you feel ashamed to do this?
Come, letís go. Badrakali, leave her. Who are you to say that?
You come. I will not come. If you donít,
I will see your end here. Badrakali, you think there is
nobody to ask you. Leave her. She is my daughter
and Iím her mother. Donít think this is your duty. Your duty is to find her
will and her happiness. You have asked the
right way. Ask her, ask her. You do justice to the
people in the village. This man and… his son have brought
this girl to take away my property. In the night, what
will you say for that? I ask you to please keep quiet. Did you see?
Did you see him? Keep quiet. Donít talk like that.
I know everything. Did he take your daughter
anytime and get married? Did he get married? And if that happens,
will they remain silent? Will they remain silent? What Gaura? Do you like getting
married to Shiva? What do you say Shiva? Why are you looking there? Look where you have to see. So sad, heís feeling shy. What do you say Ganganna? What do I say?
The village is asking me to go and… the graveyard
is asking me to come. Tomorrow, if our children are happy,
we will be happy. But our Badrakali
should change her heart. Fine. Iíll talk to her.
Look dear, I am telling the truth. That elderly man is very noble.
If you get her married to the one she likes… then tomorrow when you see them,
you will be very happy. Why are you silent? Say something. Sir, what will she say? If she doesnít talk,
Iíll have food. Her mouth will be shut. Okay, Iím asking you for once.
What do you say? What do you say? Let what everybody desires happen. Auspicious deeds should
be done well, not just happen. Say that. Let it be done well. What do I tell, how many
ever men I showed her. I told her not
To marry him. But without listening to me,
she married him. Hey has no capability to earn, I donít know
how will my daughter Be happy. He is a total waste Nagamma. Hey leave it, who will
Fear him? When his dad has joined
with him and spoke Panchayat, I wouldnít have
given my daughter. I am very worried.. He might sell the gold or change them,
God only knows. I will leave. Mother. What is this?
Why have you removed everything? I donít need all this. So, he will be like a beggar? He wanted me, not gold.
Whatever strength God has given… Him, we will utilize that. Take it. Give it? I am foolish,
to give you all this? Daughter, in the Vedas I have heard
of Sita and Savithri, but… Now I am seeing them.
I can see them. Your life may be gold. Gaura, as you liked,
you have got a husband. This house, you are
The owner of this house. You are the Goddess. Gaura for your Married life
to be Heaven or hell, you are the reason. I am not Telling that
you should hurt yourself. Behave in such a way
That your husbandís heart is not hurt. Dad, dad. Gaura, Gaua,
put the mat. Dad is not well, his health
is got worsened. Till then I will work. Do whatever you
are doing. For my life. Fine. Do whatever you want to do,
Iíll leave. Gaganna. The mistake is yours, I asked you to
get it get it checked in the Beginning itself. You didnít do it and waited
for it till it got Worsened. From now on at least take care
of your health and Be a little careful. Shiva, Shiva, come we will play,
come we will play. Canít you see I am working? You work later, come we will play.
Hey go. Come we will play,
come we will play. What are you guys
doing when he is working? Why are you Asking him to come?
Everybody go, go. Come letís go. After his marriage,
he likes his wife more. Come letís go. I will hit you. Shivanna, the answer should be like this.
Do your work. I am very happy. What dad? Father-in Law? Is it very much painful?
Come I will take you to the hospital. Is it fine now? Father-in-law. Why dad,
why are you crying? I donít know why,
I am getting very scared. What father-in-law? You both go and work.
It will be the same for me. go, Shivanna go, Go both of you. That idiot is not well , he has be
laid down and she has to take Care of him, whole night she is awake
and render services to That fellow. That is the reason
I didnít like this proposal. Did she listen? What is this? You all the time keep yelling,
donít you have Any other work. I will not spare this again. So what do I do? All the
day that old man keeps coughing. Father-in-Law. Father-in-Law. Father-in-Law. Father-in-Law. Husband, husband,
father-in-law is not talking. Why, what happened? See. Dad, dad ,dad, dad! What happened? Dad… Dad… Dad… Badri… Yes. Gaura has not eaten,
she has been fasting. Go and see her Make something
for and give her. You know everything.
She will manage everything. You donít
have to bother. Hey, why are
you showing it on me? If you keep asking me money,
from where will I get and come? That day when I came and asked,
you told that your father… Was not well and today when I am
asking you, you tell me all This is justice. At least tell me the time,
I can come and ask you. What can I tell, all what I have is just my work.
