EMC Minute-Ish: Unique Capabilities of Zebra’s Extended Range Imager
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EMC Minute-Ish: Unique Capabilities of Zebra’s Extended Range Imager

February 29, 2020

Hello I’m Amanda Honig and this is your EMC, DCS Crossover Minute-ish. And today we’re going to be showing you the five unique capabilities of our extended range imager that comes in the TC800, the DS3600, and the MC9200. And I’m here with Al Henderborn and Matt Patido from our Zebra Product Management team so let’s get started. So the first unique capability of our extended range imager is just how far away it can scan. So we’re at 70 feet which is about 21 meters and you can see we have two barcodes posted back here on the wall. So we have a 1D code and a 2D code and at the same time we’re going to show you are second unique capability is that you don’t need a reflective barcode to read at the long distances. So to the left we have a 1D reflective code and on the right we have the 2D paper code. So it doesn’t matter if it’s paper or reflective the barcode scanner can scan it just the same. So here we go with the 3600 Series. You can see right there how fast that it’s scanning at the long distances with no problems. Now let’s try that same thing out with our MC9200. Here we go scanning the 1D and the 2D from the same long distance. Now we’re going to try that one more time with our TC8000. All three of these device both equipped with the same SE4850 Extended Range Imager. All scanning the paper and reflective codes with no problem. So those are our two unique capabilities to start with. So here we’re going to show our third unique capability is how we can do near decode scanning. So long-range imagers typically are fixed for reading at long distances, but our imager is an extended range imager so it can read long-range and at close distances. So we see here the DS3600 is scanning the smaller barcodes, wide small barcodes with no problem. and also very quickly. So we’ll show the same thing here with our MC9200, you can see how close you can be to the barcodes and how quickly you can scan through the various smaller barcode types. And we’ll show the exact same thing now with our TC8000. All three equipped with this great engine that can read at these shorter distances. And our fifth unique capability of the extended range imager is the ability to scan quickly at near and far distances. So we have Matt volunteering as our fork truck driver. This is a common use case needing to scan small barcodes close up, as you can see here. And then also having to scan at far distances the way were showing here right now. And then also there are also times where you have to scan at a medium range like these boxes here on the pallet. And then going back to the shorter range distances. So we’re going to show that exact same thing for MC9200. Scanning at the short range distances, being able to scan at the same time with the longer range distances, and even here at the medium range. And you can see that we’re even scanning through shrink wrap which is common in warehouses so being able to read through that shrink wrap is important. and you can see here again at the short range distance. And now let’s try that one more time with our TC8000. So you can see how quick and snappy it is scanning at those short distances. And then again at those longer range distances. And we’re at about 50 ft. right here from the long range. And then here at the medium range that are scanning these barcodes that are within shrink wrap. So that’s our last unique capability being able to scan at both far and short distances at a very quick speed. So those were the five unique capabilities of our new extended range imager. To summarize the first one was reading at very long distances out to 70 feet. The second capability was reading reflective or paper based barcodes. The third one was reading at short distances. The fourth one was reading at short distances, but could be wide barcodes or narrow barcodes. And then our last one was the capability to scan near and far at a very quick rate. So that’s been you EMC Minute-Ish, thanks for tuning in.

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