Enduro Vs Downhill Mountain Bike Race | Which Is Faster?
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Enduro Vs Downhill Mountain Bike Race | Which Is Faster?

October 23, 2019

– [Scott] What a day it
is to go for a bike ride, and we are going to one of
my favourite spots today. And I’m in the fortunate position that I don’t actually know
which bike to take with me. Is it gonna be the downhill bike? It’s fast, it’s capable,
it’s built for speed, and it’s got aggressive geometry. There’s some big jumps, fast turns where that could really excel. Or is it gonna be the enduro bike?, It’s nimble, it’s
lightweight, it’s so capable, and I think in that pedally section that is what could really take the win. My vote has got to be on the enduro bike. – Who are you talking to, Scott? – I was having a bit of a debate. – Right. – We’re going riding today and I can’t decide which
bike I’m gonna take. – Downhill bike, no brainer. – No, dude, it’s got
to be the enduro bike. – Downhill bike.
– Okay, make a deal with you. I’m gonna put them to the test, and the loser has got to jump in the pool. – All right, okay. Well, I win. (upbeat music) – Before we get into the racing and having had a look already at the obvious comparisons of the bike, the suspension, geometry, and frame build, it’s the less obvious ones
that really separate the two. The enduro bike has a wider range of gears and an on the fly adjustable seat post as opposed to the fixed
position of the downhill bike. And to keep this test completely fair, nothing is allowed to be changed and everything must
remain as you see it now. The premise of this test
is really to find out whether the enduro bike
or the downhill bike can win on a test track here in Malaga. Now, the track itself has got
a lot of different sections. It was made up of fast, long
straights into hard berms, there’s G-Outs, there’s big jumps, then towards the bottom it
flattens off a little bit. And to make it a bit easier for you guys to actually see comparable differences we’re gonna set up some splits so you can actually see if one bike handles one section or the other. Plus we’re gonna time it, and for my sake I’ve gotta say
I hope the enduro bike wins. (upbeat music) I hope that Blake is going in the pool because that felt fast. Okay, so that was a
pretty good test track. The downhill bike time was 2:15, the enduro bike was 2:08. I’m gonna meet Blake at the pool now and give him the results. – Tell me the downhill bike won. – Unfortunately it didn’t,
it was seven seconds slower. So that means it’s time for a little dip. – But the clocks might have been wrong. – If you want to watch
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the pool and freezing cold. That was unfortunate for him.

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  1. it was obvious, that enduro ll win. ot wasnt ride spot for downhill, it was more bout pedaling than about downhill😄

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