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Draw My Horse

August 18, 2019

Horse.” It’s “horse.” “Horse.” “Horse.” “Horse.” “Horse.” Is “horse.” [successful guess sound] Awww! I’m actually gonna go ahead and give him another arm, And, so he can, uh, dual wield pistols And *that* gun actually has a gun of its own. And *that* gun’s actually holding another gun- It’s actually holding *two guns* as the initial guy w- [timer ticks down]
What the hell is this? [successful guess]
Oh it was a real gem, alright. Ooh, I know, it’s “horse!” It’s “horse,” I know this–! Give ‘im a little smiley face here- Uh that’s actually the mustache, This the smiley face, that second one on the bottom. [timer ticks down] [timer continues ticking]
How the hell ..! (begins laughing) How did he get–! [timer ticks down]
It’s “horse!” [successful guess sound]
That’s what I said! “Horse!” [timer ticks down]
(in horse voice) “Hi I’m horse!” [timer continues ticking]
(through laughs) He- he got it again! [unintelligible commentary by Dunkey and grzzlybeard] [grzzlybeard holds a sustained laugh] [both begin chuckling] (grzzlybeard) It’s, it’s “banana..!” [Dunkey struggles to catch his breath] (Dunkey, through laughs) I knew it! It’s “bana –!” (laughs) How do you spell banana ?! [both laugh] [successful guess sound]
Got it. [unintelligible] — baby stroller, … The word is “chocolate cookie.” [successful guess sound] [Dunkey laughs] (grzzlybeard) I still oughta draw a horse. (grzzlybeard) That’s it. [successful guess sound]
[Dunkey laughs] (Dunkey) Oh it’s “horse”
[timer ticks down] [timer continues ticking] [failed guess sound]
[laughter] (Dunkey, mumbling) … look at Yoshipig … (really quietly) … like a murderer [grzzlybeard laughs loudly] [chiptune version of “Horse With No Name” begins]
[timer ticks down] (grzzlybeard) Get it, “buck?” [Dunkey laughs] (Dunkey, mumbling, to the tune of “Horse With No Name”)
A horse [unintelligible] da horse with no name It feels good to be out, of, the horse In desert [The horseshoe cocaine?] It feels good to be out of da horse [scatting gently as if he was still using real words] It feels good to be woof at the horse Horse wit the horse wit the horse with no name- [loudly, suddenly] Take it away, Joey! [primal shouting] OH, [breathes in] OH, OH, [breathes in] OH, [breathes in] OH, [breathes in] EH- [difficulty breathing] YEH- [ambulance pls] YEH- [bridge of “Horse With No Name” plays] [unintelligible chatter] (some guy) Dhe Four-Leg Technique! Haven’t been done in 10 years, since Van Gogh was at the tournament (grzzlybeard) Holy shit, ah, you threw me for a loop there. You actually went with three legs. (a guy) You tricked me [unintelligible] [loud typing]
[unintelligible] (grzzlybeard) … the classic Van Gogh. It looks like he’s going for the Donatello. [dunkey stop typing omg] [“Pullin’ off with the wrong leg”?] (Dunkey) Star bucks!
(grzzlybeard) Ohh, okay. (Dunkey) Ooh, this horse looks to be a little small, I have to say. [unintelligible, “small body”?] (grzzlybeard) Here’s the spoiler alert: this horse was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. This is actually… Uh, the head. (Dunkey) Here’s, uh, there’s been celery- glued on to the top of his head. (guy) Look at the trackpad drawing on this one. It’s all messed up.
[laughter] (Dunkey) Gerard here has injected a lot of, uh, drugs into his system. Very shaky. (grzzlybeard) Classic Van Gogh. (Dunkey) Claaasic horse. (guy) What the fuck is goin’ on! (Dunkey) Classic flat-foot technique. (grzzlybeard) Oh, I haven’t seen this done in a while. (Dunkey) Oh, I haven’t seen this done in- oh, he’s using the spinnerroo tail, ladies and gentlemen. Uh ladies and gentlemen, spinnerroo tail. (grzzlybeard) Oh my god, this is just crazy nuts. (Dunkey) This is gettin’ deep. This is Tigger. (grzzlybeard) He might be cheating- is it cheating to look at a picture of a horse and just trace over that?

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  1. Myself and two friends joined a random lobby, and after a few dozen rounds of drawing horses, we got everyone else in the lobby drawing horses too. One rule – draw the horse first. It was so much damn fun, and I'm still amazed we got a bunch of randoms joining in just by doing it so many times they felt obliged to.
    It's sad to say, but that is actually one of my most memorable online gaming experiences. Drawing shitty horses with strangers.
    The internet's one hell of a drug…

  2. I was drawing me a horse, but the horse was a snake, it felt good to watch dunkey again.
    When you draw horse, you feel impossibly great 'cause there ain't no one for to take it away.

  3. I didn’t remember remembering that Horse With No Name cover in this video. I almost wish he put that in his review of Red Dead Redemption 2.

  4. I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
    La, l-

    Oh, wrong video

  5. I'm upset that vanoss gaming is basically copying the hi less technique but with homer Simpson instead and no one else will acknowledge it

  6. Holy shit watched this is at work and literally after I took out my headphones I heard A Horse With No Name on the radio. Spooked.

  7. This feels like the ocean video because of how he stubbornly sticks with one concept and it's hilarious.

  8. I cant believe this video, which is one of my favorite videos I've ever seen, is now over six years old. Holy shit.

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