I donít have land Or property. Who is asking you? You can postpone,
and I always Accept that. You should give back the money,
rather than Telling. Even I will wait till I can, and listen,
if you donít talk and… Give me my money
I will drag you to the court. Be careful. Sir, sir, please
give me some time. I will say only
one word, no. Itís of no use,
if you put your hand and sit. Remove it. Then what do I do? Take this. Instead of thinking,
take this and clear his debt. No Gaura, no. I am not such a horrible person
to sell what your Mother has given. I will not do this. See, it is not what my mom
has given it is my dadís name. In this situation, what is
the happiness we get with this? Take this. No, Gaura, no. Taking this, I will not
have peace in my heart. You wear it. On a Friday, married women
should not be Without gold. That is when they will
have a long married life. It is very important. When you are with me,
until you love me… this is not of much Importance.
Especially in a situation like this, take this. We can replace this with another
chain, but respect, can we Exchange
it with something? Take this. I know about you, because
of your respected nature. The debt you have taken,
all together with the interest is… 700 rupees and for
the gold you have given, Ok sir. We will leave. Gaura.. When did you come? Why? Itís been a year
since dad has left. Itís been one year since
He has been missing from this house. Only one Ugadi for a year dad.
When my dad tried to explain This, and if I would have understood this,
he would have… been alive and we wouldnít
have had this plight. I donít Understand,
what to do? See, you shouldnít cry. No, no, stop it. God will show us a way. What did you say? What did I say? Itís been a year since dad has left us,
God will show a way. This is what God has given us,
itís a vegetable, food, everything! Come. Sit. Letís eat this
and drink some water. Gaura.. Your mother is calling you. Gaura. What mom? Come and take some food. What is that and why is that, both of
You are looking at each otherís face. We, let it be. What do you mean by that, donít
you want any relation between You and me. Itís been a year since dad died, both of you come as a couple
and take some eat something. Eating whatever you have given,
my stomach has become heavy. Gaura, get me some
beetle leaf and beetle nut. At least come for that. For not even a day,
you havenít been without eating. You were
A queen. Holding this beggarís
hand you have lost everything. No, no, please donít talk like this,
what is less for me now, I have No regrets. For everybody Ugadi
come once in a year, but for Us, every day is Ugadi. some life, that
I got A wife like you. Shivanna, The panchayat, has come. Shivannna, Coming. You are at home. Yes, sit down. Donít know why today,
I am feeling very hungry. Go, go and Get me
something for me to eat. You will eat in my house? Why son, why shouldnít I eat.
The status is not what is… Important, principles
are whatís important. Why are you both Looking at each
otherís face. Isnít there any food? You are a Very rude man
and you didnít tell me anything. You should have
Told me when you needed help. I have brought Things
that belonged to your father. Dassana told me. I have brought
Things that belonged to your father. Hey come and get the Things. Keep this and live happily.hey,
you donít worry, I Will send all the
ploughing things. Use it ok. Stand up. Go cook
And eat food properly. Go. Why isnít it
working properly? May be it has to be repaired. Hey, owner. I there anybody who
can repair this. In this village. My brother Shivanna, ask anybody
in this village, they will show you his house. Itís enough,
my stomach is full. Nothing will happen. Eat. Shivanna. Who is it? Coming. Listen, you finish this.
I will go and see who it is. Shivanna. Is Shivanna there? He is here,
he will come. Who is it? He is a stranger,
not from our village. Ok. I will find out. Hey brother,
which village are you from? I am from Bangalore.
Are you Shivanna? Yes, what do you want? The clamp of the
spring plate is has come out. Can you repair it? Ya, where is it? Itís here. Replace this with another one. Nice job. Ya. Is it ok now. Nice job. I was seeing, what
is this strange job? 14 rupees. Why, is it less? It a lot. The work you have done,
I have given you less than 15 rupees. Whatever work you do
in this village, itís not worth. What do you mean? I mean, if you were in Bangalore,
you can shine. I leave Shivanna. Thanks a lot. What does ëthanksí mean? Thanks means, thanks. I forgot to ask you,
what work do you do? I am driver Narsiah, my name
is very famous in Bangalore. You name is
ëTussí in Bangalore. Not ëtussí it is famous. God knows that. Gaura, 15 rupees. Listen, why are you looking there, opening your eyes wide and what are you thinking? What? Yesterday, that driver gave
me 15 rupees and asked, why a… Worker like me
was not in Bangalore. I would have
made You shine. So? That is what
I am thinking about. Why? In a day if I can earn so much
then for years we can earn more. More… No. Now stop, and sleep,
and later you can think about that. Ok sleep. Lord Shiva. What are you thinking? For working from dawn till dust,
see how much we have earned. Take this. I feel, what the driver
has said is true. If we go to the
City, we can earn more. Wonít it be sufficient? We have to pay the interest,
the debts and also for our living. What do you say? Yes. You said yes,
do one work. What? You go to your mothers place,
I will go to Bangalore. That is what I donít want.
