Eleven horses seized in El Paso County
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Eleven horses seized in El Paso County

August 11, 2019

welcome back a horse ranch in Yoder turning into a horse rescue mission for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office deputies seized 11 horses after receiving complaints of animal neglect and the deputies there say it was absolutely disturbing what they found today the property owner only speaking with News 9’s brett-o about what’s happening on this ranch Jessica Tiffany Phillips tells me she never intended for any of this to happen all she wanted to do is rescue horses from a pill pen she admits she took on way more than she could handle I feel like the seizure of our horses was absolutely and completely unfair Paradise Acres rescue was supposed to be a safe haven for rescue horses those horses were a million times better for having us as caretakers it started with good intentions we took more horses than we were prepared for all at once because we got contacted by someone with nine horses that had nowhere to go and were on a kill pen in Eaton Colorado but after getting multiple complaints of animal neglect El Paso County Sheriff’s Office carried out a search warrant and found these horses which a vet determined to be emaciated and underweight Tiffany Phillips who runs the rescue claims she tried to give him a vet approves care regimen the first thing we did was implement every recommendation we were given we started feeding more hay and feels they weren’t given enough time to make any changes but cari Teru Barret with the horse rescue network says these facilities should always know their limit a rescue has to know what their numbers are going in and what they can support financially and ask for help if they’re struggling the animals should always be first and that’s a big factor when you run into these rescues that get overwhelmed and they start having the quality of their care slip is that people are too you know prideful to ask for that assistance Phillips says she did try calling and asking for help but didn’t get the donations she expected I had to put off my own personal bills to pay for food for these horses and I did it multiple times these horses come first and anyone who says differently about me has no idea who I am or what we do here if she could do it again never would have taken all the horses at once I would have taken maybe two or three of them but for now she says she’s content knowing that at least they have the resources they need now I want what’s best for these horses at the end of the day and whether it’s good for my name or not I want these horses to get the care that they need [Music] deputy questioned Tiffany Phillips at her husband Jade and hon they charged Han with 11 counts of animal neglect and those 11 horses by the way are at another boarding facility right now and I also did reach out to El Paso County Humane Society they say anyone struggling at take care of horses can reach out to them for resources and accommodations always watching out for you El Paso County Jessica barreto news 5

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