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August 17, 2019

we asked the entire town of Ljubljana where to eat a horse burger they all said pop hooks let’s prove it and I’m like wait it was that it like how you say it and they’re like yeah it’s horse burger one of the first questions we asked when arriving here is what do you eat and that’s always a hard question because I’m a vegetarian and of course the first thing they say what is that again one I never thought I’d be in Sylvania – I never thought I’d be getting worse things got very real and that’s what I need to tell you before a consumer horse like I’ve read a new horse eat Oh smell bad the texture kind of got like this choppy taste it’s not like a smooth burger it’s gonna need a better description one I have no desire to eat meat nor do I care to eat horse number two I would still like to know what it tastes like it’s a fusion of pork and beef with a texture that is a little bit like like rubbery is it like that old Salisbury steak that we used to you know elementary school ding ding ding it’s amazing it tastes like a Salisbury steak you’re welcome secretly I ate a horse burger before this just it’s my options as a vegetarian are pretty bland we have bread it’s a lot of bread lettuce okay so much all right bread lettuce and tomatoes and onions and mayo and ketchup I love how they call it veggie burger there’s no burger patties this is such a Salisbury steak that would ruin it for me you only need I used to live chicken miles per gallon yeah salami pepperoni and fish beef jerky okay like every me tuna did you like boys burgers why would you feel bad for eating of course but you don’t feel bad for eating fish dog are you to meet dogs this is when wait I’ve ever ridden a cow I’ve never ridden like fish you know what does that change the fact that that animal would I think it does crying yeah I have to admit it’s a lot so come here if you’re really really hungry and if you like Southers day what do you have to say about this job you’re about to leave oh yeah this may or may not make me decide to become a vegetarian disgusted if I shall I’ve discussed it up the horse burger just please come on below will you but will you not eat a horse program Sylvania in a second part of that question let’s vote for a touristic size boys burger for the to the train this is the place you come to tivoli park you’ve got a hot horse it’s really cheap it was 350 it’s good because I wasted one in

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  1. Of all the great places to eat traditional and non-traditional Slovenian food, you went to Hot Horse? You asked the wrong people for advice LOL first the "Slovenian" sweets, then this 😀

  2. im from slovenia and ive never eaten a horse before omg haha didnt know dat kind of a burger existed lol

  3. Hey guys, Im slovenian and of course our Horse Burger is really popular in the capital. Hope you liked it:) I would never eat a horse burger, not a fan of it.

  4. People talk about "specialties" like this in the wrong tone. You make it come across like it's some food that native people eat regularly, when it should just be portrayed as food that the area is known to make and is available, but it's far outside mainstream cuisine so take it with a grain of salt. I know horse burgers in Slovenia are a thing but not many Slovenes eat them.

    I have Slovene family that moved to Colorado in the US and there is a good comparison for that there as well. In Colorado people like to say Rocky Mountain oysters (bull testicles) are a Colorado specialty, but ask a thousand Coloradans if they have eaten Rocky Mountain oysters in the last year and you will find maybe one or two who actually have. Yes the area is kinda (in)famous for making them, but not that many people actually eat it. Most people, even natives, are afraid or repulsed by the idea of eating cow balls (and horse meat)…but actually they are quite good 😛

  5. i never eaten a horse burger before or ever hear of someone who has and i'm from Slovenia. i think this is not our typical food, at least i never hear such a thing

  6. Dear Americans,
    horse burger is not a traditional slovenian dish. A tarditional slovenian dish would be kranjska klobasa, jota, potica… if you haven't tried any of those you've wasted your time there.
    Sincerely, a slovenian girl. 🙂 p.s. in your other video you ain't got a clue how to make cokolino and that's not the right kind of cokolino you bought either ugh hahaha.. I wish you two good luck in life XD

  7. I would NOT eat a horse burger..! I'm a vegetarian as well, butttt… i believe that not even if I did…

  8. Someone probably already told you this but….. THIS WAS NOT ACTUALLY A HORSE MEAT! 😀

    It's just a name, like for example you say ''quarter pounder with cheese'', but the word ''horse'' is actually used instead of ''big'' or ''huge'' or something.

  9. Oh, I didn't know Damon was veggie. THAT'S SO GOOD. I'd be in the same boat as you then, lolol. XD
    You guys have the best videos ever.
    (Been binging this channel for the past two hours.)

  10. I'd eat any animal once provided it's cooked properly. I do prefer ethically killed animals, mostly just chicken and turkey though. I eat vegetarian more than half of the times that I eat.

  11. in uruguay (the interior) people eat cabybara and armadillo, horse, etc so … i dont see the problem esp if its about survival lmao damon has a point

  12. I had the same experience in Poland in February. I was told to try a horse burger. I found myself on the grounds of Auschwitz and was very hungry after a three hour tour. So, i ate a horse burger from a near by burger truck. It tasted kind of grpy. If that makes sense. It was also like a really pale-white colour.

  13. you were eating horse burger at TIVOLI where Lumpi park is 😂😂 I know my ljubljana 😂😂😍😘

  14. omg HAHAHAHH I didn't even watch the whole video when I said that you're eating horse burger at TIVOLI where Lumpi park is and then at the end of the video you said at tivoli 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Kazakhs like all nomads basically eat horse meat ! its like traditional dish ( come to Kazakhstan))

  16. I've lived here all my life and I never tried a horseburger. I'll also never try it. I just can't eat this knowing it's horse meat. I just find a place with regular burgers though I don't eat many burgers to be honest. I prefer kebab or burek. We mostly buy ingredients and prepare food ourselves at home. My mother also has a garden so in the summer we have vegetables that she grew herself which are much tastier than the ones in the store. You see students often go to places and eat because they have student status and part of the price is paid by country. For pizza in Ljubljana, I'd recommend the place called Osmica which is located on Nazorjeva ulica (Nazor street) which is in the Ljubljana's center. You pass it when you walk on Slovenska cesta (Slovenian street). The prices would be between 6 and 9€ depending on the size and type of pizza. I've always loved pizzas there. My most common order would be Mexican pizza. xD It's delicious.

  17. i always thought id be fine with something like horse because it's just another type of meat but when i saw jo queuing i was like 🤢🤢🤢

  18. Hey Jo and Damon, if you ever come back in Slovenia let me know. Im gonna show you few nice spots in this small country if you wish 😊

  19. i know it's a logical fallacy and only in my head. i agree with damon, if i'm okay with eating cows it should be the same for horse too. but that's not how i FEEL.

  20. I used to eat horse meat when I was a kid in France, but we don't do this anymore. But in my memories it tasted good but now I will never eat horse again ..

  21. I don t really get it, what are you doing in Horse burger, when you are a vegaterian? The name of the place should tell you something. Read my lips… s not for vegeterians.

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