I will come, where ever you go. I will not stay here. Not like that. There is this, there is no that.
I canít leave you and be without A moment. Let that happen,
we will be together. Ok. Then let it happen. Oh Shivanna. What? Can you give me
a bucket of water? Get water.
Is everything fine. Everything is fine. I wanted some water
for the radiator. Thatís it. Till now, we were sitting
and talking about you. Why? That day you told right. Even we thought we
will come to Bangalore. And that also as a couple.
Come letís go. My lorry is empty. If you ask me come,
all of a sudden, how can I come? I need To see,
what can be done to this house? Is Thursday good to go? You are telling Tuesday,
another six days. Hey, I will come tomorrow. Really, how will
you come there? There is a government bus in the
morning at 7.30, I will come by That bus. Ok, you come without fear;
I will come tomorrow, to the bus stand. I am coming
there trusting you. Come, everything will be fine. Shiva, think a little,
I am not happy with you going. After much thinking, I have
taken this decision. Please bless me… And send me happily. Go, God will
`show you the way. Here itself, they couldnít live properly.
Now how will they Survive in the city? I told you donít do, donít do.
Did you listen? When she is leaving the village, say something nice and positive.
What should I talk? I will leave. Will you stop if
I donít want to? I told you no;
did you Listen? I will leave dad. Ok dear… Keep this with you. I donít want mom. Telling this, are
you trying to hurt me. Gaura, you shouldnít say no,
when elders give… Give me. Mother-in-Law, other than you,
who is an elder person for us, The only one I had,
my dad, had left me and went. thinking I amYour son,
bless me. Take care both of you. Narsana said that he will come
to the bus stand, where is he? Hey brother,
do you know driver Narsanna? You dirty village brute. Itís not brother, its sister. Oh my God, in this city I donít
Knowing who are these people? Confusion, confusion. Hey, Shivanna has already come.
Hey Shivanna. Ya Narsanna.
Where did you go. wouldnít have come, only
Lord Shiva is my destitute. Where is your lorry? There is no lorry. Then how do we go? Auto-rickshaw. What is that? Look there,
it has three wheels. He is Nasuurensha.
Even he is Our person. Auto is his. Why is he waving his hand? He is greeting you. The autorikshaw is mine. Go take the luggage. Auto is yours. Hey, this is the house,
come , get down. Hey Naseduru, no half
and later I will give you Ok sir. Ok sir. Ok sir. Your House is very superb,
I liked it a lot. 35 rupees, rent
and 3 rupees for electricity. 38 rupees. I have taken it for you.
The opposite house is my house. I am the king and
the minister of that palace. But there is no
Queen in that palace. Tomorrow at 7 ëOí Clock be ready. I will Speak to my boss
and ask him to give you a job. Itís only because
of you my God. I came here.
I trusted you and came. This God is there
only for others Shivanna. Ok then I will leave Now. Donít do this. S Shall I leave? Ok. Annamma, when I see you,
I get very angry. Why? Instead of this, I want to buy 5 litres of liquor.
Saying that, even I pray to God. For this life, me doing that
is not going to happen and even You becoming a woman
is not possible in this life. Just go, you mannerless man. Unnecessarily, I came
and spoke to you. Hey Savathri, Savithri. Donít know, when will that God
give you some brain, and when Will
I our married life get better. What are you asking,
how many times I told you not to tell… All this married life,
Ramayanam. Ask me if I had whisky, did I eat my food. And you talk
other things, go. What dear,
what is your name? Gaura. Where are you from? Shut up, you are checking inspector. She is a checking inspector
to interrogate everybody. You asked it the right way. What does
your husband do? I donít know. Why are you laughing? If anybody comes, you stop You work
and start laughing. Stranger comes only one day, remaining seven days,
work and Sleep would b sufficient. Shut your mouth. When
you came newly, you were the same. Swarnama, is your water
to drink, or for wastage. Hey, did I see that water
is being wasted, I will beat you. Isnít it enough?
