Dr Cook’s Leather Bitless Bridle Review
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Dr Cook’s Leather Bitless Bridle Review

August 17, 2019

Hi, my name is Lucy. I work in Customer Care,
and today I’m reviewing Dr. Cook’s Leather Bitless Bridle. At first I really wasn’t sure how I was going
to like trying out a bitless bridle. I’ve had my horse for a long time and we’ve used
a lot of different things, and as he’s gotten older, he’s gotten a lot softer to work with.
I saw this and thought, why not give it a try. I was completely shocked at how great
he was in this bridle, he was a lot more giving, a lot more willing, and he seemed to really
enjoy not having a bit in his mouth. At first glance, it looks a little tricky
to put on, but it’s actually pretty easy. You put it on like a normal bridle. You can
adjust the jowel pieces here that go under the horse’s chin for how tight you need them
or how big your horse’s face is, and then you just attach reins to the bottom. I will mention that the bridle doesn’t come
with reins, so those will need to be a separate purchase. This bridle is a really great fit for somebody
that has a horse that has a sensitive mouth or you’re looking to get away from using your
typical bit. It’s also a really good product if you’re going to be doing some leisure riding
as it gives different pressure points for your horse. This bridle that I’m holding is a fuller horse
size. It tends to run very similar to the other brands that are out on the market. One
thing that I would note is that the noseband does tend to run a tiny, tiny bit small, but
there is room to add extra holes if you need to. I’m Lucy, and Dr. Cook’s Leather Bitless Bridle
is a great alternative to your traditional bridle.

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  1. i use a dutch gag on the lowest ring, my gelding can be forward going and strong, and he just dosnt ride in any other bit! i feel so harsh but, would a bitless bridle be a good option for me to try?

  2. I used one of these and didn't like it at all. The noseband sits on the end of the nose, causing an insane amount of pressure on the sensitive bone, even with the softest of hands. To make it worse, he rubbed his head on his leg(just scratching) and the whole thing came off his face! I had it fitted by a professional saddler who was also shocked and now never re commends them. We will stick to the micklem multi for bitless from now on!

  3. A horse we ride (Jay) has Dr. Cook bitless bridle, he works really well in it! We have clips on our channel if you want to see more. We highly recommend (so does Jay). He used to be ridden with bits (before we met him).

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