DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Blind Boxes Review
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DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Blind Boxes Review

August 13, 2019

Hey everyone today in this video I’m gonna be
opening up two of these DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free mini horse wave one
blind boxes now blind bags can be very fun to collect but the fun can also be
short-lived and gimmicky I’m gonna give an honest review of these spirit riding
free mane horses to see if this blind box is just a fun
throwaway item or if it has some value to keep as a cool collectible we’ll go ahead
and open up these two first and then go over some review points afterwards
here’s a look at the boxes and then except for the color of this part at the
box is the same so there’s a plastic covering it I’ll just cut that with the
scissors remove that let’s see if just this part lifts out and then you have
this like corral stable right there and then this is a cardboard box and tear it
open all right great
we have spirit there is a checklist here there’s a checklist collect them all
this is wave 1 the back is empty it comes in a clear bag here here is the first one number two oh we
got a different one awesome a look at this one okay now to go over some review points the package design
does it add to the fun and the package is it also a cool collectible to use for
display with the toy or is a throwaway item now it’s a little half in half with
the cardboard you definitely want to throw that away because you have to rip
it apart to get inside but they did include a keep-keep item which is these
like stables that you can collect to put your horses in so that is part of the
display and they’re really cute and work well with your horses and it I think it
does add to the fun of collecting them my next point of review is variety
there’s a checklist show a good variety of possible toys and there’s only eight
to collect but each one is a different horse character there are not duplicates
of different like there’s not two or three spirits in just different poses so
you’re never gonna get two of the same character and unless unless you pull a
duplicate of the horse but I’m saying each one you can get a different
character so there’s a good variety and characters of the horses my next
point is execution is the actual surprise toy a decent quality and I am
quite surprised for a mini horse they’re actually bigger than I thought they were
going to be and the paint detail on them is executed quite well the little tiny
faces are painted and the eyes are executed nicely they are a quality horse
toy and they look like the horse characters from the show that they are
portraying overall recommendation based on my review points is a cool
collectible or is the fun short-lived and I can’t recommend it I think if you
liked this show if you like the movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron on you might
like the show and therefore I think you would like picking these up and
collecting the different little horses and my last thing is I’m going to give
it a rating from one to ten ten being the best of the best I would give these
solid eight out of ten they’re really cute the stables when lined up together
are cute I like that each one that you can get is a different horse character
and from the checklist I don’t think any of them are more rare than others so it
is a possibility you could collect them all and they did a good job with
painting them and overall just a really pretty cute simple little horse figure
for the show so thank you for watching this review bye

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