Why are you making fun of me? Itís over. Shivanna, I am ready,
I am ready. Isnít the dressing up done? Itís over, itís over. Gaura, I will go. You shouldnít tell go, you should say
that you will go and come. I will go and come. Even I will leave Gaura. Ok, brother. Narsana, go and
meet Maison, Subanna. Thank you. Thank you. Subanna, he is Shivanna, Hello. He has come here to work.
He was working as a welder. Teach Him,
all the works. Will leave Shivanna, Thank you. Thank you, very much. Come Narsiah.
Come, come, sit. Why? Nowadays, you
Donít drop in? What to do,
I am not free at all. You are not free, or are
you going to some other shop. No matter how many
ever shops are there, the fun over here
Isnít there anywhere else? Say that. Your girls are missing?
Where are there? Arenít they there,
this Vijay Laksmi, Vaishali, kam.. Not them, they are all old,
if somebody young comes only… Then will We get customers. You are very clever.
I have done something for you. Listen, if She steps into this place,
itís over. You can buy this place. You know how she is…
beautiful. Clothes shop, provision shop.
Everything is here, tomorrow well, finish your work fast,
I will come and take you. I will leave. Swarnamma, Swarnamma, somebody
has come and Robbed the entire shop. Who is that, O God what
plight have you put me into, Legs are not supporting me,
hey your hands will get destroyed, Lady is good,
but has got a little big mouth. I will leave. Who? Neighbour. Gaura Gaura.
I have joined work. You got. You know what
kind of a factory it is, each and every machine
What can I say, it is very big making sounds
that the ear gets Blocked. Really? Sit down. What is this? Hold this. What is this? Donít we have to pay
the debts of him and dadís? Yes, yes,
I forgot. I forgot. Dera form of wife, you are a form of
Holy water of parents. To, parents. Hello from son Shivanna.
With your blessings, We are fine. Hope your fine too.
I will give the first instalment of… Your debt. Hello
to mother-in-law, hello to
Panchayat as well. Yours lovingly, Shivanna. Gaura, are you making food. My husband
has gone to work. Came for you, sit down. Sit down,
Itís not a problem. How is Bangalore? Itís fine. No you go, when he comes,
you come and talk to him. I have work now. Gaura, can you
give me a match box? It is in your hand. This is empty. I came to see Shivanna. I wanted to talk to You. In case if you want
to talk to me, talk to me. You donít have to feel shy. How much is
Shivanna for you, Think of me as the same. I will leave now. Match box… First give me the money,
and then go, wherever you want. Whose money,
which money, where money? My money. I work hard, burnt my
hands and make candles. I have earned money.
You donít spend nor do you let me spend… I join my hands
in front of you. Donít let me ask
others for Money. Look at our
sonís face and give. Give it for the
Expenditure of the house. What do you think I will do,
even I will spend it. You never took care
of the wife and son, the money I have… Earned working hard, for starch,
I am asking you not to spend it. Savithri, you are talking a lot. I am getting angry. Even I am getting angry.
For Godís sake , give this to me. Or else,
I will shout loudly. You will shout?
I will hit you very badly. Hit me!
Hit me till you get satisfied. You ask me, you ask me, stand up.
Why did you lift me? Why are you crying? When you were not there
I am Very alone, I get very scared. What is there to get scared of,
is this a forest, will robbers come? I donít know. Look for
a job for me in your factory. I want to be with you. Do you think it is our
village to give you work? Listen, four days. After that,
we will go to our village. Really. Swear on our village Dasanna. Tomorrow evening, tractor
Rajanna, is coming, we will go and roam
and see entire Bangalore. Even you will have time pass
and we can see Bangalore as well. What is this place? Hey, donít bend,
look straight. Ok. Are they laughing at me? Why are you all,
behaving like this? I am asking you. Why are you
getting attracted to me? Havenít You seen
anybody like me before? Worship me,
worship me. Hey, donít move,
stand still. I am not shaking,
the bus is shaking. See that, its touching
The sky. We can see it there. No, donít do that,
itís because of my hair. Come, come,
will we not have a kid later. Savithramma, Savithramma. What happened son? Your son has got drunk
and has fallen down of the road. If any lorry runs over him,
he will die there and become biryani. Where is he son? Satyanarayana sir,
Satyanarayana Sir. You are here? I am not that foolish
to drink and fall down, I saw you there, I thought you
will definitely drop me home, and so I laid
down On the road, and you saw me
and dropped me home. Savithramma,
take care of your husband. Yes, son. You took the money
and come like this. Where did you go? Where will I go? I went to Naiduís place. Why did you
come here then? You should have stayed there. Hey do you know the value
of that house than this house? When you step into that house,
the happiness keeps Increasing by meter.
