Elias gets closer to Emma on their way to his house | TKB (With Eng Subs)

October 10, 2019

Emma! We saw you riding this horse
earlier! You were so good! Would you believe me
if I told you… …that before I came
to Las Espadas, I didn’t know how to
ride horses? How have you been? Are they treating you okay
over at the mansion? And why are you
all by yourself today? Mister Andres and his followers
might bother you again. Are you really
concerned about me? Of course. But you think
I’m a fraud, right? You think everything I say
is a lie. Am I right? Where is your vehicle,
anyway? I had Intoy
drop me off here. So you could see me? I just wanted to
make sure you’re okay. Let me give you a ride home. On this thing? – Really?
– Yeah. Why? Are you afraid
to ride a horse? No. Me? Afraid to ride a horse? No. It’s just a horse. Alright, then. Let’s go. Well? Come on. Get on. – Come on. Hop on.
– One, two… Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for– What did you say? “Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for?” No. What are you
talking about? Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for! You did say it! “Yikes! Oh no! I’m done for!” What a scaredy-cat. Hold on to my waist. What? Hold on to my waist. So you won’t fall off. Are you sick? You’ve been coughing a lot. No, I’m fine. Is your mom nice? Who? Nanay Ingrid? She’s so nice! What about… …your real mom? She was loving. We used to do something
before going to bed. I had to kiss her 100 times. 100 times? Really? Yes, 100 times. But usually, she wouldn’t get
all 100 kisses. Because I’d fall asleep halfway. What about your mom? I never had a mom, unlike you.

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