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Energy Healing on a Horse

August 14, 2019

So Miss Karrera here, she caught her ankle
and hoof stuck on a fence, and there was a gash about this long. Along the back of her
heel and was very deep. I actually had to give her some anesthesia and stitch it up
and now she is doing much better than she was before. But if you were to take a moment
to actually turning in and scan her energy and scan the difference between both front
feet and even all four feet you would see that especially in his back area here even
compared to the front part- just so you can see it. Hi sweet heart. So the energy in the
front goes out about this far and in the back, it goes out about this far. There is a lot
of congestion and energy blockages in the back, so that’s what we are going to take
just a couple of minutes to clean, to clean it our energetically.
And since she is moving all over the place, we are going to do what we call Distant Healing,
that is where you work on an animal without them being physically in front of you. So
I am going to picture her foot, her hoof, in front of me like this and I am just going
to sweep the energy from her left front leg. I am sure not very comfortable so you just
keep sweeping for energy around her hoof and ankle. Yeah. Now I can actually feel where
the incision is, it feels different than in the rest of the hoof. So I am just going to
put the intention to actually sweep the energy where the incision is. Form the intention
it shows any inflammation or infection that it all just gets swept out and around the
incision and where the stitches are. We are going to sweep down the whole leg starting
here and get even more up the leg. So I am going to go back to sweeping in front of me
because she is moving around a lot, which is pretty normal for animals and kids when
you are trying to sweep them, you know they don’t always want to stay still, learning
how to do distance healing is very good. See actually 95% of all my clients, I do it distantly.
I don’t really see anybody in person unless it is just really convenient, or you know
they want to pay me to go to a hospital or something like that but I do everything distantly,
it just makes things easy for me, easy for them.
So ok, it feels like there has been a reduction of inflammation and even infection, but lets
just keep sweeping it a little bit more. That whole leg, but especially around the ankle
and the hoof. So I am just going to scan it again, so when I scan the front and the back
side of the hoof and the ankle area, its much more even now, that’s what we want.
Now about 70- 80% is cleansing, cleansing away whatever blockages, negative energy,
information, infection etc may be there and then spending about 20-30% of the time energizing
the area and re-balancing things. So we are going to project some energy to her ankle
and hoof that would be really good for regenerating tissues that have been damaged in this case.
And I’m lovingly energizing her, here in this area and along the incision. Now the energy
is actually bigger than what it was, but that’s ok because her body needs a little bit of
energy to continue the healing process. So its going to be absorbed pretty quickly in
this particular case. Normally I like to be where the energy is balanced, but right now,
I can tell that her leg need some extra energy and some TLC for the healing process to be
snappy. So most animals are really receptive, sometimes
when sessions are needed or a couple of sessions and if it’s a critical ICU, something that
is like less usually a few sessions back to back like a few days back to back or just
really speed it up so that the healing process will be really quick. And if its something
more chronic, it might take, it will vary depending on what kind of ailment that’s is
going on, but sometimes, you know spreading it out, so having once or twice a week for
a couple of weeks for something that is more chronic. It will vary case by case, depending
on what’s going on with the animal. You know what we did here is pretty easy,
did not take that much time. We worked specifically on the leg, but if I were to do a full session,
I would actually do some energy healing on the whole body with just some emphasis and
extra time on this one leg, so that’s how it would look if we were to spend more time
doing this. And I would imagine in a couple of days when she gets her cast off and that
the vet is going to look at her and say “Wow, this looks really good.” And she will be running
and playing with her pals in no time. For she is a young thing, and she needs to be
out in the pasture playing, before she has to start learning how to work. So thank you
for watching and learning as you can and if you will like to be in contact with me to
discuss anything, to learn how to do it for yourself or to have a session for one of your
animals, you can reach me on Thank you much. Have a happy horsy day, bye.

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  1. I am having trouble with posting my message in its entirety so i will simply close with my thanks once again, Tiffany. Peace, Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy, sorry you weren't able to leave a msg. Feel free to contact me at my website if you wish to complete what you wanted to say. 🙂

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