Why give me 70 rupees? Give me money every Monday,
I will stay right there, A mistake if I touch you then. I canít change you. If my husband would
have spoken this way, I would have
Ripped him apart. Vannama, I donít want
a fight between us. know that my
Wife is also of the same strength. See, I am bowing
down Before you. It is winter season, go cover yourself
with the Blanket and sleep. I will sleep. I will sleep. Come, come. You come. Leave me…let me see,
what she is saying. Donít come. I will sleep. What work have you done? I poured water on him,
so that he will behave in the right way. You poured water on me? No. Why arenít you all seeing
what is good about this? Instead of stopping whatís
happening and helping him You get up and laugh.
Go go, see your work, everybody Is seeing. Everybody is watching
my comedy show. Donít know, who is that good person,
who has poured water On you. In the whole of Bangalore,
in 64 houses, guy has touched Me
you know that. You are a very strong man. You touch me. Whatever work you are doing,
is not your wrong. Itís the liquor in
Your stomach that is doing the work. Hold him, hold him. Take this. Take this. I will leave. Can I ask you one thing? Ask. You cut your hair? Why? Everybody is
making fun of your hair. Ok, just because everybody is,
making fun of my hair, I should Cut it off. Do you like me
cutting my hair? I like. Then even I like. Shivanna, Shivanna. What is this?
Get up. Leave my legs. Until you tell me that
you have forgiven me, I leave your legs. What mistake have you made?
I am asking you, what is that Mistake
that you have made. Last night, I hit you
Shivanna. I didnít know. Alcohol made me drunk. Oh, liquor had drunk you? I drank Liquor. I know that you were drunk
and You did not know anything, that is the reason, I didnít do anything
Or else I would have hit you. Donít I know, I know. Please forgive me, that liquor has
Taken my respect away. Not only your respect,
even your family. From now on, look
At your wife and sons face and quit liquor. When I think the
Horrible situation faced by her, itís so sad. Fine I will leave now. He can never change.
I will leave. Ok. Gaura, Gaura. What? I need a help from you.
Can you? What do you want? Can you keep
this with you? Me? No. Now he will ask for this.
This is the only thing we have. If this is gone, me and my son ,
wonít have money, to even buy poison. Give it. Gaura, I have no
trust in anybody else. You are like my sister. Do this one favour for me. I am getting scared,
donít know for what? For what are you scared,
I will be right here. Donít tell it to Anybody. Just tell it to your husband. Gaura, why are you
looking at me like that? Am I looking Good hey one second, one second,
I will remove the Slippers. What? What is that? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Wifesbaís eyes is bad for husband,
that is the reason I Am doing all this. This one I liked a lot. Take, this is for you. Wait. This is for you. Rice, ragi, wheat, drumsticks,
salt, oil, totally, 105 rupees. If it costs so much for us, the earnings would be
sufficient to Live in Bangalore. See, if this happens, when can we save money
and clear our Debts. My dad used to tell me,
when the son goes far, the dreams will
Remain unfulfilled. That is happening now. It happens to
everybody Shivanna. For a day, if you Work over time
in the factory you can earn 50 rupees to 60 rupees a day. Is it true that If you work
for night shift for half an hour, then you will be paid
For over time? Really. How will that happen,
whole of the day, I am alone and even in
The night, you expect me to be alone? How will you be alone Gaura?
Am I not there? Arenít the
neighbours there? Right, Shivanna? Right Gaura.. If you had to work and night,
why should I be here? I would have
Stayed back in the village. That is what I told you Gaura, if we work hard for two days,
we Can go back to our village. Then we will tell a big
thank you to Bangalore. You know even that, that is the reason,
you start earning more, From tomorrow
you do overtime. I will do that.
Thank you so much. Why did you
knock the door? Night duty, it will get late
for Shivanna to come, so I wanted To see if you
are getting bored as you are alone. I am not getting bored. I will get bored, if you come.
Leave. What Gaura, when I am trying to come close to you,
you are Going far from me. Who am I? I am asking you,
who am I? A Stranger. No. I am yours. I want your happiness.
How is Shivanna, Even I am the same. Narsanna, leave
from here. Go, Gaura.. Go.. Gaura, Will you not go? You know what is this? Shivannaís slipper.
