Emma recalls how Camila trained her to ride a horse | TKB (With Eng Subs)

October 4, 2019

Don’t be afraid. You’re safe here. My name is Fabio. Emma, you’re in my house. I went to the church. And when I couldn’t find you… …I got worried. So I looked for you. It’s good you
didn’t go too far. Some kids told me
they saw my mother. So I went to the place
where they saw her. But I guess they
just tricked me. Do you want to
live with me? I’ll live here? Yes! But what about my mother? Don’t worry, Emma. We’ll go back to the church, and we’ll tell some people to tell your mom that you’re
here, if they see her. I just don’t want you
sleeping in the streets, because it’s
dangerous out there. So if you want to, you can live here
in my house. Yes! I’d love that! Thank you, Camila! Camila? Why don’t you just
call her Mama? She told me to
call her Camila. Not Ate Camila,
not Miss Camila… …just Camila. You know you can
call me Papa. Really?! Alright! Papa! I don’t want to hear you
talking like that again. I want you to treat Emma
just like a Dela Torre! Why are you afraid of Camila? Kuya Lito, Kuya Danny,
did you forget? You were there
on her wedding day. You were happy for her
back then. Wasn’t she here every day? You were with her
almost every day. She treated you like family. Don’t believe in
what she’s saying! That demon is lying! She’s just deceiving us! I don’t know why I have
Camila’s memories. But from what I see, and
from what I know about her, I know she’s
kind and loving. Let’s go, dear. Papa, where are we going? It’s a surprise. Wow! It’s beautiful! Let’s go. Emma, this horse is for you. I want you to learn
how to ride a horse. Just like me. Really? I want to be as good
as you! Go for it. Let’s go. Get on the horse, so you’ll be
more familiar with it. Racquel. Go ahead, dear. – Can you do it?
– Be careful. There you go. All set. Hold this. So you grab on to this. Are you alright?

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