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Dressing Funny with Tan France | Trailer | Netflix is a Joke

March 5, 2020

– Hello, I’m Tan France
and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. Let me get you a napkin. – I don’t love this person. – What? – Will we laugh a lot? (laughs) Yes! Will someone get pegged? – This is perfect. – Yeah
– There we go. – Almost. Will I teach women about
vaginal rejuvenation. – I’m depressed, I have
vaginal rejuvenation, I’m an alcoholic. – Yes. Will I lay with another man? – I’d never wear a
condom, I’m a gentleman. – Yes. Will I marry this woman? – I do. – I don’t. No. Abso-fucking-lutely not. Either way, you’ll see
your favorite comedians like you’ve never seen them before. – Please just live in my house. – Righteo! I’m sure I get on. – He looks so hot I’m sure
I’m gonna try to fuck him in the Writer’s Room. – Delightful. – Just watch. (doorbell rings) (techno music)

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  1. Imagine unironically saying “funniest people on the planet” whilst showing footage of Miranda Sings.

  2. COLLEEN!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I love youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I WILL DEFO WATCH THIS IM SO EXCITED!!!

  3. Ooh yes I didn’t know how badly I needed this until I had it 😍 I love that look with the pink shirt and brown jacket!

  4. The line up for this is so great already and yet I'm already hoping for an extra Andy Samberg episode just to see him in anything other than plaid shirts and sneakers. Tan please

  5. Please have Cody Ko and Noel Miller on the show!!! They’re fabulous comedians and are the epitome of the millennial generation!!!!

  6. Pls makeover hannah gadsby, kate mckinnon and nicole byers. I wanna see your butch lebian take on hannah and see you do a plus size woman look. I am plus size and have similar taste as nicole.

  7. i thought the guy in the bed was justin mcelroy and im so sad its not we need this someone please get him on this show im begging you

  8. I would love to see you get Jon Stewart…..he is so into a plain gray tee, I wanna see if we can get him into something stylish that he actually likes!

  9. Fantastic series! Love you working with the ladies. How about Hannah Gadsby, Tig Notaro, or Fortune Feimster ?

  10. I would love for Tan to dress Gabriel Iglesias. I think it would be a great opportunity to dress a plus size male. Also, I'm sure Tan can pick out a killer designer Hawaiian shirt for him

  11. Dude you need to come to my house n help me with my closet I literally have no clothes.I'm loving the fashion tips.😉😊😋how. to wear clothes.your rocking it nd I love brown English people ,your hot😉

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