You will beat me with this. Like Shivanna it seems,
like Shivanna. Look at his face, How dare he comes here,
wait let Shivanna come. I will tell him. I will see his end. Gaura, for your married life to be heaven,
or hell, you are Responsible. I am not asking you to
suppress your feelings of… Bearing things just see to it,
that your husband is not hurt. From, Karnataka,
fine arts institute. Shakuntala Devi from north Karnataka,
going to present A dance. Do watch it. Tickets for. Rs.
10, Rs. 5, Rs. 3, Rs. 2 and Re 1.
Do come and enjoy. Gaura,Gaura.
I have no duty tonight. What for? Look at this, there is somebody
called Shakuntala, she is going To perform a dance,
dance performance. I am telling you That tonight,
we both will go there. Shivanna, Shankutala Deviís
dance is going to be very nice. We will have a lot of fun. All the locality people are going,
even I am going. Even Shiva wants to go. I am giving the
ticket for everybody. Get up and come. What Shivanna, the dance is going
to start and Narsimhanna Has not yet come. He still hasnít come? Where did you go,
Nasimhanna? Forgive me Shivanna,
I had to urgently take load to the hostel. Take the ticket,
you people go. Arenít you coming? My owner has given me work,
at the last moment. Itís ok, you come. How is that possible,
I am getting late. I will leave. Come letís go,
come. All of you, if you donít mind,
I want to go there. Ok go. Go sir. Hey, now you are the
competition our Shakuntala. No, donít. Nobody is great,
everybody is the same. What Say? Yes. Thank you so much. Narsanna, you save at the
times of trouble. What is the matter? Nothing. Just give me Rs 5. For what? I need petrol
for this lorry. Is there no
gold in the house? What do I say? All the ornaments
are with the pawn brokers. The Nose stud,
the earrings and the chains. What is at home are,
only The eyes, ears and nose. Donít want all that,
give me Rs 5. There is a gold necklace
with your wife, did you mortgage even
That and buy liquor. Oh yes, only that did not
get trapped in my hands. Have reminded
me at the correct time. Donít want,
give me Rs 5. If I give you Rs 5, that
will get over for just one drink. First Ask her for that chain
you can ride the horse for the whole day. Ya, but there are some
conflicts between us, donít want, give me Rs 5.
I will give that back to you. See, just because you are my friend,
I have helped you, Tell it to anybody. I will burn
the lorry you are filling the petrol with. Donít I know you
have the capability? I will leave. Savithri, stand up. Give the necklace. Necklace?
Which necklace? 38 gold coins necklace. It weights 128 grams. Give that. You better
Give it to me, or else I will burry you alive. It is the only gold left, do you want
to mortgage even that for Liquor, I will not give that. I will hit you, give,
wont you give? No. Hey, what are
you all watching? Go. Wonít you give? Go and get the necklace,
go and get the necklace . go hey, get up
Get up. Go. Gauramma,
give me that necklace. Come inside. I knew this. What? What has happened?
What has happened? Sathyanarayanappa,
What happened? It is all my family matter. The gold necklace which I asked,
she had given it to your wife. his is all because of that. What is this work
you have done Gauri, others things are
equal to Danger. And you kept that in our house.
Give it to her, first give It to her. What Gaura? The necklace of hers,
which I hid, is not there. What happened? Where did you hide?
Search it again. I hid it here. What is this?
What is this? Will the box, swallow , what you Have kept there.
I donít want all that. I want my necklace,
right Now. Sathynarayanappa,
Sathyanarayanappa. Give me A day. I will search, maybe she forgot,
where she hid it. I canít do all that. When he said he will give,
why are you hurrying? See talking,
whom are you talking to. This is between me
And her, who are you to ask? Who am I? Who are you? I will tell you, who I am.
I will not keep quiet. I will put you into The jail. Donít get angry,
donít get angry. Satyanarayanappa, I have no
Habit of taking others things. I will get and give it to you
tomorrow, your necklace. Now go, go man. You have to give me tomorrow.. Ok. Remember that Everybody go. Everybody go. Donít cry Gaura, I am just asking,
why did you take that chain? Why will I want to take? That lady came
and told that her… Husband had asked
and taken everything and sold. This is the Only thing left, it will be useful in our
bad times and she gave me. I hid it in this. I donít know
how it got disappeared. I have done
A mistake. Donít cry, donít cry. Letís see, who
can show me a way. What a stupid work,
have you done. If I was in your situation,
I Would have loudly asked everybody. No, is there any
Is there any affidavit, or documents or any evidence that
She has given the necklace. Instead of asking all that,
you Said a yes, and accepted it. What are you saying Narsanna? Taking others things and
Denying it, will God like it. Even that is true. Now , I should do something
and give back, the necklace. What do I do Shivanna,
my hands are tied up. Narsanna, Narsanna,
I will not touch others money. I will go to The village, borrow money and buy the
same necklace and give Him, what do you say? Thatís good, even I will come.
