Elias catches sight of Emma riding a horse | TKB (With Eng Subs)

October 16, 2019

Emma! I’ve noticed you’ve been
all smiles today. You haven’t even
seen Emma yet. – You’re crazy.
– I’ll do it. I got a call from
the town hall. They said Las Espadas
will be hosting the Estrella Ladies’
Society Ball this year. And they want us
to be their supplier! – Really?!
– Yes! That’s great news! We’ve
finally hit the big time! – This isn’t a joke?!
– I’m serious. But before that, we need
to deliver these first. Pretty soon, we’ll be supplying
flowers to Malacañang. – Let’s get going.
– Put it inside. We need to make sure they
don’t get destroyed. Let’s go. You saw that, right? That was her! – Let’s go!
– Hurry! I’m strict with you
because I love you. I just want you
to be strong and to be brave, Emma. This is my way
of protecting you. Because the people in
this world are cruel. If you’re weak,
they will crush you. We will encounter more
complications along the way. That old man?
Don’t mind him! Don’t get distracted! What did I tell you?! Distractions can be
your weakness! Why do you keep forgetting?! I don’t trust anyone
in this world. As for you, I know
you’re not like them. From the very beginning, I made sure you’d
be like me, Emma.

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