[Eng] 눈 오는날 롤러스케이트 타기 Rollerskating with snow! [Hyojoo’s Life]
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[Eng] 눈 오는날 롤러스케이트 타기 Rollerskating with snow! [Hyojoo’s Life]

October 13, 2019

I am on my way to Banpo spot to roller skate instead of longboard. It’s too cold But I know it will be colder, so I am trying to roller skate as many as possible before it’s too cold It’s cold!! Oh, I think that I can spin better at this wet ground. It is snowing LOL We just arrived here less than 30mins before.. I didn’t know it would snow this much. It snows 3 times more than the screen can see. The floor is wet and slippy. Practice hard! Practice hard! I’ll leave when we get there. No…Why does it snow or rain when we try to skate Why does it snow or rain when I try to skate..OTL You can skate! you can spin better because it’s slipy But also you could fall down You should be careful Noooooo!! She called her mom and dad when she fell
(Usually we speak “[Ummaya]=mom”, instead of “Gosh!” or “Oh no!” or “Ouch!”
To call both is very unusual. Turn side Lol Lol It is slippy so I am spinning better than usual Wheels are spinning more than usual. It feels like my first time skating on the cement not asphalt. Oh no..! We rode rollerskate for 2 and harf hours ! Tbh these days it is hard to do it even for an hour 2 and half hours! (She looks so serious) How many is she spinning..! We finished Icecream as a dessert after dinner Please say bye for finish this video! Bye~ When I am exposed to the cold wind like today, I always wear a mask pack at home. This is a mask pack for wrinkle-enhancing, nutrient-supplying . I look like a catwoman She wears a something black too, right? but this zone is funny Here it looks Catwoman but, This zone looks like the mandarin face I shouldn’t move though Btw I am starving Now it’s time to bye See you again

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  1. 안녕하세요! 너무너무 오랜만이죠ㅜ!
    기다려주셔서 너무너무 감사합니다 xD
    2018년 새해가 밝으면서 새롭게 다짐한게 있어요!!
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    댓글로 응원해주세요!! (그럼 힘나서 막 편집력 폭발할지도..)

    여러분이 도움을 주시면 너무너무 감사할것같아요!
    여러분이 저에게서 보고싶은건 뭘까요..?

    제가 생각한 것들은요,
    1. [비하인드 스토리] 그 광고 어떻게 촬영했어요? 해외 촬영 궁금해요! (광고촬영AtoZ)
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    이정도 예요.
    여기에 덧붙이고 싶은 아이디어들이 있다면 마구마구 댓글달아주세요!
    열심히 읽어보고 많이 참고 할게요 xD

    !!! 혹시나 구독을 안누르셨다면 구독 꾹♥

    Hello long time no see!
    I appreciate waiting so long
    I have a new resolution to celebrate 2018.

    ☆☆☆Upload YouTube videos regularly☆☆☆

    So, I studied while watching other YouTube videos!
    I am still not good enough, but I will try my best!
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    What I thought,
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    4. [IMGO TV] ex. 200 pairs of unusual socks collected so far, beautiful waste introduction, my video back chat, various indoor content such as a live TV, and many more

    Pls comment what you want to add your idea xD

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  2. 안녕하세요! 저는 롤러스케이트를좋아하는 한초딩이에요! 저도롤러스케이트를샀지만아직안왔습니다 오면빨리 타고 싶어요
    또전는기술도가지고싶어요 돌거나,뒤로가는건어떻게 해야하나요?롤러를 얼마나타셨나요??

  3. now I'm inspired AGAIN! eheh i've been ice skating but i think i wanna try to skate on the floor not on the ice. it's awsome btw and i think i wanna try long boarding too

  4. I was looking for cute and funny videos like this, I only found skateboarding girls, and they're really awesome, but my thing is skate rolling and you two are Great! Really love it💓

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