We will somehow clear the debt. What? Did you find my
gold coin necklace? Where is your Husband? I dint find it.
He has gone to the village. What? He has gone to the village? My necklace. He has gone to get that. What? Is there a gold
coin tree in Your village, that your husband has gone,
to get .are you fooling Me? He said he will give it
to me in the morning , and he left, and
Now you runaway. If I trust you, I will go mad. I Donít know,
all that, until the gold coin necklace
comes to my Hand, I will not leave
this place and go. Do you think nobody
will tell anything? When you do what
You always want? My mother,
my Goddess of charity. Yesterday you came
And did some justice, her husband has taken the necklace
And now he is enjoying with it. Keep quiet man. Donít you have manners? You are coming and
Making nuisance, when the lady is alone. I am the one, mannerless.
When somebody takes your gold… Necklace, will
you do cabbry dance? Shut up our mouth. Donít talk too much. Just because he is not
There, you are making noise. When her husband comes, you
Come and ask him. Now go, get out. Big lady,
to come and give justice. 0Go out. Whenever you
want any debt, you can ask. I will leave. I will leave now Kandrappa. God will be with you. Letís go Narsanna, letís go to the gold smith
and get gold necklace made. It will take till Monday
to make a Gold necklace. Till then if we
donít give, will he keep quiet. See, I know a shop. There you will get the readymade
necklace of the desired weight. First lets Go to Bangalore,
its time for the bus to leave. Shivanna, you
Go to the factory directly. I will get the necklace
and come there. Once I come, we will throw
it on him. give me the money. Ok. 34, 35,36,37,38, 128 grams.
Its correct. Is it correct? Satyanaraynappa,
I have cleared your debt. I will
Leave. Youíre a person
who is gold. Be happy. You be happy,
you be happy. You were dying saying your
necklace is gone, at least now Did you know how
principled Shivanna is? I know, I know. Do you think
everybody is like you? Give the gold necklace. What? Necklace. I will hit you if you… hey, it is gold man.
Why are you rubbing it. Is this gold. Definitely. See it. Hey, be careful. You give a gold chain
and you are warning me? I will Complain
to the police. Cheating, Cheating, Vanamma come, Savithri, we have been
Cheated. They have cheated us. What a fraud! O Shiva, come Out. Who is it? For what? You have put
mud in my mouth, you took my necklace and you
Have given a duplicate gold necklace. You cheat me,
you Cheater, What is this; you are talking
whatever is coming to your mouth! I am telling that you have
given a duplicate gold necklace, To eaten my necklace
and even drank water. First check it and then talk.
Come I will show it to you. Tell him Narsanna, he is telling that it is duplicate, you have
Only bought this and come. Hey Shivanna,
are you drunk? When did I give you this
Necklace? Are you joking Narsanna? Is only Joking my work? That means, you give me . I donít remember anything. You donít remember anything. I gave you money
and asked you… that is what
I am talking About. See, donít make me a bad man,
in front of these people. All these games, you
play some other time, not now, not now, not
it this Moment. Itís ok Shivanna, you are acting very well.
You have dominated Me. See Narsanna, I am a normal person, if you try to cheat me
God will not leave you. Tell the truth, you have given me this
Necklace right? No, listen to what I say. So promise on this earth. I swear on this earth,
I donít know. You cheater. What do you think of me? I will teach him a lesson. Please, leave him, Please, leave him,
leave him. Leave me, he has cheated me,
I will teach him a lesson. If you have to do that, come
to the police station Please, leave him, Please, leave him, it Is not his mistake,
please leave him. Because of him, we are banging our heads.
Leave him, leave him. He has done nothing wrong, it Is not his mistake,
please leave him. I will touch your feet,
please leave Him. Donít cry, I am going
to the police station. Truth will prevail. Vannama, explain to her. Please donít take him, please. Please. Leave him,
leave him. Gaura sister, Gaura sister, Shivanna has got a
life sentence Punishment? No! Donít cry sister,
donít cry. I knew that
Narsinha is A cheater. When I was in Majestic circle, I heard him tell That. He wanted to trap
you and cheat you. Nazeer brother,
I want to see him once. Thatís it. Definitely sister, I will take you
in my auto-rickshaw, come sister Come. Donít cry Gaura,
donít cry Gaura. What do we do, everything is
in our fate. You go to the village. tilI I am in the jail, you go And stay in your fatherís house. No, I will not go anywhere,
leaving you. I will stay here, Please donít
talk like this again. What do I do then? I will manage somehow.
I will not do that. God should save us. Rani, if you tell it to anyone ,
that I have given this coin necklace To you. Did you give this to me so
that somebody should ask me? By the way, till where,
has the Ramba matter come to? He husband has gone
to the jail, another 2 days, I will pull her to
Myself and give her to you. Gauri, I am not going
to leave you today. Donít leave me, donít leave me.
Get out or else I will scream. You want to scream,
scream loudly. going to leave You. Scream. Leave me, leave me
you sinner, leave me, leave me, Vannamma, Somebody please
come and save me. What happened Gauramma, Gaura, Gaura, Gaura,
open the door Gaura, Gaura. Vannama, donít interfere,
see what I will do. What will you do, if you come again
into this locality, I will break your legs. Gaura, donít cry dear,
donít cry. If that dog comes Here again,
I will kill him. Donít cry dear, donít cry. Gaura, Gaura Gaura, she has vacated the house
and where did she go. I am not going to leave you. A very bad incident happened,
very bad incident sir. What? See, sir. Sir, give me 30 minutes time,
I want to go and see Gauri. I donít know in which
helpless situation it happened. O God, please sir, I want your sympathy,
if you want, you can come with me. Believe me Sir,
have trust on me. I trust you a lot, but
please donít mistake me, it is against the law, Without his order,
I canít leave or catch anybody. Sanamma, from where did
you get this necklace from? I got it from the
money that I earn. I will give you one,
this necklace is mine. Itís your fatherís. Hey, you better give me,
my necklace. Or else, I will cut it along with
your neck and take it to the pawn broker. Give the necklace. Hey leave it! Give, leave! Hey Chitta, Bhutta,
throw him out. Hey, leave me, hey, I know that the
necklace is mine. What? Your Honour, for a women,
her respect is very important, but When a person tries to come
and ruin her , if any other woman, Was in her situation,
even she would have done the same. What am I trying to say is,
a lady in a very helpless position, to Save herself, to save
her respect, she has done this. When you
Give your judgement, please do consider
all the investigations And also to show sympathy,
is my humble request. Thatís all
Your Honour. The judgement will
be given tomorrow. Should I hit you? As it was a
helpless situation and To save her respect, this lady
as killed him. As a result, she has Not been punished,
and therefore, considering all the Investigations, according
to the Indian Penal Cord section 326, She has been given
one year sentence in the jail. Shivanna, you are innocent,
the driver Narsimha cheated you. So you have been released.
Now you can go. Thank you so much. Guara, Guara, Wait please, I want to
See her. Gaura, Gaura, Wait please, I want to
See her. I will join my hands before you, I want
To take her into my hands, Guara, Gaura. Why are they
Getting you into the jail? It is all my fate. It is not your fate,
it is not your fate, it is all what that Narsimha… Did I trust him and to earn
handful of money I brought you. It is my fate, my fate. Please, she
doesnít know Anything. I will take the punishment given to her,
please Donít put her in the jail, please. Leave her. We donít know all that. Brother, please leave her, please
I will touch your feet , please Leave her. Let me go. I will not,
I canít leave my Gaura. Shivanna,
what is happening? They are taking my Gaura ,
my Gaura to the jail. Please leave Her for Godís sake,
I canít live without her. Shivanna, she
has been given punishment. Punishment? Then even Iíll stay here. When the punishment gets
Over, both of us together will go See, Shivanna, this is jail,
after being released, you canít stay Here, after being punished,
you canít go. Then what is my plight sir,
how will I live without Gauri, what is This justice, what is this equity,
what is this Gods love? Take her away. Gaura, Gaura, Gaura, Gaura, Shivanna, you come and take her after
the punishment is over. Shivu, Shivu, Shivu, Gauri, Gauri Shivu, How are you?
Are you doing good? With all your blessings.

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  1. I loved paapamma n ramadevi characters awesome…I watched starting scene of papamma more then 15times.. simply outstanding

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